Iconic Potato Head toy officially goes gender-neutral

The iconic Hasbro Mr. Potato Head has dropped the prefix and created a new potato family lineup.

2/25/2021 11:35:00 PM

Hasbro is officially dropping the 'Mr.' from the Mr. Potato Head brand name, to make sure 'all feel welcome in the Potato Head world.'

The iconic Hasbro Mr. Potato Head has dropped the prefix and created a new potato family lineup.

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People will not bye them Hasbro should try this: Attach little testicles (spuds) to Mr Potato Head. The spuds snap off (OUCH!!) when the little rug rats decide it’s time for a sex change. Change the name of the product to Half Baked Potato Head and market it at Democratic fundraisers. Fun & educational!

Ken doll has been gender neutral for years lol Personally everytime I see a little boy told 'stop crying, be a man' or that boys don't do something, I think that's why so many of you grow up to be such inconsiderate adults. I look forward to when the definition of 'being a man' means you don't have to be a jerk too.

This just in: All Potatoehead accessories have fit either Mr or Mrs Phead bodies. Making the toy transgender since the creation of the two models. For people to get mad at a toy from so long ago is so childish. Jesus Christ. they/them/fries If Hasbro are so concerned about gender neutrality maybe they should consider changing their own company name.....Just a thought

I hate this generation. You can tell a lot of people are bored after a year of this pandemic that they're arguing over the removal of the mr. or mrs. is in front of the name Potato Head! This world has really gone bonkers! Clearly they promote adoption. Terrible Good, cuz even as a trans person, I was stunned by the thought of a change.

And they will make millions from folks buying up the “collector item” before the name change. Companies are smart Vote liberal and things will continue to get weird These are ideas of mental patients, in the same way they do in promoting rainbow colors of 'lgtb-pedophilia-abortion' groups, so that boys and girls see this as something normal and can easily influence and abuse them.

This has to be the best marketing tool they’ll ever get to use Nope leave these toys alone . You’ll confusing me 🤦‍♂️He was Mr so let him be Toy Story is being reshot as we speak. Man the snowflakes really scare brands so bad nowadays like it’s a toy you’re offended by a toy man when will the world go back to being normal again

Imagine being offended by a potato, you people are just plain fukced up Kids have moved on from anthropomorphized potatoes 🥔. This shit is really weird, Fam. 🤷‍♂️ Am I then allowed to be offended that they removed the word mister from the name because I’m a heterosexual male who was born a man or does being offended not work like that?

We all have a MENTAL PSYCHOLOGY; a potential for intelligence; to be aware, to have knowledge, to understand. We all have a PHYSICAL BIOLOGY; female or male (0.05-0.06% biologically hermaphrodite) Is it sensible to ignore basic facts of reality? gender mentalhealth facts Gender neutral and organic.

What? They’ve eliminated the Mr. and Mrs. Potato head toys. What do they mean they’re not going anywhere? No it’s Xir Potato Head or They/Them Non-Binary Potato Head. If they put They/Them Non-Binary Potato Head on a package I’ll buy it for posterity. Potato Head Family, no one hates family values. Is there no one in marketing with half a brain?

Just wait until the fine folks at Hasbro realize that the people without genders don’t have kids, and thus don’t buy toys. And the people that buy toys...are pissed at them! Karma!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Action Man will be next.....they'll be Action Person Mr Frosty will just be Frosty He-man.....is in deep trouble....haha

FFS... it's only a freaking toy... why make life so complicated... 95% only bad news( Good, wouldn't want anyone with a chip on their shoulder... The right wing freak out to this was the funniest thing Since we’re at it drop “Miss” from the Muppet Miss Peggy 😂😂😂 Oh, gawd..... He took me for a fool all years of marriage. I never knew she was cheating until HACKERHELP2021 on Instagram helped me trapped into her phone and I have access to it all. Search for Hackerhelp2021 on Instagram for any kind of help also on WhatsApp +1 (803) 220‑1619.

Does Potato Head come with a zucchini? or courgette? 🤣🤣🤣🤪 Oh man, now Mr. Potato Head is suffering from mental illness. I hope he gets the help he needs. smh Why does your wife have a beard?😬Must be eating too much of the good stuff! Why did your kids say you made a mistake concerning their gender? You're the one who TOLD THEM, RIGHT! Now when you go outside I HOPE SOMETHING IS OUT THERE WHEN YOU LIE UPON THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA!🤬☠

Nooooooooooo ! Not mr potato head 😢 It is important that such news are spread WTF!!! So Mr. & Mrs. Don't have a Place in Society? So YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO GROW UP THINKING GOD MADE A MISTAKE? If my God is my mother, then where's my father? Or if THEY'RE BOTH DEAD, Who do I run to because of this Red Flag? No friends, family or job but Voices saying sister....

So sick of all this bullshit What an Idiots 😫 🤣🤣 OMG This f’d up with this society today! What kind of shit is this? Cool. Who even gets upset about it? It’s a freaking spud.. 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤪🤢 Omg ! I can breathe much better now ! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I don't mind change great idea Go Woke; Go Broke. Total madness, when did he say he wanted to change his gender?

O m g so stupid. please. I'm all for gender equality. if we keep renaming everything eventually we will have no gender at all. doesn't that seem extreme? people need to be identified by something? ALL won’t feel welcome. We have to accept their lifestyle? What about ours? Why can’t they respect our lifestyle and try to push theirs on everyone else?

Well damn Ridiculous! So F-ing stupid This is getting out of hand... Coronavirus prove we are in Potato Head world. Dumb. It’s Mr. Potato Head. A child’s play thing. Can we just leave some things b. Ridiculous. Build Back Better If Network News gave me the time of day, I would fact check it. Is Ms. Packman next?

Seriously? Why can’t ppl leave things the way they are, if they wanna complain..complain how aboriginals of Canada are treated like outcasts.. no running water, no clean water, homes that look like out-houses ffs get ur priorities straight Fuck outta here lol Stunning brave and virtuous move by Hasbro .

Once a potato head, always a potato head What in the f___ is wrong with people? People acting hurt about this is truly hilarious, clutching at pearls. 😫 What a potato.. He will always be MR. POTATOE TO THE LGBTOXYZ IDIOTS AND TRANNYS This is BULL💩💩💩💩 This is plain stupid Ive been a hasbro fan since 1936 and this is by far the biggest mistake they have ever made. I will no longer be buying and hasbro items any longer. I will still refer the potato as Mr potato head.

Give me a break people need to feel welcome in the REAL world not potato head fantasies. Mr. Potato Head is still MISTER Potato Head. Only the brand name changed, not the actual character. This is beyond ridiculous! I don't remember the woman's movement complaining about it being called 'Mr' Potato Head! I'm sure I am not the only female that happily received and played with one and not once did it cross my mind to not feel included! Oh please!

What happened to science Oh FFS People need to stop being so sensitive People still buy this? Oh geez Hasbro nooo dont do it! Whoever thought of that moronic move is a potato head nothing inside ! Are we really goin down that road ! It’s insanity already! U ppl need to get a job live ur life and don’t sweat the mr potato head stuff!

THIS IS CRAZY! EVERYONE FEELS WELCOMED! NOW YOU’RE JUST MESSING WITH MY CHILDHOOD. Really More ridiculousness What's next they going to remove him from toy story🙄🙄🙄 Lamo Why? This is so stupid. America is great, but it's idiotic. Okay So stupid and so over this craziness Sick of this Sh$$&!! 🤨 Ridiculous Bull Shit

I’ve been offended since day one. Thank you. Now, let’s talk about Wonder Woman....smdh. Eat shot and never buy Hasbro What a joke ...you gotta be fuckin' me... Aren’t all the Potatoes ( Mr and Mrs) anatomically neutral? The people upset are probably the ones who were in support of the insurrection at the Capitol.

Uh, and Mrs. Potato Head? Entered the real of ultimate stupidity finally. Way to go. All the parts of the two are interchangeable so it was ALREADY the ultimate 'choosable' sex toy. Bet your keeping the Mrs. so you can keep pressing the marriage agenda. I don't feel welcome!!! Enough is enough you are either male or a female end of discussion

Gender neutral with a full blown moustache? Toy Story will need a revision. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Hahaha Kinda stupid when also have a Mrs potato head All you sensitive older people in these comments need to chill Don't assume my Spud. The trans gender potato head would be obscene,...they usually don't include those parts in the potato body. Mr or Mrs or Trans Potato head

They’re doing this to trigger trump supporters lmao What about the yams? I thought there was a Mrs Potato Head and kid ones so why? I’m spuddering! Look at Steve Harvey 😂 This is why I’m a moderate because the extremes of both sides are retarded. Ask yourself if anyone cared about this. Oh boy, the snowflakes on the right are going to lose their collective minds over this...

Has anyone considered that maybe the potato identifies with being a man? Now you've taken that right away from him! Great! Good grief - what have we wrought in this messed-up society. This is absolutely nuts. How ridiculously stupid. That's Mr. Potato head to you, you back stabbin' murderer! ahem: Potheyto Head

Annnnnnd sales tank, now. Are you serious Clark Theses obviously an army of idiots with nothing better to do than shit like worrying about the gender identity of toys shaped like potato’s. What a hilarious colossal waste of energy. I don’t understand this. Bye Hasbro