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Nigel Mushambi, Shane Mushambi

Icing on the cake: Texas brothers build a family business and find a way to give back

Nigel and Shane Mushambi created 2 Bros. In The Kitchen, which bakes amazing sweet treats and gives back to the community.


Texas brothers build a family cake business and find a way to give back: 'So we learned perseverance and how to just keep going.'

Nigel and Shane Mushambi created 2 Bros. In The Kitchen, which bakes amazing sweet treats and gives back to the community.

"Everyone likes our cakes because they are so moist and they taste good," Nigel told"Good Morning America."

"This year is our last year competing because professional bakers are not allowed to compete," Shane said.

"We know that life can be bitter sometimes," they say on their website, noting how the program is"sprinkling a little bit of sweetness into the lives of unsuspecting individuals."

The Mushambis released their first book earlier this year, titled"Beyond the Kitchen," which so far has sold more than 200 copies.

These young moguls are not just on top in the baking business. The two are in middle school, taking a high school pre-calculus course, and college-level math and engineering courses, managing their academia as well as their baking business.

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Keep up the good work These brothers are awesome! They should be on a cooking show to get more exposure. Their patents did a fantastic job raising these guys. I wish I thought of doing that. They do beautiful work. Id love to see them on cake wars or something. Good Luck with your future success! What a great blessing that is

Awesome young men and may their business continue to grow!!! Love to your creative and kind hearts. Where can I buy their product? um8387899101 These young men are our future learn from them um8387899101 Two young entrapanures go get em guys be self made millionaires Trump economy is making it easier to give back. Thank Brothers and thank you Trump! 🇺🇸💪🏿🌈🌹

Now these are the young people who we need to run for President in the future! Someone our kids can look up to❤️❤️❤️❤️ Where in Texas?! I need to support these 2 kings

With or without Beto O’Rourke, Democrats eye Texas as key Senate battlegroundBeto O’Rourke pulled himself from the presidential campaign trail this week to focus on grieving with his native El Paso, in the days after a mass shooting took the lives of at least 22 people. Watch the dirty money & fraud thay will play in this Alt left chess game. Use his first name, Francis. He's no more a Beto than I am. No Fools Politics he used this as a Prop to Attack the President!

capitalism rocks

Texas animal cruelty raids net man with 230 pets living in 'deplorable conditions'Almost 50 police officers went on an early morning raid targeting animal abusers throughout Harris County, Texas , on Saturday morning, including one man who had over 200 animals. Operation 'Don’t Be Cruel' aimed to arrest people with outstanding warrants who had committed crimes against animals Gonna take a wild guess who he voted for in '16..... Democratic conditions

From a former disbeliever: Why Texas could go blue in 2020'Like other Americans, Texans with a college degree are shifting rapidly from red to blue, and Democrats have a lot of room to grow with them in Texas ,' writes CNN's ForecasterEnten ForecasterEnten LOL !! Nice try CNN. ForecasterEnten I don’t believe this statement for a second. Just like they said Hillary was going to win by a landslide. Just typical CNN propaganda ForecasterEnten Cool how college degree is thrown in almost as if people who are red don’t have degrees. Going to college now in Texas is trying to survive dem/lib Indoctrination. Most impressionable young adults eat up a lib professors comments as gold.

Universal cancels 'The Hunt' release after mass shootings in Ohio and TexasUniversal Pictures has canceled the release of 'The Hunt' after shooting massacres last weekend killed 31 people and wounded dozens of others. Good. The fact that Hollywood would even produce that movie tells you just how sick Liberals are. And how much hate and contempt they have for this president that they would be willing to kill his supporters and think it would make a great movie If “now is not the right time to release this film” when could it be?🤢

Latino activists march in El Paso to demand action from Texas lawmakers in wake of deadly shootingLatino activists held a rally to demand action from Texas lawmakers one week after a shooting at an El Paso Walmart killed 22 people and injured dozens more. Members of the League of United Latin American Citizens, which considers itself the nation's oldest and largest Latino civil rights organization Other than deport the illegal ones and using lethal force on shooters, what so you want done? Killing is already illegal. You're not disarming America nor punishing innocent people by taking their rights. lol - like the white republicans will do anything ICEgov

New Mexico Refused To Give ICE Employment Records, Won't Let Trump 'Destroy Families'The request came as the immigration enforcement agency prepared a mass raid in Mississippi. Seize them Meanwhile the Same Governor’s counties beg for help due to the invasion of illegals. AND she wants federal money to pay for them Some of this country has gone slap crazy. It's indefensible.

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