Mississippi, The Trump Administration, Thomas Homan

Mississippi, The Trump Administration

ICE raids raise question: What about the employers?

ICE raids raise question: What about the employers?


ICE raids raise question: What about the employers?

The images of children crying after their parents were arrested in a massive immigration raid in Mississippi revived a longstanding complaint: Unauthorized workers are jailed or deported, while the managers and business owners who profit from their labor often go unprosecuted. Under President Donald

Lawyers and experts agree that investigating managers takes longer and is far more difficult than arresting workers. A key hurdle that predates the Trump administration is that federal law makes it a crime to"knowingly" hire workers who are in the U.S. illegally.

After Trump took office, then-Acting Director Thomas Homan declared that ICE would try to increase all worksite enforcement actions by 400%.

Story continuesCongress first created criminal penalties for employers in 1986. According to researchers at Syracuse University, prosecutions under the law banning employers from knowingly employing unauthorized workers have rarely exceeded 15 a year since then. Between April 2018 and this March, just 11 people were prosecuted in seven cases.

Those workers are sometimes victims of labor-trafficking schemes. They can be critical witnesses to prove businesses knew about their lack of legal status, except they may fear coming forward. Some opponents of the administration blame its immigration crackdown for deterring people from contacting law enforcement.

"On paper, there is a lot of enforcement of law, but in reality, people are constantly abusing the law," Chishti said.

A common outcome in workplace cases is a settlement where the offending company pays a fine and agrees to adopt measures like checking every new hire in the federal E-Verify program, which examines personal information submitted to an employer in government records for any potential fraud.

In April, another raid targeted CVE Technology Group , which repairs and refurbishes cellphones, leading to 284 arrests. That investigation is also ongoing.

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RaeMargaret61 Took long enough to ask the question, guess we’ve got 20years till corporate welfare cheats are seen as dangerous criminals.Hood rich panhandler’s Claiming 2offer opportunities when they’re merely seeking to beg&choose,if they beg,pay rates should be chosen by the financiers/US. RaeMargaret61 What about Donald?

RaeMargaret61 Yes,what about them? What about donald? Tells you how bright they are. They a criminals based on you crossed the border illegaly which they chose to do even know they knew the consequences!

Mississippi ICE raids are a call to action for the civil rights generationW. Ralph Eubanks says the immigration raids in his home state, combined with new changes making it harder for immigrants to get green cards, are a stark reminder of the important connection between immigration and civil rights. Opinion Lol Opinion First of all, we as African Americans don't blow up schools or try to act as prejudice people. Name one African American or Latino invoking racism or try to influence immigration. It's realDonaldTrump & WhiteHouse that have divided this country and nation. Opinion It should be a call for Democrats and Republicans to work together to fix immigration issues and for Democrats to stop encouraging illegals to drag their kids dangerously across the border, illegally.

Mississippi Dem talks fallout from massive ICE raidAs Mississippi continues to feel the effects of the massive ICE raid, the Trump administration has announced new rules that would make it harder for low-income immigrants to stay in the United States. Homeland Security Committee chairman, Democratic congressman Bennie Thompson joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss.

Acting ICE chief defends Mississippi raids that left children abandoned, blames parentsNEW: Acting ICE chief defends Mississippi immigration raids that left scores of children without their parents; says parents are 'responsible for placing their children in this situation.' More tonight on NBCNightlyNews NBCNightlyNews the latest justification from the horrid MAGAs cannot WAIT til we make them irrelevant come 2020 NBCNightlyNews Asssssooooo NBCNightlyNews Tosser.

Some children still not reunited with parents after Mississippi ICE raids, agency saysWorkers with Mississippi &39;s Child Protection Services are still searching for children who are without their parents after immigration raids. Good it was an ICE raid not a picnic Some US Citizens in Prison for crimes Still not reunited with their children,

ICE raids raise question: What about the employers?Under President Donald Trump, the number of business owners and managers who face criminal charges for employing unauthorized workers has stayed almost the same, even as almost every other enforcement measure has surged. Trump wants the rich to stay rich. That's the people who donate to him. The bigots and the 1%ers. C'mon you can't fine or arrest the campaign donors. Oh, that's just a white people, ahem I mean white collar crime.

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