ICE Almost Deported Immigrant Woman Who Says She Got Unwanted Surgery While Detained

As explosive allegations were coming to light about immigrant women who say they've been subjected to unwanted hysterectomies and other procedures, one of those detainees was nearly deported.

9/17/2020 7:29:00 AM

An immigrant woman who alleges that she had one of her fallopian tubes removed without her consent while she was held at a detention center in Georgia was nearly deported by ICE. Members of Congress say they intervened.

As explosive allegations were coming to light about immigrant women who say they've been subjected to unwanted hysterectomies and other procedures, one of those detainees was nearly deported.

Jacquelyn Martin/APICE confirmed that Binam is still in the country and denied any link between her allegations and her scheduled deportation. ICE says she was pulled off the plane because of a paperwork snafu with the Cameroonian government — not because of congressional intervention.

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In a statement, ICE says that all female detainees receive routine gynecological care and that"a medical procedure like a hysterectomy would never be performed" without informed consent.Binam is one of a growing number of immigrant women complaining about care they received while they were held at the privately-operated Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla, Ga.

The first allegations came to light in awhistleblower complaint this week from a nurse at the facility, filed with assistance from the nonprofit Project South and other immigrants' rights groups. The complaint also alleges substandard medical care and a failure to test detained immigrants for COVID-19.

Since then, independent lawyers for several other women have come forward with similar allegations about unnecessary medical procedures, including hysterectomies. Jayapal says the total is now at least 17."This feels particularly egregious because it is obviously invasive, reproductive surgery," Jayapal said."And so for every woman in particular across America, this sends chills up our spine."

Binam's lawyer, Vân Huynh, says her client sought treatment for an irregular menstrual cycle and thought she was getting a routine procedure known as dilation and curettage to remove tissue from her uterus last year."When she woke up from the surgery, the doctor informed her that they had to remove one of her fallopian tubes," says Huynh, with the non-profit Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, which also helped prepare the whistleblower complaint.

"Of course, Pauline was very upset and sort of appalled that this had happened without her consent," Huynh says.The long-term medical implications are not clear, but that the procedure could prevent Binam from conceiving a child, Huynh says.

"Detention itself takes so much away from a person's life," Huynh says."And then for her to have gone through this experience while she was in immigration detention just robs her of so much more than her time."Huynh says Binam complained to the staff at the detention center, but those complaints went nowhere.

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Irwin is operated by a for-profit company, LaSalle Corrections, which did not respond to a request for comment.Immigration lawyer Elizabeth Matherne says several of her clients complained to her about the gynecological care they received while detained at Irwin, and that she brought their complaints to managers at the detention facility.

But Matherne says the operators of Irwin and other private detention centers"consistently ignore" complaints about medical care."They consistently act like any complaint is just histrionics," she said."It's ripe for exploitation, right? Because there's not proper oversight. There's not a proper level of humanity."

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Without consent this would be a crime against humanity needing justice even in the world court just as the mass abortion business in America. China, Iran and America may need a day in court over recent atrocities against others RepJayapal In the context of hysterectomies without consent or medical necessity, 'left them sterile' is the kind of euphemism that a collaborator would use.

jandoveli Why are we not hearing about this news story heavily covered on the evening news? RepJayapal Yes, a hysterectomy without the person's consent is an atrocity that would tend to leave the victim sterile. RepJayapal you are fakenews RepJayapal How long are they going to investigate before arrests happen? If the legal standard is met for likely crimes being committed, those involved should be immediately arrested & charged. Have these procedures been put on hold while they're being investigated?

RepJayapal The way our DOJ is trending this needs to be kicked to the UN. Especially seeing as the laws in are set up, especially in GA, to protect these s-bag companies from any accountability. RepJayapal This is beyond the pale The American govt sure does love to dabble in genocide This is an attempted cover up right?

They need to do more than 'demand'. They need to take their asses down their, with press, to investigate. How far away are we from the Hand Maids Tale? Unbelievable! Evidence first. Until then, I don't care. I'm not falling into another clickbait headline that will be completely debunked within a week. Not saying it isn't true. I just don't run my life choices on hearsay and gossip anymore.

Trying to sterilize latinos out of existence. Were these women who got free medical care 60 years old or trying to have families? This story is very vague, lacks sources, and sounds like a paranoid rewrite of Nazi Germany 1943. How many of the Congressmen signers of letter were Rs , Ds? Flesh it out or be judged FakeNews

Can you PLEASE do some investigative reporting here. So what is being alleged here is that in 2020 US medical facilities and american doctors are performing unwanted medical procedures on citizens from other countries. Really? This is a hoax, like countless others. SandraForNash This is some straight up Mengele shit.

Seems bogus. One of the many problems with ICE detentions and resultant human rights violations is that these detention facilities are privately owned. The whole of the thing is tragedy. Whistleblower This is just the beginning stages of our own real-life Handmaid’s Tale. Oh God!!!! It's Hitler!!!!!! You can’t make this stuff up. FascismIsHere WhattheNazisDid

Fake news I pray to God this isn't true because if it is I will be on the doors of the white house demanding this dicktator be removed immediately!!! America - Hell called - your room is ready. To the GOP, pro-life doesn't apply to undocumented female immigrants. Next, they will castrate males in ICE custody.

Women’s rights are human rights. The American people deserve the truth. All human beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. I am outraged that U.S officials are allegedly conducting these surgeries on women. This is just horrifying. Weird euphemism for “forced hysterectomy” Josef Megele lives on in the spirit of Donald Trump and his evangelical supporters... Love of Christ my ass

😭😭😭😭😭 Unbelievable that surgical procedures are being completed without Vincent—just like the Germans slaughtering the Jews and performing obscene medical experiments on the children! Outlandish Ericalynn15782 There are no words for the level of disgust I have for my country right now. Trying to HIDE HER before she identifies 'Joseph Mengele'

Why tweet the accusation but not the contradiction? How horrific! Let's just quietly deport whistleblowers back to the arms of the people who wanted them dead in the first place. Oops Didn’t we used to punish this kind of behavior in other countries? This story started by accusing ICE of Mengele-like procedures. Now it's just a mistake turned into a scandal.

right wing america is evil from hell, and ice has to be abolished. it’s the height of fascism. 'alleges' You really think that a major surgery like a hysterectomy is being secretly performed on these women? Come on.... Witness tampering They're deporting their victims Not buying it. ICE.. don’t you mean Gestapo?

Almost like they're trying to disappear a victim In anticipation of the birth of his first child, Stephen Miller ordered the hysterectomy of immigrant women in ICE custody. He said, it's the only way he could mark the joyous occasion he is giddily waiting for. There was no better way to top separation of toddlers from the moms.

Immigrant? You mean she came here with papers, legally? Of course she's not an immigrant, my parents were immigrants. How come Kanye peeing on a Grammy is a bigger story than this? Almost as if Ice has something to hide? Just barbaric 💔 Extremely troubling accusations. I'm glad they are being taken seriously and being investigated.

GetReal8675309 So many are probably deported when did not intervene. not protected info is the number of occasions this facility billed / received reimbursement for CPT 58*** along with the ICD10 used to receive reimbursement If proven, then all involved need to be done. I want to see the orders given to do this. If found out to be a medical treatment for, true reasons, then I expect NPR to print as much.

Why 1? So she only has half a chance of getting pregnant? The evil fallopian tube stealers had mercy enough to leave one? This story is ridiculous. The US has reached DrMengele Nazi level AND it’s supported by the CatholicChurch and Evangelicals Pontifex look at your flock now! Why only one? Does the black market have a need?

These allegations of hysterectomys and rape and kids being caged or held in hotels then deported with no reL investigation into asylum claims and the many other sickening stories we have heard about the last number of years is just deeply, deeply disturbing. This 🇺🇸 is not us! Illegal aliens need to see how violent America is now be at of the Democrats attempts to swing the elections or oust the President prior to. Illegals need to see there are only jobs for Americans now outside Democrat Communist controlled cities. Don’t come, see the light.

shantell_evelyn This is The Most Disgusting, we've had because of this administration. Unfit People running these agencies, and what's going on with sexual Assaults from these Concentration Camp's? Sick jacobsoboroff So now there's a confirmed cover-up? There's an awful lot of smoke there. boicotbrazilnow

My great-grandmother swears she has prostate cancer. So far not even her doctor takes her seriously. Would NPR be interested in interviewing her. We could coax her into blaming Trump if that would help. ICE has become a criminal organization. Say ANYTHING to avoid deportation? This is genocide and human rights violations. ICE trying to deport her before she can be questioned. This story has been in the news 2-3 days w Jacob Soboroff reporting and involves several women

chelseaperetti I’m a slightly Right leaning Centrist, but this has to be investigated! If this is truly happening A) Stop it! & B) Get the bastard(s) who did this! Alleges. Propaganda. Its worse than just that one lady... Ridiculous Fascist regimes can't help but act like fascist regimes. Concentration camps and all.

Anyone who swallows this story hook, line and sinker is easily misled. Just reading the article, leaves way too many questions. I think I’ll reserve opinion until a full investigation is completed because I know there’s got to be way more information isn’t reporting. This concocted story is going nowhere NPR. Log off.

chelseaperetti How is this not a bigger story? This administration is all about cruelty chelseaperetti ACLU every single one of them and burn ICE to the ground. *illegal immigrant People complain about police, ICE is worse! Mutilating women, then trying to hide the crime by deporting the victim. How has the US fallen so low.

chelseaperetti ABOLISH ICE Doubt. Calling bullsh** More fake news from the mouthpiece of the Democrat party- Trying to terrify Latinos because Joe's Despacito song didn't work- Perhaps she had a medical condition that required it? I don’t think they do medical procedures for fun. Sue the living hell outta ICE.

VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN… Make America a Friendly Place Again! This is one of those stories that begs BEGS for waiting till more information comes out. This won't pass the fish tank cleaner test, I guarantee it. I can't believe this happens in the US. I did not think this administration could get any lower, yet they do time and time again. This administration has sterilized vulnerable women, supported white supremacy and caged children, just as the Nazi's did in WW II. VOTE HIM OUT. vote VoteByMail

Wow you've found 1 of the 'mass' of women who had alleged forced histos. If this is as big as claimed there must be a mass of women missing their uterus. This is beyond vile!! I think all students from abroad that are cought cheating, dealing drugs, and disobeying the law such as driving sober on US soil should be deported.

It was hundreds? I'm surprise Gestapo force didn't execute her like the old days. Another thing that Trump managed to screw up. Shit is getting real! Sounds like Russia Gate v2 An immigrant woman can have her a fallopian tube without her consent. Meanwhile, a woman who just had a fourth kid and doesn't want anymore, can't get them tied at a religious hospital.

Fake news I hope so, Jesus. This is not okay What really

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