'iCarly,' the OG influencer, is back. What to know about the revival

'iCarly' was the original influencer. Here's what to know about the nostalgic revival

6/18/2021 12:04:00 PM

'iCarly' was the original influencer. Here's what to know about the nostalgic revival

Miranda Cosgrove reprises her role as webcast influencer Carly Shay almost a decade after the hit Nickelodeon series’ finale. Here's what to know.

PrintWake up the members of my nation, because the “iCarly” revival is here. And if you’re so young (or so old) that you’re asking, “What’s an iCarly?” leave it to us to explain what the fuss is about.Created by Dan Schneider, the hit Nickelodeon series, which premiered in 2007, returns Thursday on Paramount+, nearly a decade after the

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. Miranda Cosgrove reprises her role as webcast influencer Carly Shay — and this time, she’ll be navigating life as an adult, with former cast members Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress along for the ride.Cosgrove in the original “iCarly,” which ended in 2012.

(Lisa Rose / Nickelodeon)What was the original “iCarly” about?AdvertisementThe sitcom began with Carly, then an eighth-grader, living in a Seattle apartment with her 26-year-old law school dropout turned artist brother, Spencer (Trainor), who was her legal guardian while their father was in the Air Force. After a stint in detention, where Carly was forced to watch talent show auditions, she launched a viral weekly web show called “iCarly” with her gritty but lovable best friend, Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy), and geeky, obsessed neighbor, Freddie Benson (Kress). headtopics.com

The show followed Shay and her friends on their ascent to the status of influencers, balancing adolescence with the ups and downs of becoming an online sensation. Welcoming teen guest stars such as One Direction and American Idol runner-up David Archuleta, the Emmy-nominated show ran for six seasons before its final curtain call in 2012.

Guest star David Archuleta, left, with “iCarly” cast members Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy and director Dan Schneider.(Lisa Rose / Nickelodeon)What has the cast been up to since “iCarly” ended? Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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