Alliance Of Motion Picture And Television Producers, Amptp, Iatse

Alliance Of Motion Picture And Television Producers, Amptp

IATSE Says It Received More Than 50 Reports Of 14-Hour Workdays In First 7 Months Of 2021: “Likely Just The Tip Of The Iceberg”

IATSE Says It Received More Than 50 Reports Of 14-Hour Workdays In First 7 Months Of 2021: “Likely Just The Tip Of The Iceberg”

9/18/2021 4:18:00 AM

IATSE Says It Received More Than 50 Reports Of 14-Hour Workdays In First 7 Months Of 2021: “Likely Just The Tip Of The Iceberg”

IATSE , which has made brutally long workdays a key safety issue in its negotiations for a new film and TV contract, says that between January and July of this year it “received well over 50 reports…

for a possible strike or lockout.“The science is clear,” the union says in a pamphlet distributed to members recently. “Long and irregular hours without adequate breaks and rest are unsafe. The IATSE Locals are unified in their recognition that no other industry demands its employees work without bathroom, meal, or relaxation breaks day after day. The IATSE Locals are unified in their understanding that no other industry deprives its employees enough time to drive to and from work and get eight hours sleep every work day, week after week, after week.”

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Related StoryIATSE Taking Hard Line In Advance Of Film & TV Contract TalksWatch on DeadlineThe union and its 13 West Coast studio locals say that they “are unified in their support for reasonable rest periods between shifts and during the work day. All members need time for sleep; time for family and friends; time for themselves and for their sanity; time for breaks, to get home safely.”

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IATSE President Matt Loeb Says Contract Negotiations Have Reached “Critical Juncture” As Others Make Case For A Fair Deal IATSE president Matthew Loeb said Wednesday that ongoing contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers have reached a “critical juncture,” and that “if the me… Some really awful quotes in here from “industry sources” 🙄 Why does this feel like a paid article from the AMPTP? ISupportIATSE Scale rate for Writers’ Assistants is $16 and for Script Coordinators is $17.64. This is public knowledge. Don’t know why this article is quoting unnamed sources that claim we’re all making $50/hr? When most studios usually refuse to pay us more than scale?