'I was there and I was traumatized': Remmington Belford speaks with Yasmin Vossoughian about impacts of surviving the Capitol Riots

'I was there and I was traumatized': Capitol Hill staffer speaks with @yasminv about impacts of surviving the Capitol Riot.

9/20/2021 11:02:00 PM

'I was there and I was traumatized': Capitol Hill staffer speaks with yasminv about impacts of surviving the Capitol Riot.

Yasmin Vossoughian speaks with Remmington Belford, Communications Director for Rep. Yvette Clarke, about the trauma many who were at the Capitol during the January 6th riots continue to experience in light of the recent rallies.

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Top Democrats Raise Alarm Bells About Potential Violence At Sept. 18 ‘Justice For J6’ RallyHouse GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy said he doesn't think any of his members plan to attend the event to support Capitol riot defendants. Democrats are afraid of their shadow Pretty sure there are like 40 people there can you chill with the fear mongering. Do better. good luck

Girlfriend of Capitol rioter accused of hitting cops with stick speaks at 'Justice for J6''His jailers treat these men like scum. There's absolutely no presumption of innocence,' she said. 'This reminds me of how the Jewish people were treated by the Nazis.' Why were the rioters not executed on January 7th?

Protest Over Capitol Riot Arrests a Non-EventThe very small rally undoubtedly attracted more attention than it deserved Media doing its usual thing. Another confirmation that the country is NOT divided!! We just have a very noisy % who are blabbering on Fox/OAN to make it sound like many. But we still need to monitor these morons to make sure they don’t screw things up more. Got to say the whole thing had 'attention-seeking fizzer' written all over it from the outset.

Rally for Capitol riot suspects draws small crowd of protestors amid heavy securityA far-right rally staged near the heavily-guarded Capitol opened and closed Saturday with a modest gathering of demonstrators who appeared at some points outnumbered by police and journalists. Fed failure. From pix of these few, looks like most were feds. Our tax dollars at work. “Journalists” 😂👍 Such a disappointment to all the 'progressive' media that loves to hype the 'terrible dangers' of what it calls the far-right.

Small crowd gathers near Capitol to protest treatment of those jailed in Jan. 6 riotA small, peaceful crowd gathered Saturday in Washington to protest what the organizers say is the unfair treatment of people charged in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Whoa? Wait wut? Where's the white nationalist, proud boy, racists rhetoric you're usually pumping in your headlines? Have ya'll been infiltrated by a news person? If you've read the thread below and, more importantly, watched the NoOneUnscripted episodes, you aren’t at all surprised by the ongoing GOP treason plot. But if you haven't, here it is. Just saying.

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