I Think These 35 Controversial Famous People Give Off Karen Vibes — Do You Agree?

12/6/2021 1:00:00 AM

'I'd like to see the manager' –literally any of these famous people.

“I’d like to see the manager” –literally any of these famous people.

'I'd like to see the manager' –literally any of these famous people.

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Jim Acosta tells Democrats to think 'What would Mitch do?' over filibusterThe CNN anchor said Democrats had been 'outmaneuvered' by the Senate minority leader, as he questioned the balance of the Supreme Court. It is time for Biden to pack the Supreme Court. That because republican house and senate leaders know that it's a full-time job being an asshole...Democrats haven't figured that out yet...and that is why we fail! the dems have been derailed by manchin and conservative oligarch billionaires..mcconnell is just along for the ride

I don't know who this person is Correct I don't know who this person is Oops.Watch the video here : This content is imported from YouTube.(which is very reliable when it comes to the Kardashians for obvious Keeping Up –related reasons) reports that she and Travis “are completely overjoyed and can’t wait to expand the family.season 4 , yet Christine Quinn was pregnant for the first few episodes and looked literally amazing.

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