'I think I'd take it': Trump says he'd accept dirt on an opponent from a foreign government

'I think I’d take it. If I thought there was something wrong, I’d go maybe to the FBI,' Trump said.


President Trump said in an interview excerpt that aired Wednesday that he might take help from a foreign government offering information on an opponent. 'I think I’d take it. If I thought there was something wrong, I’d go maybe to the FBI,' Trump said.

'I think I’d take it. If I thought there was something wrong, I’d go maybe to the FBI,' Trump said.

"It’s not an interference, they have information," Trump said."I think I’d take it. If I thought there was something wrong, I’d go maybe to the FBI."

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ElleMLyLa WOW Nancy time to start An impeachment..He's mentally unfit.. Where was NBC when this happened? Why no reporting how is this ANY different from this?! DumpTrump Is this his effort at cleaning up a despicable comment. So the Dems will cover their ears and look away if offered dirt? I think not! Such hypocrites. 🤦‍♂️

That’s right!!!! He did not say foreign POWER. That is false, he said from another country, once again twist of words Wasn’t Steele a British spy? And didn’t he even get paid by the DOC to get dirt on Trump? HillaryClinton did and nothing happened to her. And she paid them! But wait Trump says it and omg the world is over doublestandard bias

Who wouldn't Hillary certainly did. How one man made the press , the FBI and all other political parties look dumb.Shaking up the world.Making other countries take care of their own crap.

‘Life doesn’t work that way’: Trump says he might not report foreign help to FBIDonald Trump says he might not report to the FBI any election help offered by a foreign source in the 2020 election cycle Worked out pretty well for him the first time. Yeah, give Bag Lady credit... after she paid $10 million to the Russians for her dirt she did hand it over to the FBI. IllegitimatePresident realDonaldTrump

Not saying people shouldn't be outraged by this but at this point can you really be surprised? As in hilary emails Basically, that is exactly what the Mueller Report stated in its findings. When the hell are people going to READ it? When you ignore it, the behaviour WILL BE REPEATED!!! Would this announcement justify starting another FBI investigation? A stated willingness to break federal law and an unwillingness to contact the FBI?

I told you Trump is UnAmerican. You better Listen He has always been okay with breaking the law. KeithPurdy1 Trumps doing nothing more that getting the media to talk about him instead of the polls. Another “look at this tweety bird over here” to get everyone’s attention off his plummeting poll numbers. He’s failing as POTUS at every level.

Let me get this straight Mr President, you are saying the presidency, America , and the Republican Party are for sale.

Trump: I think 'I'd take' foreign help for 2020In a new interview, President Trump says he would take help and information on 2020 opponents from foreigners like Russia or China. Trump says “there’s nothing wrong with listening” and defends his son, Donald Trump Jr. for not calling the FBI about his Trump Tower meeting with Russians. Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, joins Ari saying the comments are “dangerous” and Trump “doesn’t understand the motivation” from these countries. He knows he would take it in a heartbeat Russia if you’re listening 2.0

I would take that information as well. Anyone with a brain would. They would do it on him... That's not what he said Why don’t you report on Hillary paying for fake dossier to spy on Trump? Barr is coming with warrants for Comey, Clapper, & Brennan You mean like the Russian Steele Dossier funded by Hillary that started this whole bs investigation? Like that? Where’s THAT headline?

Has this moron learned anything? He lies about everything. Why not lie and say NO? But the corrupt imbecile says of course he would collude with a foreign agent. Where are his enablers? So the democrats can pay foreign entities for a phony dossier, use it to obtain warrants, but only have an issue with “I think I may take it”?! You’re mad about “I think” vs “I did”. Unbelievable.

so he admits he is guilty of collusion & being controlled by Russia. maybe this is why he also loves kim 😂😂😂😂yeah, the caveat is...if he thought something was wrong he’d take it to the FBI......😂😂😂😂when has Trump ever thought something he wanted to do was ever wrong...😂😂😂😂 BREAKING TODAY: major joint announcement expected from senatemajldr HouseGOP Jim_Jordan mattgaetz marcorubio SenRickScott JohnCornyn RandPaul ....in light of new forensic evidence brought forward the GOP will launch a new investigation into HillaryClinton's server

How Michael Sheen’s Roland Blum Became The Good Fight’s Wild IdThe actor on his fentanyl-sucking courtroom force—an unholy mixture of Roy Cohn and Gore Vidal. he is so talented but his character is surreal, forced and annoying actually not the kind of vilain i like and the red hair has no charisma either...hard to watch

He said this, yep. Clinton actually sent a foreign agent to a foreign gov to ask for dirt on Trump and yet NBC isn't telling you this fact. Because they are biased. Ok democrats do your hw this one's easy I love how he rubs their fucking noses in it... Norway, his example, hardly a power. But thanks anyways Trump for throwing Norway of all countries under the bus.

I’m sure the birther crowd wouldn’t have a problem with Obama doing it either. Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid. Not news, we knew it 3 years ago. But for right now the problem is, do republican senators have no position on this? Why would individual 1 stop now? So Trump’s loyalty is to those who that he can manipulate to increase his power and corruption, instead of loyalty to American national security.

Treason 🇺🇸

Trump Official Goes Rogue, Says Climate Change May Cause Next Financial CrisisA top administration official is openly defying Trump-- and Trump can't fire him Now he admits climate change is real. But you also have very fine people on both sides.

He has proven repeatedly that he doesn't know right from wrong. He would bring nothing to the FBI. It bless he thought it hurt him in some way Love it. Dems took it hook line and sinker. Idiots. Total tools. Hillary did. Democrats were okay with it. I beg to differ he gets it! And is getting away with it

“COLLUSION!” Amirite He said he might, and frankly, let’s ask Hillary Clinton why she had the Steele dossier created - do your job If the potus easily says on tv that he would commit treason & he isn’t called out, I’d say there’s no line & he might as well run out to 5th ave and shoot someone and the GOP will do nothing. Or shoot an opponent? No line gop. This is your fault.

Trump says he would accept dirt on political rivals from foreign governmentsPresident Trump said he would listen if a foreign government approached him with damaging information about a political rival. 'I think you might want to listen, there isn't anything wrong with listening,' he said in an interview with ABC News. Well he doesn’t give a hoot about the country, so who is surprised. Clinton and the DNC paid Russian agents for dirt (that they made up) on Trump. If politicians would quit playing dirty (yes, all sides) there would be no dirt to offer! And then there’s what one does with the dirt no matter if foreign or homemade. For a global society we sure are paranoid where dirt comes from. Just some thoughts...

he doesn't get it! We already new this as he's already done this. What a traitor. There’s no depth too low for Trump to stoop. He’s a Russian asset and he just signaled for help. ImpeachWhileWeStillCan ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW Seems T-RUmp has take it. Seems GOP leadership will not allow anything meaningful to be done about it. Seems Democrats are too afraid to try to have anything done about it. Result: the USA stands on the verge of permanent kleptocracy.

realDonaldTrump would take a call from a foreign country that has dirt on a candidate. Who PAID a foreign national (Steel) to gather dirt (dossier) on Trump in RUSSIA? “I’d take the call” sounds like a mob boss. justsaying SpeakerPelosi RepJerryNadler Lol

EXCLUSIVE: Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponentsEXCLUSIVE: Pres. Trump tells GStephanopoulos he wouldn't necessarily alert the FBI if approached by foreign figures with information on his 2020 opponent: 'It’s not an interference. They have information. I think I’d take it.' GStephanopoulos I think he really doesn't understand why it's wrong. Why it's treachery. He's got a child's brain. GStephanopoulos Supreme Assholiness, criminals tend to not call the F.B.I. . Thanks for clearing that up,monster. GStephanopoulos Lock him up

ImpeachTrumpNOW CONSERVATIVES WTF!!! Don't care for Obama that much, but if he said that shit you all would have lost your minds. The only reason he would consider taking it to the FBI is as a threat to the foreign government so that they turn over more info. That's just his style: extortion If there was ever a ‘well that’s enough’ moment, this is it. GOPChairwoman your selection to represent your party has just overtly sold out his country for his party. If you do not act, THIS IS THE THING THAT YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED FOR

Hillary Clinton did it, even paid for it. The fake SteeleDossier was then used illegally to obtain FISA warrants. People who signed them are in deep do do as a result. Russian contributions to Trump: $0 Russian contributions to the Clinton Foundation: $150,000,000 To all the naysayers on collusion... here ya go FactsMatter

ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW Well, you can't teach an old dog to un-learn old tricks. Speculation.....& the fake news goes nuts!

Ask the Democrat about what is fair in peace, love, war, and politics. Same guy who bans Huawei for espionage High treason is the ultimate crime and he just admitted to be willing to do it El Trumpo promised so much winning, “You’ll so be tired of winning”. Now! he’s asking the other side to help him win. He’s a flippin traitor is what he is. It’s time to right up the orange orangutan.

Might? He DID. Or did EVERYONE miss that part?! He doesn’t care about about the law all he sees in the color of green. His son told y’all that. Trump can give a fuck about America’s personal feelings. He doesn’t respect the law and that’s what Russia found out. Trump knows all the dirt on the wealthy. That’s why they silent ♠️

It's the thinking part that is the fatal flaw in the president's strategy. Mr impulsive meet Mr devious. “...MAYBE to the FBI.” OnlyMaybeButProbablyNot ImpeachTheCheat Traitor. The man is so obsessed with wining that he will cheat, lie, possibly commit treason. Not fit to be president.

Can we be done with this abomination already? Dumald has no class and certainly no integrity!!! WHAT A FAKE PRESIDENT!!! OH SNAAAP! I think he's trying to throw so much confusion in to the validity and the sanctity of process that we have to cancel the 2020 Elections. Somebody has to throw a rope over this train week I call CheatingDonald.

SpeakerPelosi RepJerryNadler how about ImpeachmentHearingsNow ? What a complete moron! Lol! Why not......after THE fking witch hunt everything is on the table It seems nothing wrong with the statement, because he thinks he is a WORLD leader. 😂😂😂 RepMattGaetz

I'm like Trump, I'd listen and then make a judgment and decision Such a double standard. HillaryClinton lawyers literally paid Russians for dirt via Steele...and that’s ok?!! We've interfered in countless govts around the world through clandestine military support yet Trump throwing some legit dirt at a Dem is 'high treason' to the insane.

😲🥺🤢🤮 What’s the crime again? Tell us about Ol' Hill and her Steele dossier? *maybe* It’s called gossip! Hell I’ll take it! Then decide if it was FBI worthy. It’s a campaign. Seriously.. like this has never been done before? Think about it! I can name every Presidential candidate & President! Get over it!

And the liberal media now will now hyperventilate over nothing yet again So the president would listen to a foreign dignitary with info that might be vital to national security? That’s literally part of his job description.

LMAO!! Feeding the TDS epidemic...... Now do Hillary and the bought and paid for Dossier. Might he already has Trump: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with committing treason. NBC have you not learned anything from CNN. Well guess you can't change fake news. “I think I’d take it”? — “I took it” What an a-hole! He's a disgrace and a traitor to this country. He and McConnell have actively worked to make sure that Russia's interfering in oour election happens again---and the GOP are fine with it. F-ck everybody as long as they win.

This president is in contempt of his oath of office and of the constitution of the United States. He is unfit to be president. He will do anything unlawful to retain power. And we just heard it from his own lips!!

I love reading all the haters comments. Whaaaaa! Why do you think the GOPNazi party has denied upgrading Cyber security? That's not what Trump said, he said he would 'listen' and then maybe contact the FBI not 'take it' But on that subject you could talk to the DNC about the Russian dossier they paid for from foreign countries! FACT You seem to leave that out of every article! MAGA FakeNews

Is that like the DNC paid Steele dossier? 🤔 Spoken like the true traitor & bottom-feeder of the SWAMP. Seems to me you are by far the slimmiest, crookedest, pos out there! Yeah right ..... maybe my ass .... he had already one chance to do so .... and ? Not surprised, he’s done it before ! He did it before he denied he did it and now has said he will do it again !

Of course he would..it's the only way for him to get elected in the first place. Well, that, and a bunch of ignorant Americans.

realDonaldTrump has lied and cheated for so long he has no idea what is right and what is wrong and he really doesn’t care. He really is pathological and unfit for office. DerangedDonald CommanderInCheat CNN But the scumbags like Obama and Hillary have already perfected this “research” and used it to attempt to subvert an election and commit treason.!! And slime like you run interference for them in the media and social networks.!

HE HAS ALREADY DONE THIS...RUSSIA HAD NOTHING...BUT BEGGING TO TAKE SANCTIONS OFF UNDERMINING A SITTING PRESIDENT...SHADOWS OF NIXON AND REAGAN.. Didn’t CROOKED HILLARY CLINTON dig up $12 million dollars of Russian dirt on Trump, did she contact the FBI- NO MAGA2020 If he thought there was something wrong?!? He is potus thanks to foreign meddling, help he solicited and accepted and says sure he’d do it again. Clearly he doesn’t understand right from wrong.

Now? Finally? Please let this be the last straw! What if he got evidence that Joe Biden was molesting little girls? Would you ignore it? He just made that perfectly clear to all governments around the world 🌎 that he's open for business. LMAO.. Crooked Hillary bought and paid for the Steele Dossier, to get dirt on TRUMP. Christopher Steele is a British Spy... Do everyone a favor and take your garbage news, somewhere else...

He needs to be oswalded out of existence.

Hillary did it. Obama used the Italians and British in an attempt to frame President Trump. Cheating is the only way he wins. Was Hillary asked because she actually DID take oppo research from a foreign government in the Steele Dossier she actually not only took it but paid money for it but media doesn't care because it was against realDonaldTrump

Where did Hillary get fake dossier. Ukraine. Who called shift with nude pics of trump. Russian shock jock dj. And REPUBLICANS have no problem with this. Imagine if it was a Democrat! FFS how is he President!! Wth ! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Trump says it’s not interference to get dirt from Russia China North Korea - ok sure right - Did Russia have dirt on LindseyGrahamSC and give it to realDonaldTrump - Russia if you are listening give dirt in realDonaldTrump to DNC

Saying and doing are 2 different things, Adam “pencil neck” Schiff is on tape talking to Russian/Ukraine operatives about alleged dirt on our President. UnF*ckinbelievable!!! This is treasonous behavior!!! HELLO!!!!!!! HELLO?! Hello! Plz wake up!!!

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