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New York Fashion Week, Bags

I Test-Drove Four Purses During Fashion Week

Don’t call it a “murse.”

9/21/2021 2:56:00 AM

Don't call it a 'murse!'

Don’t call it a “murse.”

I’m going to rock a purse, too.Now, men wearing purses is certainly not a novel concept. Rappers likeLil Uzi Verthave worn them on the red carpet, and it’s been a thing on the runway for decades. But I’ve always been wary of rocking a purse, scared of being made fun of or looked at sideways. This week, however, I remembered

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this is New York Fashion Week—a time where anything goes, and even the most extreme of ensembles hardly get a second glance. If there’s one place where it’s safe and encouraged to rebuke gender norms, it’s here. So below, I put four new purses to the test, and gave them my first-impressions review. Spoiler alert: I’m a major purse devotee now.

Day 1Photo: Courtesy of Christian AllaireFor my first day of purse-wearing, I chose a pretty classic silhouette: Gucci’s black Jackie 1961 bag. With the cross-body strap, it has a bit of a satchel feel, but is super discreet thanks to the streamlined shape. It’s also pretty dressy, so I chose to dress it down with a vintage tee, vintage Levi’s, and my Gucci horsebit loafers to make it feel more “me.” As someone who usually just stuffs their wallet, keys, and phone in their pocket, I appreciated that I could bring sunglasses and gum, and still be hands-free! I could text with total ease! This could very much be mistaken for a “men’s bag,” though, so I decided that for day two, I’ll take more of a risk.

Gucci Jackie 1961 small shoulder bag Read more: Vogue Magazine »

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