'I played dead': Boy who survived TX school shooting recalls gunman saying 'you're all gonna die'

'I played dead so he wouldn't shoot me,' 10-year-old Samuel Salinas told ABC News.

Texas School Shooting, Survivor Played Dead

5/27/2022 11:05:00 PM

'I PLAYED DEAD SO HE WOULDN'T SHOOT ME.' “[The shooter] came in and said ‘you’re all gonna die’ and just started shooting.” Robb Elementary School student Samuel Salinas , 10, spoke with ABC News about surviving the Texas massacre.

'I played dead so he wouldn't shoot me,' 10-year-old Samuel Salinas told ABC News.

of 25)A Texas official admitted it was the "wrong decision" for officers not to go into the classroom where the school shooting suspect was for 35 minutes after a tactical unit arrived."I think he was aiming at me," Salinas said, but a chair was between him and the shooter, and the bullet hit the chair. Shrapnel struck Salinas' thigh and got lodged in his leg. Then he pretended to be dead, he said.

"I played dead so he wouldn't shoot me," he added, noting that a lot of other children did the same.A cellphone in one of the student's desks started ringing, and as the girl was trying to silence it, Salinas heard gunshots. Police engaged the gunman and then moved desks out of the way to free the children, he said.

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