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Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh

'I Never Felt Alone.' Brett Kavanaugh Opens Up About His Confirmation Process

'I never felt alone.' Brett Kavanaugh opens up about his confirmation process in rare public appearance


'I never felt alone.' Brett Kavanaugh opens up about his confirmation process in rare public appearance

America's newest Supreme Court Justice let his guard down in his first major speech since he was confirmed just over a year ago.

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“My friends paid a heavy price,” Kavanaugh said, of those who publicly supported him during his confirmation in 2018. “Way too heavy a price. I’m well aware of that and it pains me daily. I signed up for what I knew would be an ugly process— maybe not that ugly. But my friends did not.”

“What can I say?” Kavanaugh joked. “To thine own self be true.”

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I'm sure he didn't. He had all the other sexual predators from Trump down on his side. I hope he rots in hell. He's not alone. He always has his Bud.

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Brett Kavanaugh to address conservatives in 1st public speech as justiceOne year after his confirmation to the Supreme Court , Brett Kavanaugh makes his first public speaking appearance as a justice at a Federalist Society dinner. Next Democratic Congress MUST set term limit on all judges..why would we ever let anyone serve lifetime? That’s insane Disgraceful

Brett Kavanaugh Makes First Public Appearance Since Supreme Court ConfirmationWhat about the price Christine Blasey-Ford paid so the country could know who you really are? TrustWomen He's glad he didn't show up drunk, further embarrassing his friends.

U.S. Justice Kavanaugh to make first major public speech since controversyU.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh , who has kept a low profile since sex... I Like beer ok Question is what will his BAL be when he does 🤔🤔🤔 Is it a Budweiser commercial

How being vulnerable on social media is keeping us from real life intimacy'Vulnerability porn' is linked to vulnerability addiction, in which one engages in the state of being exposed emotionally or psychologically for the reward of validation or attention from others. godwinafaith I saw this referred to as “sadfishing” the other day.I see some people doing it almost on a daily basis, but who is to say whether it’s for validation/attention or not. I’d rather someone reached out and said they were sad or depressed than not. Maybe they’re not comfortable irl.

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