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I Married Him for Love—and So He Could Be on My Health Insurance

Young adults are often in bad financial health. The ability to get coverage through a spouse can make marriage more enticing.

10/18/2020 10:00:00 AM

The ability to get health coverage through a spouse can make marriage more enticing: 'We have more freedom to make plans for our future, knowing my husband won't fall into debt simply by paying for his health insurance.'

Young adults are often in bad financial health. The ability to get coverage through a spouse can make marriage more enticing.

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Amy Coney Barrett live updates: Day 2 of Senate confirmation hearings

The high-stakes confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, continue Tuesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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Tying health insurance to jobs is indentured servitude. I know many people who had great jobs, only to lose them in their 40's. They're totally f'd, unless they land another job with benefits. The US operates healthcare like a 3rd world Country. it's great..if you can afford it KindKongness good sharing

Wouldn’t be a problem if we would pass medicare for all thanks So what. Health coverage is cheaper than the future divorce. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something Blue Cross-Blue Shield. Is this supposed to be some kind of pitch for regressive health insurance policy? Medicare for All with a public option solves all these problems

Jeremy O. Harris on His Record-Breaking 12 Tony NominationsPlaywright JeremyOHarris's genre-bending SlavePlayBWay received a whopping 12 Tony nominations, including one for Best Play. We spoke to Harris about how he's celebrating, the dream production he'd see once theaters open back up, and more.

Love Island's Jack Fincham and Laura Anderson 'growing close and locked lips'The 2018 contestants didn't find love with each other in the villa, but are said to be growing closer together now after featuring on Love Island: What Happened Next? DailyMirror She gets around She will date anything with a pulse and he’ll do anything or anyone to stay relevant.

Cyprus posts new high in coronavirus casesCyprus registered a daily record of 203 new coronavirus infections on Saturday, health authorities said, urging the public to stick to strict health protocols at a crucial point in tackling the pandemic. ⚕ We can protect you and me. 1️⃣ Wear a mask 2️⃣ Social distancing 3️⃣ Wash your hands 4️⃣ Meeting restrictions if you wear your mask like that, its bound to happen San Juan esta con ElCambioVa con manuelnatal

COVID Webinar VideoWhen we decided to evaluate the way COVID19 has impacted women’s healthcare habits, we knew that we had to focus heavily on our country's marginalized communities. CopingWithCOVID Get caught up on the panel here:

Lorenzo Lewis Has Started a Mental Health Movement Via BarbershopsThis mental health advocate gets Black barbers to talk to their male clients about mental health issues through his organization The Confess Project.

UK £500M Film & TV Insurance Restart Scheme Officially Opens Today Following State Aid ApprovalThe UK’s £500M Film and TV Production Restart Scheme officially opens today following state aid approval being granted by the EU. The DCMS has extended the deadline for registration and start…