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'I'm more than my accomplishments and gymnastics,' Simone Biles says

Biles said she has real-world issues beyond her athletic prowess, which is packed like dynamite inside her 4-foot-8 frame.

7/29/2021 8:44:00 AM

Biles said she has real-world issues beyond her athletic prowess, which is packed like dynamite inside her 4-foot-8 frame.

Biles said she has real-world issues beyond her athletic prowess, which is packed like dynamite inside her 4-foot-8 frame.

Biles won a silver medal at these Tokyo Games, which gives her six medals in her career—she won four gold medals and a bronze at the 2016 Rio Games.Biles, 24, said she abruptly withdrew from the finals to protect her mental health, this while riding a wave of momentum to Tokyo proclaiming that she was the"Greatest of All Time" or, the G.O.A.T.

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Just before the Tokyo Olympics began,Twitterunveiled an emoji to honor Biles. It was a goat flying through the air with a gold medal wrapped around its neck.Biles touted herself as the GOAT heading into the Tokyo Games, and she said she was ready to deliver her best, despite the pressure she has faced with everyone aiming for her.

The pressure began mounting more than five years ago, though. Biles didn't say what"mental health" issues she has faced after her Tokyo withdrawal, but the signs were there over the years.Shortly after the USA gymnasts returned from their triumphs in Rio, it was revealed that former team doctor Larry Nasser had sexually assaulted multiple girls and young women in the program. It was learned of the stringent training at the Texas compound of the Karolyis, who were famed coaches of Nadia Comaneci and eventually the Americans.

Biles talked about being hungry at the Texas camp, even breaking into the camp cafeteria and sneaking food into her hoodie back to carry back to her room. She didn't enjoy being hungry like she was as a poor kid who had to pour water over her cereal because the family couldn't afford milk.

Biles has detailed these conversations over the years.When asked during a60 Minutes interview about the time with Nasser in charge of the USA team's doctor duties, Biles said it was something she couldn't even tell her parents."It was so hard for me to even say it out loud, that I knew how hard, like, it crushed me. It would crush my parents. And I didn't want them to feel the same pain that I felt. Because it was very dark times," Biles said on 60 Minutes.

Biles said USA Gymnastics hasn't done enough to address sexual assault issues and other problems within the team program."One hundred percent. We bring them medals. We do our part. You can't do your part in return? It's just, like, it's sickening," Biles said.

Biles said that if she had a daughter, she would not put her in the USA Gymnastics program until lots of things get resolved."I don't feel comfortable enough, because they haven't taken accountability for their actions and what they've done. And they haven't ensured us that it's never going to happen again," Biles said.

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Then there have been Biles' bout with going to therapy over the last two years."I'm on anxiety medicine now because I had a lot of ups and downs throughout the year, trying to figure out what was wrong," Biles toldNBCin late 2018."So I go to therapy pretty regularly. It's not easy, but the people surrounding me are some of the best."

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These days, Biles is one of the world’s top gymnasts, which has, in turn, translated into a $10 million net worth. Hey if she doesn't want to entertain us that's her call. No harm no foul. Hope she feels better soon. She made a mistake by not accusing people of making racist remarks--that would have been good for everyone: her, activists, and the media. She really let us down.

Y a que fue? Hubiera cedido su lugar a otra! Well she’s a human being. Now the media should let her be. She’s explained her situation. She’s cheering on her teammates. We’ve taken up enough of her time about this situation. Be blessed Simone!

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The World Is Gutted By Simone Biles' Withdrawal From Team Competition'We hope this isn't the last we've seen of one of the world's best gymnasts,' the Tokyo Olympics Twitter account wrote. It was strictly her choice. Don't be selfish. Now let's see if NFL players will get Vaccinated for their teams. seethefaces Science NFL TeamWork biles cant win. one side makes her a saint another side makes her public property another side wants to desmean her. stop doing all the above. she is her own person she owes no one anything she is no saint. her life is not our call She needs to Kerry Strugg it.

Simone Biles out of team competitionFrom the Ariake Gymnastics Centre in Tokyo, TODAY’s Hoda Kotb reports that Simone Biles is out of the team competition in women’s gymnastics. Retired American artistic gymnast MyKayla Skinner tells TODAY, “My heart broke for her; I can’t imagine what she’s going through.” Skinner adds, “I don’t really know what happened … I’m not sure if she hurt something recently.” Ahhh ela é uma atleta admirável