I'm a Celebrity: Inside Matty Lee's friendship with fellow athlete Tom Daley

I'm a Celebrity: Inside Matty Lee's friendship with fellow athlete Tom Daley

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12/4/2021 1:43:00 AM

I'm a Celebrity: Inside Matty Lee's friendship with fellow athlete Tom Daley

Matty Lee is proving popular with viewers while taking part in this year's I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Find out about the sweet bond he has with his fellow athlete Tom Daley here…

MORE: I'm a Celeb's Adam Woodyatt's son was once put into a coma after a horrific car accidentBut when the sportsman isn't in the castle, he can often be found by the side of fellow diver and Olympic champion Tom Daley, with whom he won a gold medal at this year's tournament in Tokyo.

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The campmate even spoke to his fellow I'm a Celeb stars about his bond with his diving partner in a recent episode. While discussing childhood heroes, Matty said Tom was his hero, joking at the time:"My childhood hero was Tom and I've even been in bed with him!" headtopics.com

Matty's co-stars were keen to know whether Tom would ever survive in the Welsh camp, with Matty admitting:"He wouldn't, that's why I'm here!"Before the 23-year-old joined the reality show, Matty did explain how Tom was"shocked" when he told him he was taking part. He told ITV:"We were on the way back from the airport where they had picked me up from Tokyo when I got a call about the programme."

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MORE: I'm a Celebrity viewers poke fun at show following major error – did you spot it?MORE: How much will contestants be paid for I'm a Celebrity 2021?Matty Lee and Tom Daley are winning gold in TokyoIt's clear the two have a strong friendship, with Matty adding:"When I told Tom, he was in shock too! He is so excited for me and he has always been so supportive and helped me a lot over the past three years. He gives me advice about anything whether it is relationships or whatever - I always ask Tom."

Despite their bond, Matty is keen for audiences to get to know him a little better away from his diving skills."Everyone knows who Tom Daley is but people don't necessarily know who I am," he said."But without each other, we would never have achieved what we have achieved. He always gives me credit where it is due and I also do too. He is really happy for me to grow as an individual and I think it is a chance for people to get to know me better."

Tom and Matty joined forces in 2018 as a diving duo and began competing in the men's synchronised 10-metre platform. It was in this event that the pair took home a gold medal for Tokyo 2020.

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