I Lost My Kid For 15 Minutes And It Was Terrifying––Now Imagine Losing Them Forever

What we are grappling with as a nation is a question about values.

10/25/2020 6:11:00 PM

I Lost My Kid For 15 Minutes And It Was Terrifying––Now Imagine Losing Them Forever

What we are grappling with as a nation is a question about values.

TrumpUSA Todaythat, “When I became president, President Obama had a separation policy. I didn’t have it. He had it. I brought the families together. I’m the one that put them together.” Really? Because the parents of these 545 children were deported and

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cannot be located, and there’s no family unity in that.I spoke with one foster mom who fostered a 10-year-old little girl separated from her parents in 2018, a casualty in Trump’s quest to be Mr. Tough Guy.Could you be that foster mom, the one who wiped the tears of a little girl who had no idea when she would ever see her mother again, and wept in your arms for her mother? Can you imagine such a thing? Or worse, what if that was

yourlittle girl, being held in the arms of a stranger, scared, angry, and traumatized? What if you didn’t know where your child was or who they were with?I pose these questions because I cannot imagine. All I can think of is the fear I felt when I lost my daughter in Old Navy, the fear I had that someone took her — would they harm her? Rape her? Murder her? Sell her? Every possibility flashed in front of me as I paced around the store.

My fear turned out to be unfounded. But this “zero tolerance” policy is an actual waking nightmare for these families, the 545 kids and parents who may never see one another again. Read more: Scary Mommy »

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