I Can't Stop Smiling At Bindi Irwin's Baby Girl, Grace, Meeting Animals For The First Time


4/20/2021 4:45:00 AM

Aww. 🥺


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Watch drone crash into erupting Icelandic volcano - CNN Video

A drone crashed into Fagradalsfjall volcano's molten lava, providing a mesmerizing close-up view into the erupting crater. Drone operator and YouTuber Joey Helms uploaded the video to YouTube on Wednesday.


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Stop Telling Me How I Feel!!!!!“There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing,” reads a Monday New York Times headline. My immediate response when I read it this morning was: How do you know what I’m feeling? It’s not just mental health though. It’s a journalistic trope now where writers pretend that they know you. I’m told “what I need to know” in multiple headlines a day, even though they don’t know me and they sure as hell don’t know what I need.

Biden to America after Floyd verdict: 'We can't stop here'WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden said Tuesday the conviction of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd “can be a giant step forward” for the nation in the fight against systemic racism. But he declared that 'it's not enough.” Biden spoke from the White House hours after the verdict alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, with the pair saying the country’s work is far from finished with the verdict. “We can’t stop here,' Biden declared. If the POLICE actually did their jobs which is to SERVE and PROTECT there wouldn't be an issue. But POLICE think they can violate everyones CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Why don't the POLICE know the CONSTITUTION Youtube is packed with POLICE violating peoples rights. If BIDEN had to pray for the right verdict, it shows he has NO FAITH in the JUSTICE SYSTEM to begin with. And he is appointing new judges! God help us!!!! Never forget Biden was the chief architect of the 1994 crime bill which incarcerated mass numbers of American minorities. It was a missed opportunity to accept that responsibility. It’s hard to fix the “system” when Biden was one of its creators

President Biden, VP Harris Speak After Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict: 'We Can't Stop Here'The president said Tuesday that the entire country must confront hatred to 'change hearts and minds as well as laws and policies.' Can they both please go away Giggle giggle Disgusting.

Dalai Lama and other Nobel Prize winners pressure leaders to stop fossil fuel expansionAllowing the continued expansion of the fossil fuel industry 'is unconscionable', open letter says. They are shilling Dogecoin and other crap to the masses loudly. They themselves are buying XRP and xlm. Quietly. ripple Stellar xrpthestandard xrpcommmunity XRPUSD crypto cryptocurrency Bitcoin wef btc The time is now. So many delays. lol ok