Minneapolis Police Department, Fbı, Jacob Frey, Minneapolis

Minneapolis Police Department, Fbı

‘I Can’t Breathe’: 4 Minneapolis Officers Fired After Black Man Dies in Custody

“Being black in America should not be a death sentence,” the city’s mayor said as video of the arrest was widely shared.

5/27/2020 7:40:00 AM

The FBI and Minnesota law enforcement authorities are investigating the arrest of George Floyd, a black man who died after being pinned to the ground by an officer’s knee. Hundreds of people gathered in Minneapolis to protest the conduct of the officers.

“Being black in America should not be a death sentence,” the city’s mayor said as video of the arrest was widely shared.

that the officers should be charged with murder.“They treated him worse than they treat animals,” said Philonise Floyd, Mr. Floyd’s brother. “They took a life — they deserve life.”The arrest took place on Monday evening, the Minneapolis Police Department said in a statement, after officers responded to a call about a man suspected of forgery. The police said the man was found sitting on top of a blue car and “appeared to be under the influence.”

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ImageCredit...Offices of Ben Crump Law“He was ordered to step from his car,” the department’s statement said. “After he got out, he physically resisted officers. Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress.”

The statement said that officers had called for an ambulance.On Tuesday morning, without referring to the video recorded by a bystander, the policetitled “Man Dies After Medical Incident During Police Interaction,” that said that additional information had “been made available” and that the F.B.I. was joining the investigation.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolistweetedthat four officers involved in the case had been terminated. “This is the right call,” he said.The Police Department’s statement said that no weapons had been used and that the officers’ body cameras were recording. Mr. Frey said at a news conference Tuesday that he had seen the video “taken and posted by a civilian” but not the body camera footage.

Theshows a white Minneapolis police officer pressing his knee into a black man’s neck during an arrest, as the man repeatedly says, “I can’t breathe,” and, “Please, I can’t breathe.”As the video spread on social media on Monday night, the arrest quickly drew comparisons to

the case of Eric Garner, a black man who died in New York police custody in 2014 after an officer held him in a chokehold. Mr. Garner’s repeated plea of “I can’t breathe” — also recorded by a cellphone — became a rallying cry at demonstrations against police misconduct around the country.

“Being black in America should not be a death sentence,” Mr. Frey saidin a statementon Tuesday. “For five minutes, we watched a white officer press his knee into a black man’s neck. Five minutes.”Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, condemned the force used by the officers.

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“George Floyd deserved better and his family deserves justice,” Mr. Biden wrote on Twitter on Tuesday night. “His life mattered.”Hundreds of people gathered on Tuesday at the intersection where Mr. Floyd had been subdued, protesting the conduct of the officers.

The local news media reported that two people had been shot near the protest, but a Police Department spokesman, John Elder, said one person had been shot “away” from the protest and described the person’s injuries as not life-threatening. It was not immediately clear who did the shooting, he said.

Some protesters vandalized police vehicles with graffiti and targeted the precinct house where the four officers had been assigned, Mr. Elder said.The police fired foam projectiles known as marking rounds and used tear gas to try to repel some of the protesters, he said. The Police Department did not immediately say if there had been any arrests.

The video recorded in Minneapolis on Monday shows that after a few minutes, the man, lying face down in the street with his hands cuffed behind his back, becomes silent and motionless; the officer continues to pin the man to the pavement with his knee.

Bystanders plead and curse, begging the officer to stop and telling him the man’s nose is bleeding. Another officer faces the people gathered on the sidewalk. An ambulance medic arrives and, reaching under the officer’s knee, feels for a pulse on the man’s neck.

The medic turns away, and a stretcher is wheeled over. The arrested man is then rolled onto the stretcher, loaded into an ambulance and taken away.Jovanni Thunstrom, who employed Mr. Floyd as a bouncer at his restaurant, Conga Latin Bistro, said in an interview Tuesday that he was in disbelief when he saw the video.

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“It’s hard to believe a police officer would do that,” said Mr. Thunstrom, who was also Mr. Floyd’s landlord. “He wasn’t a threat to justify excessive force used on him.”Mr. Thunstrom said that Mr. Floyd had become a friend during the five years that he worked for him and the four years that he rented a duplex unit from him in St. Louis Park.

“No one had nothing bad to say about him,” he said. “They all are shocked he’s dead. He never caused a fight or was rude to people.”The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday, but the head of the union said in a

statement to the local news mediathat people should not rush to judgment while the investigation is ongoing.“Our officers are fully cooperating,” the union head, Lt. Bob Kroll, said. “We must review all video. We must wait for the medical examiner’s report.”

It could take at least three weeks to determine the cause and manner of Mr. Floyd’s death, Hennepin County officials said.Mr. Frey said on Tuesday that he did not know how the initial police statement, describing a “medical incident,” had come to be written, but he said he wanted to be “absolutely as

transparent as possible.”“It’s the kind of thing where you don’t hide from the truth, you lean into it, because our city is going to be better off for it, no matter how ugly, awful it is,” he said. “If it points out the institutional racism that we are still working through right now, well, good — it means that

we’ve got a lot of work to go.”The video did not show what had happened before the officer pinned the man to the ground by his neck. Chief Medaria Arradondo of the Minneapolis police said at the news conference on Tuesday that he had received information the night before that led him to deem it “necessary to contact the special agent in charge of the Minneapolis bureau of the F.B.I.”

He said he had asked the agency to investigate, and he declined to comment on what information he had received.The F.B.I. is conducting a federal civil rights investigation, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said in a statement. The state bureau also said that it was conducting its own investigation at the request of the Police Department and that it would release its findings to the Hennepin County district attorney’s office.

The names of the officers will be released after interviews, it said.Benjamin L. Crump, a Tallahassee, Fla., lawyer who has risen to prominence by taking on similar cases,said he had been retainedto represent Floyd’s family. “This abusive, excessive and inhumane use of force cost the life of a man who was being detained by the police for questioning about a nonviolent charge,” Mr. Crump said in a statement.

In a separate statement, John Gordon, executive director of the ACLU of Minnesota, called the video “horrifying” and said it underscored the immediate need for a thorough, fair and transparent investigation into the case. He added that “the officers involved — not just the perpetrator, but also those who stood by and did nothing — must be held accountable.”

Tim Walz, the governor of Minnesota,“sickening.”“We will get answers and seek justice,” he said.Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Tina Smith, Representative Ilhan Omar and Representative Betty McCollum, all Democrats from Minnesota, wrote a letter on Tuesday asking the U.S. attorney for Minnesota and the Hennepin County attorney to investigate the officers’ actions.

“Police brutality must end,” Ms. Omar wrote on Twitter. “We must pursue justice and get answers to this unjust killing.” Read more: The New York Times »

I can't breathe 😭😭😭 Instead of maliciously murdering a innocent citizen, NAPO should crackdown on the a*hole who commit crimes.They must be severely punished! No Justice No Peace RIP. Can't believe this soul died right before our eyes. Heartbreaking digitalsista When are they going to bring charges against them? Or is it now legal to go around suffocating people? Sure if roles were reversed he would be serving a life sentence. Serious action needs to be taken and examples need to be made of these officers. StopPoliceBrutality

If you think we are safe, we are NOT. The FBI are now using technology to rape and secretly hurt the inside of women’s bodies right in your own home. Anyone is a potential target. Please help expose the FBI who are getting away with these horrific crimes too. If the investigation takes more than a day. Then watch out they are trying to find a way to blame the victim for their own death!

You’re investigating them after it was showing what they did unbelievable that’s called white privilege So a couple questions... 1. Why was he being detained? 2. What is his criminal history if any? 3. Where is the officers dash and body can footages? 4. I havent seen the video of him gasping for air and stuff, so what happened to get him in that position.

I wonder if the onlookers called 911 'police brutality', if the cops would come and stop this horrific act of violence. Maybe every instance needs a 911 call, on top of a video recording. I WOULD NEVER POLITICIZE THIS HORRIFIC MOMENT TO GET MY 15 MINUTES OF FAME, BUT I CAN EVEN SEE THE PRIDE IN THIS MONSTER FACE AND HIS LACK OF HUMANITY. MY QUESTION IS WHEN ARE WE GONE MAKE AMERICA GREAT FOR EVERYONE ? THIS SHIT NEEDS TO STOP

Should be arrested. In South Africa it was called Apartheid That guy who knees in George Floyd neck should be shot to die. He lost his life, the cold blood killer lost his job Cops must face bigger punishment if they break the law! USA ain't cool anymore DorriOlds This caption isn’t it, guys. Murder. It was RACIST MURDER.

After he resisted arrest and fought with officers that were serving a court order. Again, if you don’t resist or fight with the law, you won’t be pinned to ground. The officer had his hands in his pockets. How cavalier. I wonder why he didn't break into whistling a happy tune. Rumor has it he was trying to get pizza delivered, but when the drivers found out who the order was for (protesters outside his home) they didn't deliver.

The only way black men will liberate themselves in America today is to enrol in the police force in large numbers,that’s the only way this senseless killing will stop Fired as they are in custody? Or fired like they are in beach enjoying and laughing this out? Not sure what the holdup is with charging these officers with murder! Just can't understand how those four officers couldn't handle Mr Floyd who was already handcuffed.....Four Officers!!!!!

This poor man was already in handcuffs...why did they need to do this? Heartbreaking and unforgivable and racist! RIP and at justice be done in your honor. 💔💔💔💔💔 That peice of shit cop needs to go to prison for the rest of his life. Starting now. Not in a couple months or years. Now! I'm truly tired of hearing and seeing this unjust of killing of of black men in this year of 2020 men and women of color don't seem to have a chance for life being taking away of such brutality with no regards to human life. They belong behind bars for the rest of their lives.

Why say he died vs he was killed? Why the odd, indirect “pinned by a knee” vs pinned by a police officer? Were people protesting “the conduct of the officers” or the fact that they killed a man in broad daylight while he and others begged for his life? A humanidade não deu certo. Deus tenha misericórdia de todos nós 😭

This makes me sick. They should be in prison. Nothing to investigate it’s cold blooded murder in broad daylight on film with witnesses the racist pig officer must be charged with murder. The end. Scary to be black in America ! This was murder. Charge the thugs that murdered him now. These men are NOT protecting and serving. They were murdering. I am grateful and have tremendous respect for TRUE police officers, these men are not that. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd icantbreathe

Deathsquad This is pure murder. The policemen must be charged and tried. Get this man lifelong in jail!!!! What investigate? The whole World saw this crime!! This Cop is a Murder. Simple as that. A fucking Murder!!! Its not only him, the whole America is unable to breath. Justice should be given and that officer should be hanged to leave an example, otherwise keep counting

That's blatantly murder in my opinion and those policeman should answer to justice the same as anyone else. If you really want to fix this problem, fire his boss and the guy who put him on the street. Just like the military. Accountability goes up hill when terrible things happen. Captains of ships are relieved for cause all the time for mistakes by their crew. No excuses. Period.

Very sordid and painful sight to behold. It scared the hell out of me. Shocked to my bones Fired- Will be working in another department within a month. One where the chief is openly as racist as these cops. KKKops Wait and see, the officers legal cost will be raised by their people very soon! What is there to investigate

patrickmadrid great show today covering this, this must stop! 🙏 teamtaco people sucks Police depts need to do a better job at screening and weeding out all the hot heads who have no business being cops. 'Calm-under-pressure' needs be an innate personality trait. You can't teach character at the academy. Stop hiring thugs-on-a-power-trip

Black people have to stop to go kill innocents in Irak syria Lybia..Mohamad Ali refused to go to Vietnam ! Rip for victim.weak UP ! Protect your people before to kill for liberalism Cops are fired immediately which never happens. FBI further proves this is taken seriously. Please don't riot folks, that will only hurt at this point.

He didn't die; he was killed. Period! I don’t know what there is to investigate. George Floyd was placed into a position that makes it extremely difficult to get a sufficient breath and now he’s dead. It’s called positional asphyxia. It’s the same insanity that killed Eric Garner. Poor training is killing people

He was tortured to death, so helpless, God couldn't look it all in the eye, is this a white supremacist society? Clearly murder. Where is Trump’s voice in this matter? He brings up a decades-old death to falsely smear Joe Scarborough, but he has nothing to say about this awful and lethal police misconduct!! He is shameless!

Don't forget that the cops tear gassed and shot rubber bullets at those protesters. They think we're in 1960's Georgia or some shit. America's is going backwards at an alarming pace. In my childhood, as many people, I've believed in the American Dream. Thanks god that I never complete that dream cause I've finally realised that US is one of the most dangerous place for a black man. USA USPoliceBrutality

Say it like it really is..George was murdered. JAIL!! He lost his life, they lost their job. That seems fair. Seriously sick country what is there to investigate ? There is a 10 minute video where the world got to watch the murder happen. And many more videos in addition to the one we have all seen. MinneapolisPoliceMurderdHim

''To unserve and to kill'' is the real slogan of the U.S Police very good job patrickmadrid I’m very happy that you have the courage to bring up this topic. You challenge your audience to be objective, thank you for all you do. Why are they investigating the arrest. The arrest may have or not been justified, but they should be investigating that cop’s knee in his neck for 3 minutes or more, which is a death sentence.

patrickmadrid Black or White, this man was a human. We need to pray for the world so we can see everybody as brothers and sisters regardless of color. The WH has nothing to do with this recent events we have seen people who have been underground with racism. We as society are better than THIS Pause and listen carefully to hear the deafening roar of empathy from the President and the Republican party concerning what the white policemen did to this black man as well as the one in Georgia that the police ignored. These are Christian men in the WH? Shame on Christianity!

This man did not just die! He was killed! By a police officer. Get it straight!! 这就是民主嘛 i了i了 😄😄 JusticeForGeorgeFloyd It wasn’t just air being cut off with his knee on his neck. There are arteries carrying blood to the brain as well. Oxygen and blood supply cut off for that long can’t be recovered from.

Minneapolis GeorgeFloyd JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Islam fights racism🙏🏼♥️ Great debt Read about Islam, guys Fired? They should be executed!!!🐽🐷 George Floyd was handcuffed, PERIOD! There was no reason to kill him. Do you know why the officers were so bold killing him publicly with cameras on them? Because the Judicial system doesn’t hold them accountable. They all walk free after killing an unharmed black men.

They need to go to prison for murder ..it’s time to finally do the right thing ..it’ll keep happening without consequences.. killing someone over a counterfeit $20 bill that he very well could have gotten from a bank for all they knew ..he may have not known it was ..Horrible He was murder . Get it right

Twitter we need a fact check on this story because it says 'authorities are investigating the arrest of George Floyd' and not 'authorities are investigating the 'murder' of George Floyd'!! realDonaldTrump Yuuuuuuup! The four of them should all get the death penalty.... This wickedness is too much. Doesn't black lives matter in America?

This is so dad, I hope the cop with his knee on Floyd's next is convicted of murder in the 1st degree for suffocating an already restrained man. For a man as strong as this to die from a knee-choke just shows how brutal the process must have been. May the Lord turn around our law enforcement officers Seriously juz fired . They deserved more punishment than juz firing them.

After Garner & Baltimore, one would expect different tactics. It's no time to have rally in time of pandemy. Murder. That still take place this type of aberrations into the most powerful and more racial diversity country in the world, it is a total meaningless. It's very sad. 😔 Well what done is done The police usa they are the worst police in whole world they r sick ugly they thank they angels of streets ! They dont respect the others who ever he is age or color ? Bad boys bad boys only the police !!!!👍 Shame in U 🤔

destroy white supremacy. BlackLivesMatter This whole story makes me feel suicidal. Not in general but just a fleeting loss of hope. I hate being white. I swear if I ever see a cop doing that I will shove the cop off that person. The cops were wrong and should be held to account. The guy was wrong for resisting arrest. His actions caused his own death. Hands up don’t shoot. Not fight and try to run. When will people learn?

Notice how they intentionally leave out while he was hand cuffed, so cops still fear for their lives when a person is subdued? IshatReza Charges need to be laid! That officer should be sentenced to death! The death penalty must be imposed! Yeah, I wish that if I killed someone for no reason I just got fired. LockThemUp Those cops need to be locked up.

Capital punishment to these bastards *was murdered by police. There fixed it for you. More black people are needed working on the 911 phone lines. More black police are needed in neighborhoods with a black predominance. Protests are useless if there is no one who can really fight our battles in all areas. We can win this social impotence!

And when hundreds of people protested this murder Minneapolis police tear-gassed them, used rubber bullets and hit them with rubber mallets. Wished this happened in Africa 😡 That white police could have been knifed to death by now. And be honest... if it was a black cop and a white man, the cop would be in custody already.

Some how law enforcement is very comfortable holding Blacks accountable, but do little of white men toting their guns and yelling spitting at them! Two different types of laws in America... White & not white, SAD! 🤨 ABFalecbaldwin And then they're just gonna be hired at another precinct. Jail is where they belong

ShareefAbdur_R It looked like a lot more than “hundreds” people showed up. Did he die from the pinning? No one is saying but they are strongly insinuating Are they jailed or simply fired? I can't beleive it! ABFalecbaldwin Funny left their guns at home and got harassed. But the cult arrives with assault weapons and get served cocktails. TrumpTrials2021

It is one sad news hearing When people around reminded him that the poor black man couldn't breathe & required to let him go, the cop even pointed at them by his gun. thechefchi Those 4 Police Officer should be charged for 1st degree murder. JusticeForFloyd JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Do we know what is meant by ‘forgery’? I want to be fully informed when the inevitable, “well then he shouldn’t have been committing a crime” arguments start. Not that any crime is justification for this. But we all know those people...

💔 It seems that Martin Luther King's dream of an America free of racism has not become a reality yet according to all indicators... In the absence of a law deterring racist crimes in America, the story of racism against black people will continue! Why doesn't the New York Times identify human beings by the colour of their skin in all of its stories? There's more to being a human being than skin colour. It's not the colour of the hood that defines a car, but the engine beneath the hood.

You really don't care about BlackLivesMatter you just want loves & more ppl so yea y not use the blacks foh trash paper nojusticenopeace BlackLivesMatters GeorgeFloyd Hundreds of nonviolent protesters who were tear gassed and shot at close range with rubber bullets. Unlike white far-right terrorists who have recently shut down state capitols.

I think it is time citizens get physically involved when police brutally is apparent and needlessly threatening the life of another human being... We have officers that need to be irradicated from the force... It is not enough to just a bystander with a camera...All people matter Firing them is one thing, the one who choked him should be jailed!

ABFalecbaldwin Jacob Frey, Minneapolis Mayor 350 South 5th Street, Rm 331 Minneapolis, MN 55415 T: 612-673-2100 E: Jacob.Freyminneapolismn.gov Medaria Arradondo, Chief of Police 350 South 5th Street; Rm 130 Minneapolis, MN 55415 T: 612-673-2735 E: medaria.arradondominneapolismn.gov drDendere he did not die, he was murdered

ABFalecbaldwin “Fired” or “set on fire”? Can we vote? The officer should be punished for killing an innocent suspect It is why we kneel Freedom and democracy god damn that passive voice sucks he died, it just happened, no one is sure why Amazing US police They should not have been fired but arrested and jailed during investigation! I see a life of a person killed in front of camera but where is conscience of the cop?

George said, 'Please, I can't breathe,' screaming for several minutes before he became silent.' That officer had no reason to put his knee on his neck. All the officers need to be prosecuted. Do any of you all know if the protest is going to continue today 5/27/20 BlackLivesMatters JusticeForGeorgeFloyd ICantBreath

There’s nothing to investigate,it’s on tape,the criminals in police uniform should get the death penalty immediately,never stop the struggle. Where are idiots like kanyewest who said slavery was a choice?i guess this death wasn’t a choice JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Misto de raiva e tristeza. ParemDeNosMatar

Fired. For killing a man. Not even checking his pulse. His knee was on his neck long after the victim died. The cops should be dead. Fuck prison. George being lifted to the ambulance was sickening. copskillinnocent George's pleaded for the officer to get off his neck. Is 'I can't breathe' becoming the norm? He could not move and he had a nose bleed. This was beyond police misconduct, it was a horrific murder that was unnecessary.

وين حقوق الانسان هناااا🤔 القول شي وفعل شي اخر Then the police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the crowd. What a great America. They must never see the light of day. Police FC*KTHUHPOLICE have murdered thousands of innocent blacks since the start of 21 century, such acts continue to be supported by white supremacist. So painful

It's an election year. I'm sure Racial Class Warfare Politcal Propaganda and Programming will be delivered to fuel up more American Hate ALL Police Propaganda and Programming during an Election Year They're 'fired' only to be hired back in a few months. 🤬 We fully support African Americans in their efforts for equality, the rule of law and human rights. We must unite against the evil police.

THE MOST DANGEROUS PLACE FOR BLACK PEOPLE TO LIVE: IS IN WHITE PEOPLE’S IMAGINATIONS! IN WHITE PEOPLE'S HEAD. We are not what you perceive us to be, so stop your assumptions and get to know US! So sick and tired of this nonsense. RIP 🙏🏼 This police officer should be put in jail Now! Also I hope a big black man puts his knee in his throat several times very strong while he pleas for oxygen. This would be Justice.

It isn't right to cause a death but if it wasn't intentional its not a murder, it's an accident if it wasn't intentional Amen.! Getting fired seems like a completely reasonable outcome after you MURDER someone. This is America. as if there is anything to investigate. theres video of the man being killed your country is trash

The cop knew he was killing him , his whole body weight on his throat , the more the public protested the more is expressionless face enjoyed it .. mafia in uniform , sickening . What did he die of? He said he was struggling to breath but was that because he was having a heart attack or something? Can't blame the cop for that.

Arrest? There’s no end cruelty towards the blacks 😭😭😭😭I hope Obama will be his voice very sad to his family no way should have been murdered Activism without socio, political, economic powers achieves nothing. Protests without supporting change in your communities changes nothing. Get off your arse & vote, stand for elections, represent your communities, buy stocks in companies rather than a new car/designer clothes!

He called out to his mother as he was pinned to the ground. What did his mother think when she saw the video? Oh, poor man Despite his repeated pleas in between nose bleeds, his breath was sapped from him. George Floyd was denied even the most basic rights - the right to BREATHE as a human - as he was knee-pressed to death. blacklivesmatter justiceforGeorgeFloyd alllivesmatter stopthekillings

a black man who was MURDERED* Arrest? The one where they cuff you and take you to jail? How did murdering a man on the street in broad daylight become an arrest Did they book him? Something needs to be done to stop such conduct! It's not the first time and looks like it's not the last. THIS IS HOMICIDE!!! Another American, a 'black' man dies in clear, inhumane and reckless police brutality

Compare and contrast this vengeful arrest with how the MIB have treated the ProDemocracy demonstrators in HK. America, you have a very big problem! Support protests Cops dont do well in jail As Ice Cube said, how long before African Americans strike back. Am afraid it shows not only an indictment of America but an indictment of African American leadership over the last 50 years that we are still reading such stories daily without any serious repercussions.

I have already told you what would happen before it happened. And this is just the beginning leading up to November. Minneapolis police BlackLivesMatter BlackLivesMatters AllLivesMatter George Floyd GeorgeFloyd GeorgeLloyd How many more? This needs to stop 😡 What did he do for die. I want to know this.I hate racism.

I mean I'm not even a police officer and it is as if my uniform has been tarnished. We must uphold the standard that police are to serve and protect. Then we won't have to cry everytime an innocent person is slain by an officer. This is totally abuse of power and it's gotta stop BlackLivesMatter For a police officer to do that in public without fear clearly shows this is a much larger systemic problem

Not good enough. Prosecute 1 for murder and the other 3 for being accomplices and watching their coworker abuse his power to murder a man. If your boss saw video of you watching another coworker steal, you keeping your job? Probably not. Don't you mean the MURDER of George Floyd? I believe law enforcement departments need to pay attention to their mind healthy. Probably do not torture any mankind.

Fired! Just that ? I feel like killing a cop right now. I thought it was Minneapolis ? Really I don't know why white majority hate black people so much especially in the united state BlackLivesMatter Hawaii psychedelic prophecy Bible Dystopia revelation rock jazz hiphop hendrix prince hope prayer dreams artist showbiz music Hollywood KailuaKona Atlanta NYC Milwaukee The Proof via YouTube

Sickening to see police killing a man for allegedly resisting arrest Yes this guy was a criminal but four can’t subdue and arrest someone without choking them to death. KKK no longer wears a costume. we hv tht in Hong Long too, sum one died becoz of this n no police was arrested. Is the FBI blind Can't they see the vid? MinneapolisPoliceMurderdHim

White police are the tool used by white america to kill, demean and end black America..it’s time for every black person to take matters into they own hands..you can’t expect the same people that kill you to stand up for you..they are weak both physically and mentally.. It's the worst! Literally, it looks like he got murdered right before these people's eyes, and those officers just waited and waited! How ruthless!

Arrest the officer for murder point blank period This black man was GEORGE FLOYD A man A human With family Fired? Wow..that's it? They haven't been arrested for killing someone, they got fired. Would you compare killing a man to not leashing a dog? Really? Tell me again why America is great...... So the officer’s knee walked out of the station by itself and placed itself on the guys neck? It has nothing to do with the officer

The guy was a serial forger. Live by the pen, die by the pinning. Where are human rights in America ?! But it is still usless It looks like thousands. I'm watching this from a distant land, and my heart pains. I feel like calling all children back to mother land. This horrific incident came to light because George Floyd died. I just had this scary and horrid thought of how many such incidents might be going unnoticed because George Floyds just make it...

328 million people in the United States just imagine if 50% of the Twitter population retweeted or inserted a comment how change would be expeditiously. Only then will Black Americans be on the way to being treated w/respect and equality. Thanks LeBron and Colin K for caring🙋🏽 Absolutely Disgusting the officers involved need to be charged with murder, 100%. 🤬

Bottom line is armed white guys can protest at a State Capital, no problem. A black guy goes out for a daily run, he's killed because they fear for their life. Kaepernick takes a knee and is vilified. Some bitch made shit. Straight up. What a glorious country to live in. A white beast killed humanity. I hope that justice will come soon for him and their family

music musician song songwriter instrumental Beats Alternative guitar indiemusic beat altrock studiolife Producers musicproducer SoundCloud popmusic newmusic rock indieartist nowplaying 'The Good Ole Days' by Blue Turban Stone - Why no charges? It’s on video...take their statements and press charges....what’s the hold up?

out 'Black Man...' by Blue Turban Stone - That’s MURDER, as simple as that. GovTimWalz More than enough proofs shown in the videos they’ve been posting. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd MAGA realDonaldTrump The murdered victim was UNARMED and NOT resisting arrest. He said several times he could not breathe and BEGGED for his life. It's all on video. These people should not only be fired, but they should also be charged with murder. GeorgeFloyd ICantBreathe

Blue lives matter my asssssssssss Fired !!!!! Really The FBI? There goes any chance, if it existed, for justice. It figures he an MAGA I’m sooooo sorry 😐 you had to die that way, my heart 💜 was sad and could not finish watching that horrible video 👿👿 you’re in heaven and god bless you and you deserve justice 👩‍⚖️ JUSTICEFORGEORGEFLOYD

The saddest thing is it's never going to stop isn't it 😔 Where are the Black Panthers...? It's a shame the whites are still been primitive at this age of life. That a murder charge, ...this is America George Floyd wasn't just pinned to the ground. If you watch the video closely, you see that officer subtly and intentionally pressing his knee harder multiple times into his neck even when George wasn't moving. It's like the officer was getting off on killing him. It was murder.

What the hell is going on in the world..... Absolutely disgusting. Scum police America does not respect human rights Where is the “Riots Break Out as People Protest Unlawful Murder of a Black Man, Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets Used to Ward Off Protestors” headline? I’m getting tired of subscribing to watered down journalism, do better.

The last FIVE MINUTES of his life he plead begged to live. 21st Century Police Tactics Procedure? More prevelant than we care or want to KKKnow? What kind of animals murder & gloat? See, hear & record, go safely home to loved ones. To start another day, as if nothing? Murder in broad daylight. Looked pre-meditated also.

Hey! What’s going on out there? You are undermining your own country this way with this injustice and don’t forget that there are hundreds of hyenas waiting to see the collapse of your country. Believe me they’re rubbing their hands together! He was resisting arrest and fighting with police while robbing someone FFS! Stop commiting crimes and this won't happen to anyone. Stop defending criminals!

Fired! They should be charged and thrown in jail! What’s there to investigate? Fucken cop killed him right there on camera in front of everybody to see Cruelty Murdered in front a lot of people.. cop or a bunch of dog?! Maybe don't put yourself in such a situation that you have to be pinned to the ground by FOUR police officers

The world is shocked.😭😭😭 This policemen must be lifelong in jail. 🙏🏼🌈🙏🏼RIP MR. FLOYD. POWER&JUSTICE FOR HIS FAMILY🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 What else do they have to investigate? They have proof 😶 a whole video.. Clearly he was assasinated. Charges should be murder, accessory to murder, etc, heck throw away the key! Smh

To the UK Daily Star, do you see fit to mock Dominic Cummings who broke social distancing protocols by making a joke about Stevie Wonder's visual impairment? Shocked beyond belief! Died? Are you kidding? Are you crazy? He was MURDERED!!! the cop is probably part of a secret society, doing this ritual sacrifice to go up the ranks. goal: race war/election cops acted as if their sole mission was to kill for cameras even the most racist/sadistic cops won’t choke someone to death for 10mins while smiling at cameras!

What sense it makes for FBI to investigate the reason for the arrest, which changes the fact that a police officer is recorded in a video kneeling on George Floyd's neck until he was unconscious and hours later he was pronounced dead. Would the investigation justify death? Trump's racism became more and more prominent as the election approached. Between Asians and blacks, they tend to suppress blacks, because blacks in the United States usually do not resist

Those idiots watching and recording video of what happened could have saved his life , those stupid police are not almighty even with guns , the whole of the people around would have attacked the police men violently to prevent subsequent occurrences , too much already What happened before the video clip we all have seen? Why did he fight the officers? Did he resist? Answer: Nobody on Twitter knows yet they offer expert opinions.

THAT COP ENJOYS HIS JOB. HE NEVER TOOK HIS KNEE OFF. HE NEVER LET HIM UP. Грустная новость *“Who was choked to death” Y’all really scared of saying what’s plain in front of your face huh? Wild. Murdered in broad daylight by a police officer, while other officers watched it happen and didn't give a damn !

This one s beyond disturbing. The other officers just sat there and did nothing as he was begging for help. They took an oath to protect, not kill. Once he was down. He could of let up on him. He had backup. I mean an unarmed black man and 4 armed officers why firing before the investigation? The officers must be charge with murder. And the federal goverment prosecute them for hate crime.

Can cops no longer disable their body cam? Isn’t that what big city and southern cops use to do? Lame headline. It should read: 4 police officers, equipped and trained to deal with violence, force an innocent civilians face into the asphalt and senselessly MURDER him, as he lays helpless and pleads for mercy.

May be black american shuld get back to africa,their natural home Fixed the language: The officer committed murder. After GeorgeFloyd ppl should be allowed to intervene whenever they see cops using excessive force, Police has lost its right to use force during an arrest, and that right should remain suspended until ample laws are made to book and try racist or crook cops.

Getting fired isn't enough!!!! JusticeForGeorgeFloyd It's time to start doing what Malcolm X said this protesting is not working we need our guns and all of us black men to start showing up and making these pigs pay for their racist shit ☹️ Another America place I don’t need to ever visit The white policeman will be retaliated against. It will also be nailed to the ground.

Another cruel incident by the way has been repeated. NO MORE MURDER. I believe what we need now is solidarity for the Corina disease, not hate, prejudice, racism, conflict. May rest in peace, Mr. Floyd. Is it just me.. the man could pass for Steph Jackson doppelganger who was murdered* THIS IS A SHAME ON THE STATE OF MINNESOTA, THE CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS, THE LOCAL POLICE FORCE AND THE MURDERER DISGUISED AS A MINNEAPOLIS POLICE OFFICER AND HIS CO-CONSPIRATORS. THIS IS A SICKENING EXAMPLE OF A WHITE PRIVILEGED SOCIETY ! WE WHO ARE NOT WHITE ARE ALSO HUMAN TOO!!

The appearance of the event would not be a problem. The American administration banned the soldiers from carrying cameras as a solution when the images of torture in jail during the Iraqi occupation came (Interesting then there was no protest) America can apply the same method Mohammed says: O people, your Lord is one and your father Adam is one. There is no favor of an Arab over a foreigner, nor a foreigner over an Arab, and neither white skin over black skin, nor black skin over white skin, except by righteousness. Have I not delivered the message?”

Irrespective of the intention or crime committed, the man was immobilized and executed.There cannot be an inversion of values, and disqualify the victim, who does not offer resistance or even had the right of defense. Indifference and cowardly Why FBI ? Was it a National incident? They should fry those cops.

Murdered. He was murdered by that police officer. While three other officers stood around and did nothing about it. Yes it’s bad. And this is coming from somebody who thinks the Arbery incident was blown out of proportion to get racial tensions high. They have been fired. He should be charged with murder. And we can put this behind us.

Has president trump publicly speak to this? No speech no what the hell is going on in our country? I pray for this man's family during this tough time. Everyone is equal in my eyes. We are all Human. Keep fighting against this. هويه تذبحونه لعنة الله عليكم الله لايوفقكم يا عنصريين A good start. Murder Murder Murder

Nothing remotely right about this ... Even if he first resisted, when he on the ground handcuffed no need for the neck thing. I still think about that poor man that was murdered over selling cigarettes and still pray for his family. What was the cause of death according to the Medical Examiner? He didn't die at the scene

We’ve known this for hours. Where is the “Riots Break Out as People Protest Unlawful Murder of a Black Man, Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets Used to Ward Off Protestors” headline? I’m getting tired of subscribing to watered down journalism, do better. 👏🏽 Total BS💩, I cannot believe this happened AGAIN! BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloyd icantbreathe EricGarner!

The cop who kneeled on George Floyd’s next plus all the bystander cops who did nothing need to be locked up. There was 3 officers holding him down. Justiça queremos justiça 🇧🇷🇧🇷💪 Not one tweet from POTUS on this incident.. Nothing.. Where are his comforting words to the family that HE will get to bottom of this SILENTPOTUS.. Nothing again..

This man should not be dead. Period. Will Barr drop any future indictments? Police Knee, on neck of black human being for over 7 minutes until he is murdered. Investigation over...🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s on video.🤦🏼‍♂️ *Murdered Imagine if there’s no social media that eyed the incident? This is distribing, really! 🥺

It’s a 5 minute video. Investigation over. Them need to be arrested and prosecuted. BlackLivesMatter TrumpIsACoward

Four Minneapolis officers fired after death of black manSeveral hundred people marched in Minneapolis to protest the death of an unarmed black man in police custody. After some protesters became unruly, they were confronted by police in riot gear who fired tear gas. ACAB All lives matter! Its time.

Four Minneapolis officers fired after death of black manMINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Four Minneapolis police officers who were involved in the arrest of a black man who died in police custody were fired Tuesday after a bystander's video showed the man pleading... Good they all should be prisoner in jail all 4 of them So ummmm they need to be charged and convicted

‘I Can’t Breathe’: 4 Minneapolis Officers Fired After Black Man DiesMayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis tweeted Tuesday afternoon that 4 officers involved in the arrest of a man who died after being handcuffed and pinned to the ground by an officer's knee had been fired i would file murder charges also Fired? How about charged and prosecuted? So they’re Citizens now. As in “Assault on a Government Official” doesn’t apply.

FBI probing death of black man seen pinned down by police and saying, 'I can't breathe'The Federal Bureau of Investigation will probe the death of a black man who died shortly after being apprehended by police in Minneapolis , Minnesota, after disturbing video emerged on social media showing a police officer with his knee on the man's neck as the man repeatedly yells out, 'I can Only the naive' believe that the FBI will do anything. Copz be zinging ' Another One Bites the Dust' Hey Hey! Some may ask 'what were the cops thinking?' My answer is, I don't think they were.

4 Police Officers Fired After A Black Man Dies In Minneapolis Police CustodyFour Minneapolis Police Department officers have been fired after the death of George Floyd, who was seen in a video repeatedly crying out “I cannot breath” as an officer kneeled on his neck. 💔💔💔 Good, now prosecute them for murder

Minneapolis mayor reacts to death of black man: 'Completely and utterly messed up''What we saw was horrible, completely and utterly messed up. Being black in America should not be a death sentence.' Minneapolis Mayor Frey reacts to death of a black man pleading 'I cannot breathe' as a police officer put his knee on the man's neck. You boys better handle `this the right way..... Hmmmm... seems to be a trend in Mayor Frey's police department. -