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I asked Facebook if I could work part-time from home after I had my baby. They said no—so I quit

I asked Facebook to work part-time from home after I had my baby. They said no—so I quit. (via @CNBCMakeIt)


I asked Facebook to work part-time from home after I had my baby. They said no—so I quit. (via CNBCMakeIt)

A year ago, I had to make the hardest decision of my life: Choose between my dream job at Facebook and my baby girl.

Facebook's benefits for new parents were quite generous by US standards, including four months' paid leave, $4,000 in "baby cash," partial reimbursement of childcare expenses and ample lactation rooms in every building

After my daughter was born, I soaked up as much time with her as I could. I loved her tiny yawns and delicious toes — and dreaded the end of my leave. During wakeful nights of nursing, my mind ran in circles scheming on how to return full-time. I wished for on-site child care so I could bring her to work and take nursing breaks.

I also wrote another letter about my experience and shared it on Facebook in an internal group for all Facebook employees. I told them I knew the company could do better. Almost instantly, my phone buzzed with a comment. Then again, and again.

Reading through the comments, I thought about how, in Sandberg's book "Lean In," she urged companies to accommodate women and mothers, but conspicuously never mentioned part-time options or extended parental leave.

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MakeIt MakeIt Said no man ever MakeIt Powerful story! This is why so many Millennials postpone starting families. And when people have to choose b/t family and job (when not flexible); companies lose talents. AndrewYang supports flex work, pre-k childcare for all: MakeIt Powerful story! You are so brave to tell this story. I hope all CEO's read this. Good luck on your search for a new job.

MakeIt Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news MakeIt Another reason to DeleteFacebook MakeIt Facebook isn't a charity. If you cannot effectively do your job, go. MakeIt facebook this is not the way to go! Your company is worth billions! Why do people have to choose between work and their families. You get to do that! At Zuckerberg you get to work 24/7 maybe you don’t have time with your kids but you get millionsin return! Disappointed

MakeIt It is really hard to find a life balance. I have been looking for a while, jobs that want you part time also ask, why are you applying part time? I’m still not choosing between money and family. I can always recover money, now time, I can never get that back! MelissaArmo MakeIt Your baby girl will give you much more enjoyment than Facebook & she will be an ever greater contribution to the Planet (if brought up a good citizen) than anything you might have produced for Facebook & they would take all the credit!!

MakeIt Good for you. Not sure why this is a story though. Who cares?

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