Hyundai To Replace i10 City Car With Two EVs In 2024

8/11/2022 11:46:00 PM

Hyundai To Replace i10 City Car With Two EVs In 2024 via

Hyundai To Replace i10 City Car With Two EVs In 2024 via

The i10 hatchback is Hyundai’s smallest offering in Europe and it will be replaced by an electric hatch as well as a mini-crossover.

: Andrei Nedelea Hyundai is working on not one but two small electric vehicles to replace the current i10 city hatchback in 2024.Volkswagen brands.N Vision 74 retro coupe.the 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 , you'd think Hyundai was trying to push upmarket into the"premium" space between mainstream and luxury brands.

The Korean automaker is building both a direct replacement to the i10 in terms of body style, as well as a more SUV-inspired crossover type vehicle based on the same underpinnings.It is not known what platform they will share, since Hyundai’s bespoke EV architecture called E-GMP, while scalable , probably isn’t suitable for a vehicle the size of an i10 (pictured).The move towards affordable small cars, especially electric ones, comes as manufacturers look at ways of releasing new models but staying within new, tighter emissions regulations.The company may develop an entirely new dedicated EV platform for lower cost vehicles, which it needs to compete with other manufacturers in Europe that have similar models on the way.’ See our render below for what it could look like when finally revealed.Gallery: Hyundai i10 N Line: живые фото 13 Photos The intention to launch a small electric vehicle was confirmed by Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Hyundai’s marketing boss for Europe, who also stated the company’s target price for this vehicle - €20,000, nowadays the equivalent of around $20,600.Despite a worry over profits, Hyundai is currently toasting the success of its second-quarter results, as it increased its European sales by 8.Automotive News Europe quotes Hofmann as saying Everybody in the industry knows the target of this kind of vehicle is 20,000 euros.Although it wasn't enough time for a full evaluation, the early returns are very promising.

More on this Hyundai And Genesis EV Car Sales Improved Over 30% In June 2022 The new mini EVs will probably not make it to North America, though, so they will most likely be only sold in Europe and a few other markets..‘Could you imagine we weren’t working on one already?’ added a proud Albert Biermann, the ex-BMW executive who launched the N department and still acts in an ambassadorial role.Hofmann also told Automotive News Europe that Hyundai would launch 11 new electric cars just in Europe by 2030, adding that it’s hard for the automaker to make a profit off tiny, affordable vehicles and the prospect of creating very small EVs posed technical challenges.The automaker does want to keep its position as.

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I think the second small electric model will be an electric version of the Casper.

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