Husband-and-wife murder suspects captured two weeks after escape

NEW: Husband-and-wife murder suspects in custody two weeks after escape.


NEW: Husband-and-wife murder suspects in custody two weeks after escape.

Blane and Susan Barksdale have been on the run since they overpowered guards as they were being extradited to Arizona late last month.

A husband and wife wanted in an April murder in Tucson and who overpowered two guards to escape custody late last month have been captured, the U.S. Marshals Service said late Wednesday.

while being extradited from upstate New York to Arizona on Aug. 26, were not immediately released.

to get the van they were in to stop as they were being extradited to Arizona, and when the vehicle pulled over near Blanding, Utah, they overpowered the two guards when they opened the rear doors, U.S. marshal for Arizona David Gonzales has told the Associated Press.

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Escaped murder suspect added to 15 Most Wanted list 'could be anywhere in the US'A murder suspect who escaped custody with his wife by overpowering a transport team has been added to the Unites States Marshals' 15 Most Wanted List. The move to include suspect Blane Barksdale on the 15 Most Wanted List provides more resources to develop leads as investigators push to find Barksdale Need to stow-away on some cargo ship. Better get over the border. The Caymans sound nice. Panama is always a good, safe choice. Might wanna stay clear of the Bahamas for now, or even better yet. Go there. realDonaldTrump is making sure no one from there enters the US.

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