Hurricane Isaias Keeps Trump From Pocketing More Campaign Money – For Now

The storm’s forecasted track forces the cancellation of a fundraiser at the president's golf resort in Doral.

8/1/2020 2:36:00 AM

The storm’s forecasted track forces the cancellation of a fundraiser at the president's golf resort in Doral.

The storm’s forecasted track skirting South Florida forces the cancellation of Saturday’s fundraiser at the president's golf resort in Doral.

, at least temporarily, from funneling many tens of thousands of donor dollars into his own cash registers.Since becoming president, Trump has directed $6.9 million in campaign money to himself, according to a HuffPost analysis. But he will miss out on rental and catering fees after a strengthening Hurricane Isaias forced GOP officials to cancel Saturday’s fundraiser at his golf resort next to Miami International Airport.

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The event was expected to bring in $5 million, with, if past events are indicative, close to $100,000 of that going to Trump National Doral.That would have added to the $1.4 million that the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and two associated joint fundraising committees have already paid the struggling golf course between January 2017 and June 30, 2020, according to a review of the committees’ filings with the Federal Election Commission. Trump, as the head of the party, essentially controls all four of those committees’ spending.

“Throughout Trump’s presidency, the lines have been blurred between Trump’s personal interests, his political interests, and his official duties,” said Brendan Fischer, a lawyer with the non-partisan Campaign Legal Center. “The $6.9 million paid by Trump-controlled political groups to Trump properties is further evidence of how Trump and his family have profited off of the presidency.”

Only Trump’s New York City hotel, which has received $1.7 million, and nearby Trump Tower, his mixed-use skyscraper that has gotten $1.6 million, have taken in more Trump campaign money than Doral. The hotel has hosted fundraisers and rents rooms to RNC officials on business in New York. Trump Tower has continued to receive

$37,542 in rent per monthfor office space – even though the campaign is headquartered in an Arlington, Virginia, high-rise, about 3 miles from the White House.Trump’s hotel in Washington has collected $905,073 so far in Trump campaign money, while Mar-a-Lago, his private club in Palm Beach, Florida, has collected $639,031.

In all, 13 different Trump business entities have benefited from Trump campaign spending, including his hotels in Las Vegas and Chicago and golf courses in suburban New Jersey and upstate New York. Trump’s campaign has even spent $1,769 on “Trump Ice” bottled water.

Rick Wilson, a longtime Florida-based GOP consultant and a founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, said more news of Trump’s profiteering from his campaign is not likely to change the views of his most loyal supporters.“His people genuinely don’t care what he does, no matter how sleazy. He could walk out the door tomorrow with every penny in the account and they wouldn’t give a damn,” Wilson said. “I’m just shocked he hasn’t ripped them off even more blatantly.”

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Paying The Family Off The BooksThe $6.9 million total does not include the $180,000 a year each the campaign isquietly payingthe wife of one Trump son and the girlfriend of another through former campaign manager Brad Parscale’s private firm so as to keep those figures off the FEC books.

“We cannot know how much Trump campaign cash may have secretly flowed to Trump family members or the Trump Organization via payments made through Brad Parscale’s conduit firms,” said Fischer, whose group earlier this weekfiled a complaintwith the FEC asking for an investigation.

“Trump is a gangster who got the GOP contract and is doing what gangsters do: skimming off the top,” said Stuart Stevens, a Republican consultant who worked on the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. “There will also be kickbacks. Does anyone really think Brad Parscale is keeping all that loot?”

According to FEC filings, Parscale’s firms have received $39 million from the Trump and RNC committees since January 2017.Parscale did not respond to HuffPost queries about the payments to Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lara Trump. In April, he told HuffPost: “I can pay them however I want to pay them.”

Neither the campaign nor the RNC responded to queries about the spending at Trump properties. In the past, such as when the party held half-million dollar quarterly meetings at Doral, officials have said that RNC members and donors liked Trump properties and enjoyed visiting them on party business.

On top of the $6.9 million Trump has received from committees he controls, he has also taken in $1.9 million from 162 different Republican candidates and political action committees, including $572,870 from America First Action, the superPAC that supports him and for which he has hosted fundraisers.

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Of that $1.9 million, $1.6 million – or 84 percent ― was for room rental, restaurant charges and catering at Trump’s hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, just blocks from the White House.Taxpayer Dollars Also Going Into Trump’s PocketsOn top of the many millions in self-directed campaign dollars are several million, at least, that Trump has pocketed in taxpayer dollars, thanks to room and food charges for Secret Service agents and other government officials who have stayed at Trump properties during his repeated visits to them.

This January, for example, Trump’s Doral golf resort suddenlyfor its least expensive rooms from $254 to $539 in the days before Trump made public his plans to travel to the RNC meeting there.That higher figure isthe maximum per-night rate federal government rules permit for a government employee’s use of a hotel in South Florida, and is triple the normal “per diem” rate employees are supposed to follow.

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Careful there 'boss'. Them things are tricky! Very cool! It’s rainin on his parade! WHAAAA! Poor boo boo can’t have his fundraiser at his golf course ! Dam it.. I love it when he grifts and picks their pockets clean He was going have a fundraiser? What don’t he get! He just killed a friend at his last rally.

God gave him 74 years of chances to change and be better, and he just worsened and killed more and more people. Guessing God has had enough of that sadistic sociopathic narcissist, too. This must be an Act of God. Lmao Is t that bedbug central.... Hurricane Isaias just appeared out of nowhere...5 days ago. Good planning🤪

Still dreaming of Mar-A-Lago being washed away by a peculiar storm surge that points, like a spear, at his place. What a shame!!! Isn't Trump's sharpie not working anymore.? He has shown us how he can alter the path of a storm just with the stroke of a pen!!! LOL!!! Still, I am sending my best wishes to those in the path of the storm and hope everybody will be safe!!!

And all he needed was a Sharpie. Even nature hates the orange fool. 😂😂😂 Mother nature is against this President. He’s a Sore Loser for trafficking in racism, & sewing seeds of doubt in the minds of the electorate, why? in order to engage in voter suppression. Prez Obama was right when he pressed for voting rights in eulogy honoring John Lewis-:))

Trump: Canceled due to storm. Bummer. Act of God. No refunds. Damn! Really hate to see any of the Cheeto fundraisers canceled! Or did they cancel it because no one was showing up? This is the second storm to disrupt one of his events! 😳😡🦠This is good news. Right? God has spoken! And Mother Nature is pi$ed at trump!

14k personal deployed to cover the greens and harden the country club.... He’ll blame that on the Dems too trumpisthinskinned God said NOT TODAY Better yet NOT THIS WEEK Ah, poopie. So sad. 💩 To bad so sad It’s just gone on and on, hasn’t it? Taxpayers’ money diverted to Trump properties to keep them afloat with a sure revenue, thanks to Trump’s privileged use of those as venues for his political activities. Other venues are not getting the business. Are they ok with that? No peep?

Nuke it!! He’ll keep the money The weather will save a few idiots some $ Well, that can only mean one thing. Trump now cares more about a hurricane than he does about 150,000 dead Americans. Another Trump super-spreader is a flop. Even the weather is against Trump rallies. He'll probably blame China. Was it BLM or Antifa? Or did they work together on this one? Oh...or was it the Cabal...yeah, I bet it was the Cabal.

Thoughts and prayers! God is good 😆 Aww shucks.... He will still steal the money in another way. Surprised he didn’t try to nuke the hurricane 🙄 Well, IMHO, Trump should still go. Couldn't happen to a better person. Trump is like an old takes all your money! Is he holding that pesky whatchamacallit again?

His God is actually telling 45 to resign your making a hurricane political.. Your no different then the rest of the media. What a shame. Oh, too bad. There gonna blame Obama somehow for that. GOPSMH No fixing things with a Sharpie, eh realDonaldTrump ? VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Ah, what a shame. When it rains it pours! LOL Poor realDonaldTrump. MoronInChief TrumpIsACompleteFailure GodhatesTrump

oh I don't think it will stop him from pocketing the money... 'fundraiser' was just the pretext. Please report on Bill Clinton! The documents have been released and we know what it says! Even Mother Nature dislikes you realDonaldTrump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Even Mother Nature doesn't want Trump or his rallies to be in Florida

Maybe a hurricane barrelling down on his rally is God's way of expressing His disapproval of Tr*mp's actions Isn’t hurricane headed to make a direct hit by God on Mar-a-Lago? 🤣😂🤣🤣 Again, more signs from the Gods. Trump, take the hint. Ha! Even God wants realDonaldTrump out!!! moron What a damn shame lol

It's raining on Trump's parade ! And his wall got blown down too Sweet, sweet justice ! Even Mother Nature hates Trump ItsRainingOnTrumpsParade TrumpsWeakWall Awww poor rugrat can't knock his balls about. LOL Aaaaaaaaaawwwww poor baby Huff post headline says “storm” with picture of DJT 🤔 Karma Gods a Democrat

More canceled television ads coming. awwwww God’s Plan No sharpie to change the hurricane course?

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