Hunt For Next James Bond Will Begin Next Year, Says Producer Barbara Broccoli

Hunt For Next James Bond Will Begin Next Year, Says Producer Barbara Broccoli

Barbara Broccoli, Daniel Craig

9/27/2021 12:54:00 PM

Hunt For Next James Bond Will Begin Next Year, Says Producer Barbara Broccoli

007 Producer Barbara Broccoli has said she will not begin thinking about who will replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond until 2022. Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Broccoli joked tha…

Todayprogram, Broccoli joked that she was “in denial” about Craig leaving after his five-film stint.“We want Daniel to have his time of celebration,” She added. “Next year we’ll start thinking about the future.”Appearing alongside Broccoli on the program, fellow Eon producer

Michael G. Wilsonadded that Craig was leaving some “big shoes to fill”.Broccoli recalled how Craig had been reluctant to take on the role prior to being cast. “He knew it would change his life, which it obviously has,” she said, going on to praise what the actor had brought to the character. “He enabled us to explore the emotional life of Bond, to go deeply into the personal, complexity of the character.”

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As selection for New 'James Bond' is On then why not INDIAS Greek GOD-Super Star -Hrithik Roshan be on the list , as he is already Heartthrob of Millions of Fans,Super Amazing dancer,Action Hero,does his own stunts & dont forget He Represents 140million people of India🇮🇳🎬 ColinForJamesBond Hope they find you MathPickup Make sure your not too hard to find but enough to remind them you’d make a cool spy!

I’ll play the role for free. Please don't be Henry Cavill. He would be a huge downgrade from Craig. HenryCavill please. I found the perfect actor for Bond. It should have been Michael Fassbender! Cheeky little outside bet, the lad from Normal People!!! Sam Heughan it's the man lfragalopes

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May I present: SOPE DIRISU the clear choice to be the next Bond. -Slays the action and cold blooded nature in Gangs of London -Isn't a big name so cheaper -Young so could make a fair few Bond films -Handsome mf -Might be able to strong arm Wumni Mosaku into playing Moneypenny no need, i got the perfect casting

In this order: Henry Golding Henry Cavill David Oyelowo Michael Fassbender fits James Bond persona and Character perfectly. His style is more James Bond, and a very good actor. He would make a perfect James Bond, looks convincing as a realistic British spy. Just make the films more like Bourne Identity.

There’s only one option Jonah Hauer King, Richard Madden or Dane Stevens. - Michael Fassbender would be my outside chance - I honestly think he’d be a brilliant Bond - Great character actor imo - Everyone knows who it actually will be though - Who, btw, will also do a great job if they go with the less nuanced, alpha male type - Henry Cavill… 007 🤓

Henry Goulding? He's a really cool guy Henry Cavil is the obvious choice i’m BEGGING

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Broccoli Aidan Turner! HENRY CAVILL This is the only option. Easy Johny Depp 💣 The only choice that makes sense Tom Hiddleston please… I watched the Night Manager and he would be perfect for this role Jude Law🙂👌🏼 (He's British too) Idris Elba, Henry cavill are the only options I can think of

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Jim cazievel Jim cazievel would be good! My pick It should be Cavill. It's James Norton 💯 Michael Fassbender it is, then. I nominate tom hardy Jack Lowden please❤️ Big shoes to fill HenryCavill

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They should go for unknown actor like jvdickens I could’ve sworn they announced Tom Hardy was it? DAN STEVENS It won't be Tom Hardy. It won't be Michael Fassbender. It won't be Idris Elba. It probably won't be Henry Cavill. Sorry everyone. 🤔👍🌏 Henry Cavill.... Jaz Deol The next James Bond should be the British-Brazilian actor Alfred Enoch. He's so handsome and really talented.

Henry Cavill or Idris Elba. Any other cast is WRONG This man plase

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TOM HARDY. TOM HARDY Hopefully Charles Cauliflower will decide on the casting. How about Tom Payne? Or Richard Madden? Already been said multiple times on this feed, but Henry Cavill is the answer here. Damn that's fast. Henry Cavil Sam Heughan for the next Bond, the search is over. 👍 My top picks would be: Tom Hardy Tom Hiddleston (If MCU is not too packed for him) John Boyega Henry Cavill Timothee Chalamet (I'm sure he'll slay it in Dune!)

Tom Hardy or Henry Cavill better be the next 007 After craig.. let me tell u the bar is too high. Will take alot to convice ppl to cm bk n watch bond. It's already cast, I'll wager. Eon love the PR hysteria

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Petition to have tomellis17 of Lucifer to be the next James Bond. My other fan cast is Damian Lewis of Billions I hope you let us vote. How about a female Bond? My money is on Jack Lowden or James Norton. They are not going to cast an established star in the role, people need to realize that quickly so they don't end up being disappointed.

Damn how many Bond films has there been Him and Craig were the top picks for Casino Royale, but the role went to the latter because Henry was too young at the time, but now he’s perfect. 🔥 SamHeughan tomellis17 henry cavill My Top picks~ Search no more!!😊 Of course it will certainly goes to straight white male.

This one right here.

Tom Hardy or Cillian Murphy ! DanielRPK My pick no need - I'll do it We better get either Elba or Cavill RaisinaSeries India is overflowing with James Bonds