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Transgender, Gender Dysphoria

Hungary Outlaws Changing Gender on Documents After Birth

A new law, the first of its kind in Europe, is a blow against transgender rights and the latest skirmish in a continuing culture war.

5/29/2020 11:40:00 AM

In a law that legal observers believe is the first of its kind in Europe, Hungary will now tie an individual’s gender to the person’s sex and chromosomes at birth, restricting later modifications on official documents

A new law, the first of its kind in Europe, is a blow against transgender rights and the latest skirmish in a continuing culture war.

. Since then, he has used his powers to seize control of a publicly traded company and declare territory belonging to an opposition-led city a “special economic zone,” stripping the city of a significant portion of its tax base.Mr. Orban’s government has indicated the prime minister might give back his powers to Parliament by mid-June. But his grip on power and his party’s control over all three branches of government, practically speaking, will remain solid.

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And the new law is already affecting Hungary’s transgender people, Mr. Dombos said. “Now they feel there is no future for them,” he said. “Many people are planning to leave the country. There are unfortunately also people who say they can’t live like this anymore.”

Adel Onodi, a 24-year-old actress and activist, left Hungary in 2017. She had received her legal gender recognition a year earlier and decided to leave her homeland because of threats to her life and concerns about professional opportunities.Now living in Berlin, she worries about how the legislation will affect her ability to apply for German citizenship, whether it will apply retroactively to future renewals of Hungarian official documents and how it will shape attitudes toward transgender people in Hungary.

She is also concerned that the European Union continues to provide substantial funding to Hungary even as it targets at-risk groups.In 2018, citing the Hungarian government’s attacks on democracy and the rule of law, the European Parliament voted to initiate a procedure against Hungary that could strip Mr. Orban’s government of its vote in the European Council, which is made up of European governments. But the machinery in Brussels has made no further substantial moves on the procedure.

A European Commission spokesman said in a statement this week that while member states must ensure that their laws comply with obligations like the European Convention on Human Rights, the conditions and procedures for legal gender recognition fall outside the scope of European Union law.

That is little consolation for people like Ms. Onodi in Berlin.“I can’t say that I feel safe in the E.U.,” she said. “It is all empty words.” Read more: The New York Times »

Well done, Hungary! Sounds reasonable. I would rather abolish gender from being used, as it's pretty meaningless concept for anyone, except scientists Unbelievable, a giant step in the wrong direction. Surprise (NOT)! This is another Fascist SolutionInSearchOfAProblem, which Right Wing Nonsense-Peddlers attempt to employ, globally. WHY is this an Issue, at all, and WHY do Orban and his Accomplices feel that this is Priority One, with everything else that’s going on? Scapegoats

The entire world should take Hungary’s lead I mean, that’s what gender is. Biology 101. No amount of wokeness will change that. That said, there always exceptions & a narrow range should be included DNA does not change. A person can have plastic surgery to alter his/her appearance, but they are still what they were born to be. This law is scientific and right. It's the voice of reason.

The way it should be It’s sad they have to even make this a law I'm going to find a Hungarian today and push them into a row of trashcans. Subhuman worms... Whyyyyyy I don't get it! Wow. Imagine a country with a sense of reason. Good job, Hungary. Hungary is the best. Homosexuals are not considered humans, the animals are much cleaner than it is

Good reason to avoid Hungary It is so sad, that we live in a society here in Hungary where you ki of only have a chance in your life if you are a white heterosexual male, and it is a terribly homogenised country. :( Best Way, Hungary! How many genders have died from the coronavirus? That's how it should be done.

The EU needs to withhold any further funding to Hungary until they repeal this executive order against human rights. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 all races and all colours unite behind 2 genders! What about people who are born with XXY? Finally science wins... Abolish gender. biological and christian solution, everything is alright, Hungary one of the last countries keeping up flag for a normal life

I keep saying we should give Hungary back to Russia. Thank You! Shxt only makes sense! Hungary is based. What are they afraid of? Getting a handie from a man dressed as a woman? A bunch of CSB's. What more could help? Are they going to test every baby at birth? This is going to cause massive confusion and become untenable.

Finally. Some sanity. There are big changes for women only spaces on the way here in Scotland too. Why women have to give up all female only space, to what is a mental health issue for men, is still to be fully thrashed out here. 😔 Gay-fagot американские знатно конвульсируют в комментах 👌✌👏Венгрия Hungary ---- конечно ,молодцы, не гейРопа какая ,тьфуууу... 😆😈😂

The EU needs to dump this country. You got Y? you a guy. No matter how fabulous you look in heels Love mother Science, XX. wow!!! a nation with common sense, such a rarity!

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