Australia, Hundreds Of Anti-Lockdown Protesters Clash With Police İn Australia - Cnn

Australia, Hundreds Of Anti-Lockdown Protesters Clash With Police İn Australia - Cnn

Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in Australia

At least 235 people were arrested and 10 police officers injured following a large anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne, Australia

9/18/2021 8:50:00 PM

At least 235 people were arrested and 10 police officers injured following a large anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne, Australia

At least 235 people were arrested and 10 police officers injured following a large anti-lockdown protest on Saturday in Melbourne, Australia .

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Weren’t vaccines passports a conspiracy theory 1 year ago? Aren’t they the same people with courage to be protective of rights? Isn’t Israel exposing the vaccines as ineffective in many ? CNN is guilty of collaboration with Australia police and media using language that paints the wrong picture. Magicians whose fate will also come in the future. God sees all.

Im going to call those protesters anarchists. Coming soon to our shores. Y'all are learning all the wrong lessons from Americans Karen. Don't be a Karen. Karen's are getting sick. I think a complete lockdown isn't necessary if the public takes precautionary measures which include mandatory wearing of face masks in public and social distancing. Many countries have successfully avoided a complete lockdown by doing so.

So Covidiots are in Australia too... Sad. I've got some news for you CNN FaZeClan have a open set party with thousands of faze fans not a single thought of not having face masks at all plus they did some money laundering using SaveTheKidsBSC as they way to take peoples money The media needs to have cameras and crew in every hospital showing what it is every afternoon and evening and the sickness, death and strain on our healthcare.people just get VACCINATED! Put an end to this virus already!

Each of them should be sentenced to go count each and one of the 670,000 flags flying on the National Mall. This is about the virus of stupid people.

'Where is She?' message placed on stop sign near neighborhood of Gabby Petito's FiancéOn Thursday, protesters gathered outside the home of Brian Laundrie and his parents after Laundrie has declined to provide information to police. Dude should already be in jail. She's dead.

I guess there’s crazy people all over the planet. Do you want to die in covid19 without masks and after beer, party or stay alive under the control and inoculation perhaps with sequela but it's the best way as of now as new virus. Don't disperse covid19 around you though it's your choice to contract covid19.

What virus are these politicians speaking of, I've yet to see a virus named after me, as US Government employee COVID-19. Horrible viruses on both sides of contagion now. Take care of yourselves, no vaccine for HIV cures, which I am seeing being diagnosed as COVID-19. Let's watch the politicians take their 'shot',

I don’t condone violence, but I am 100% behind the Australian people, It IS about a virus. This is great. Hope to see more of this. Finally the control. Good to know that other countries citizens are waking up to the policies of the NWO. Resist,resist,resist. Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me

Washington Steps Up Security Ahead of Rally for Jan. 6 Capitol RiotersFencing was reinstalled on the Capitol grounds as police prepare for possible clashes and unrest involving former President Donald Trump’s supporters ahead of a rally for Jan. 6 rioters Lol. Capital riots 2.0 this is terrible news The election was stolen from Trump by democrats! That’s facts on the ground

Masonic shit leads the world into the abyss, subjugates the people, rebellion against the occupiers of our souls. Rockefeller Rothschild bilderberg group, they are the greatest evil on the planet .. I thought they’re smart nation… 🙊 For freedom sake, let they be since we are democratic country. But if they catch the covid, just trow them on the street rather than wasting public money for not listening to the experts.

Melbourne yesterday. An old lady being kept safe by our least she doesn't have covid right? what their people really want to protect Oh no. They're supposed to have it together!😣 Yea, Yea, Yea. The anti-vaxxers have a new motto. Live free And die. Prayforchinstate ThisIsGenocide Let the military dictator fall as soon as possible🙏🏻

Pentagon approves request for 100 National Guard troops for 'Justice for J6' rallyDefense Secretary Lloyd Austin has approved a request from Capitol Police to provide 100 D.C. National Guard troops in case law enforcement requires additional support at Saturday's 'Justice for J6' rally at the Capitol.Why it matters: Security preparations have ramped up ahead of the pro-Trump demonstration, where hundreds of protesters sympathetic to the Jan. 6 Capitol attack are expected to gather.Get market news worthy of your time with Axios Markets. Subscribe for free.Security fencing arou ‘When the looting starts the shootings start’ -Trump

Prayforchinstate ThisIsGenocide Let the military dictator fall as soon as possible🙏🏻 COVID will spread. I would like them to sign a paper stating they will not get treatment and stay home if they get infected. Lock people up for too long and this is what happens. Stop saying it’s about ending the virus...they had under 400 cases in a country with millions and locked them down. Glad they finally fought back

Good lord, people are stupid. How many of these idiots actually graduated from high school and went on to higher education? It's almost like Darwin was on to something. tRUMPSTERS DOWN UNDER? GIVEMEABREAK Let natural selection take place now and take care of the deplorables No, it’s not. If it was “total control” u wouldn’t be marching & holding signs now would u? Get over urselves; pick battles when it matters. Wear different color socks per mandate; no. Wear mask; get vaccine & protect urself & others? YES. NOT lost freedom; stops losing lives.

Get the shot! ALL protestors should have been arrested. Fucking morons!

BLM Protests Outside the Met Gala Showed the True AmericaOpEd: 'Police unnecessarily escalating a protest, the silencing of dissenters, and the protection of the 'exceptionalist' facade— what’s more American than that?' - meelanash on elitism, fashion, and the protests outside of the Met Gala. normamd8 meelanash PLEASE adjust the caption on the photo.

I feel proud to be in India where the country executed 25 million vaccinations in a single day. i.e. 18th September (that's population of Australia). Overall vaccinated 790 Million contribution 0.5 million This was not expected from Australians. We always thought they are a developed country where people know their rights and RESPONSIBILITIES. But Alas!

They have 1,148 deaths. We have well over 600,000 deaths. They need to put things into perspective. What about NY protests? These people should go live on an island where they can have control of themselves. Think lord of the flies. This is what happens when you transfer power from the people to Corporations. Corporations are watching from high up in their offices or on television thrilled that some of the protesters believe Government wants to control their lives. Think again.

Plus they didn't won't our submarines. Strongly condemn the anti-humanity brutal crackdown on peaceful protests The virus is real. Containment measures are bullshit and unscientific. Im really starting to hate the people in the USA, people dont have common sense and believe everything the gvrnmnt SAYS, when has the gvrnmnt had the people best interest at heart, than the vaxx against The unvaxxed why IT'S be a choice, ACTING LIKE FUQN 2ND GRADERS GROW UP

U.S. government intercepts reams of fake vaccination cards from ChinaAs the fake Covid-19 vaccination card market booms, some sellers are asking for hundreds of dollars for a card. The US Customs and Border Protection says it has intercepted thousands of packages of the fake cards. Ah, doubtless another Ivanka trademark item. Not surprised. Not at all. Wow

Watch this video till the end. You will never visit Denmark and the FaroeIslands grindadrap faroeislands dolphins OpBloodyFjords whaling BoycottFaroeIslands Färöer Delfine Tierschutz Shame of the 21st century! via YouTube Total control? No, its the virus which has total control, people. This is not about civil liberties or freedom it’s about proving we have some in society who have freedom to be stupid!

Cells have just left the brain Idiots. Australia has been doing so well preventing illness and deaths from COVID- 19. Don't sabotage it now. Put down your placards and listen to the government. It's for the good of your people. Little more than thugs at this point. Is this the same country we just made a deal with? - a reconsideration maybe?

'... protesting gets you nowhere.' Spoken like a tru North Korean. ارسالی اصل۳۹قانون اساسی،هتک حرمت وحیثیت کسیکه بحکم قانون دستگیر،بازداشت،زندانی یاتبعید شده،بهرصورت که باشدممنوع و موجب مجازات است؟وباتوجه به مواد۳۶و۹۶قانون آیین دادرسی کیفری،آیا این عدالت است که عکس ومتنی علیه من منتشر کردند و حکم اعدام مراقبل ازصدورحکم انتشاردادند؟؟؟؟؟

France recalls envoy protesting Australia-US submarine dealFrance’s ambassador to Australia has left the country after describing as a “huge mistake” Australia ’s surprise cancellation of a major submarine contract in favor of a U.S. deal How can Australia be indignant when China pulls the rug with our beef, seafood, grain etc then justify shafting France? France really took offense. Someone buy something from France so they'll be happy again. Dirty tricks by the US and Australia

CNN Breaking from Ethiopia ! as it provides the world a great forensic specialist who can easily differentiate ethnic identity of bodies of individuals floating in River for days. What stunning product of CNN! 🤣FAKE NEWS ! POTUS POTUS45 it is a story by wdavison10 everyone need to rise up and stop this nonsense going on, The virus is taking control of governments and spining them out of control via fear... Let natural immunity and resiliency prevail and nature will sort itself out....

.Why is this virus taking the governments tail and spining it out of control. look fear in the face. We have lived with many illneses and diseases why not this one, let nature work things out ..just for 1 of 2 cases of virus the country is shut down, this is about control😡 It's like half of America has drank and Jim Jones Kool aid and are foolish

😂. Now they want their freedom back? Good luck….How’s those gun laws? All these protesters should move to China and see what it really is like to be controlled by the government. Shame on you Australian government I guess you people in Australia still have freedom of speech. We no longer have it in the United States.

A todos ellos pónganlos a limpiar 'pocetas' (inodoros) y a reforestar para que le hagan un gran favor de la humanidad. La salud pública es una prioridad !!!

Hmm the trumpturd look... Anything going on at the border? Huh? IDK...Thought I heard there was a little somethin somethin going on down there. No? Anything? ok. Bloody idiots. These marches should be banned. Disappointed that this didnt happen in DC today, I see. It's not just America, the rest of the world has crazies too.

CNN is now talking about it . Hmmm very nice interesting. This protest sign is interesting because…if ‘any’ government wanted to control their citizens, they’ve either done it already or can do it whenever they please. Don’t need a virus for a reason. Dumb mindset. Why don't you report on this? It's apparent Mayor's and Governors don't follow there own mandates.

RiseUp Meanwhile Aboriginal Cities Are Asking For Vaccine Sanctions from 🇺🇸 😋 That's the proper way to say NO to the govt against the people. Army of Karens and Bobs 〇__〇?! M Why do so many people want to die before their time?