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JUST IN: Billionaire businessman and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is expected to enter the 2020 Democratic presidential primary this week.

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Yeah, I'm headed to the polls right now so I can have the privilege of voting for yet another arrogant, entitled azz who has NO solutions that will offer a pathway to the working poor or the middle class. On my way 🤣🤣🤣NOBloomberg NOBiden Why tho?! Why? He’s great we already have enough qualified candidates

You will have my democratic conservative vote. Seriously Do you want the Dems to lose? From the top, bottom, front, back or side? Be more specific please Don’t we already have an old white billionaire from New York? ok porky At least he has held some type of political office and isn't winging it as President.

I think he could help our country more by buying FOX 'news' and changing hearts and minds. Another rich guy?

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaTell them the truth. Sugarcoat is not good at all. This article is directions on how to use fear mongering to brain wash children. So if you want a creepy kid like Greta should read this article ☝️

Another rich white man forcing himself into a situation literally no one wants him in. Oh please. no more Bloomberg We need fewer self centered people who create the political problems and more fresh blood in Washington to fix the mess. Great. Another old white guy Finally someone with more 💰... Yawn. WHY DONT RICH PEOPLE RETIRE AND FISH OR GIVE THEIR MONEY AWAY BEFORE THEY DIE ?

Please don’t... Just what we need, another tone deaf out of touch billionaire offering the status quo! The rich are worried about their wealth being taxed by Dems when they get in office! Bloomberg is not going to increase their taxes or give the country universal healthcare, do nothing for education! He will get huge donations from other billionaires that want to keep wages low..

Can someone post some hidden destructive information on him quickly? We have enough clows in this presidential circus already!

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaWe know what it’s going to tell us. Red states = republicans. Ok so Stop just stop already. Who's 'us?' Seriously? No way. The voters in these states have a clear history of voting against their own self economic interests just to vote for the party that tears down others to elevate them in the eyes of the person that campaigns on does non-college whites make sense?

Why? I’d rather you donate that money to a good cause. This is confusing Lol. Can you sense the excitement?!? Why? that would be great news! ALL HE'S DOING IS HELPING trump BY TAKING VOTES AWAY FROM JOE BIDEN ARE NEXT PRESIDENT Yes, because he doesn’t like the idea of being taxed more! Not a fan of Warrens tax the rich more idea!

It’s too late. We feel the Bern. What an absolute arse he is

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaFake news Whatever the reason. Good riddance.

Aren't there any young Democrat candidates more likely to defeat Trump? Because what we REALLY need right now is an out-of-touch billionaire running the show. A full acknowledgement that the rest of the party is a dump. He would be a tough candidate Why?! Yes he is promising free food vouchers for all illegal aliens for a lifetime. Said a staffer.

No please. Another rich Ross Perot who thinks running for president sounds like fun. Jesus Christ. That’s some billionaire-sized ego showing NoBloominBloomberg He'd be awesome! He's a winner! Why? Afraid of being taxed? Will we see another billionaire crying on cnbc?

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media

No. No. Just NO. This primary's look like a horse race. OKBillionaire uuuyyss Pass it on...he’s not it. $$$$$$ I want him to run if only to see his reaction when he sees he's at 1% and realizes Americans are not in fact desperate for a billionaire to sweep in and 'fix' things. Michael no Best place for his pedophilia to come out

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaRepublicans did this! SecPompeo still feel bad for Iran? What else would it be

In my best Charlie Brown voice - “oh, good grief!” 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Why Gun banner commie... Wait. What. NO MORE PLEASE GOD NO MORE Well, good but not so....he'll never make it past the sighs. Need a bigger name than that. Idiot I don't think this is a good move. He will be 78 in Feb. and has been very successful in business. He is a real billionaire from NY. I guess he is nervous about the democratic field.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaThey can afford it. ORRRRRRRR... Stop dodging corporate taxes. I PHONE 12 FOR SALE

Well done Mr. Mayor, with all these 24 democrats who most of them are not qualified to be anything the party needs someone like you to take care of this clown out of the White House. Isn't MikeBloomberg older than ewarren and SenSanders? rumisoul Pffffft Please don’t If Sanders wins I might go with him

Oh good grief.... Well, he might not be a dollar short, but he's more than a day late... No no no. Not a Dem. tired of billionaires and their patriarchal bs. Go home and count your money. We got this. He should donate the money he's going to waste on a campaign to charity.

Ok boomer Billionaires, please stay home and count your money. Haven’t you done enough damage already? Could be interesting. I think he might have a small chance. Never cared for him as Mayor, but he has the money and the experience to make a run. Yay! At last! Finally the unrepresented uber-rich will have a voice in our government. Fight the power!

Go buy Greenland. Oh lord another billionaire

He is the smartest of the bunch but he has no chance. Oh great! He was a decent mayor but why would he think that he would do any better than his aborted run in 2016? We’re good Isn't he like 100 years old? Probably will win the nomination. You only have Biden to be mid- ground Oh FFS - NO NO NO NO NO Please don’t

Why can't he be like the other billionaires and give money to JoeBiden or PeteButtigieg ? A big NO.

Anyone BUT Orange Puffy!!!! Glad he decided to get in the race. No! No! No! JUST IN: Michael Bloomberg expected to drop in a month when he realize that still no one gives a fuck about him. No No way in Hell he’s getting Dem nomination let alone the presidency FOH Why not. All these guys are having fun throwing money around. I like Bloomberg. But I'm sick of the purchasing of the presidency.

Ugh Bye Bye Joey!

Just what we need, someone ELSE whi doesn't have a clue what they're doing. 🙄 Hopefully, we've learned our lesson and WON'T repeat it . No thanks There goes our big gulps...... He has lost significant 7-11 voter pool... Not a good way to start Why Good God...why don't these billionaires throw their money at important senate races. No onexwants a president Bloomberg. egotripping

Ffs! Ugh. EvolvingManLBV Split the democrat and independents. MAGA Another old white guy re-registering as a “Democrat” in order to muddle the conversation. Let’s not fall for this again. TrueBlue Warren2020

Please. No. What the hell year is this? Yes!! Finally someone who can win Nooooooo? I mean... Do we really need another billionaire in the race? Please don’t! After the debates are over and several hundred media cycles. No thank you sir. Why? Seriously Why? I’m sorry but I this move as very selfish. Bruh

No thank you. Use your money flipping the Senate, sir. This feels like a complete vanity project. What the fuck is the point?!? No-one will elect a billionaire. Why? Really, what in the hell does he bring to the table besides being a rich white guy? Steyer already has that demographic covered and as far as I can tell he has bought all the support he appears to have. The DC consultant class will be happy I guess.

Oh, goodie. Just what the country needs. Another billionaire egomaniac with no actual leadership skills. What could possibly go wrong? Thank you, but no thank you. A billionaire 50 times over is going to relate to the common man? Although, will he release his tax returns? bryant1962pnw Hide your 64 ounce sodas!!!!

Good. Knucklehead go back a watch what he said about Trump if he became President. That alone should put this guy in outhouse on being a President of this country It just got a lot worse for trump 😂 Can they find any one older?! Freedom is slavery. You are a cog. Vote Bloomberg. Enough with these rich men trying to be politicians!

This is a Connor Roy move. I’ll vote for him Stay OUT!!! We don’t need any more old people with old solutions,from a person in the 80th year!

Let him divest FIRST. Prove he's serious. Is this just the new thing for billionaires? It's not the biggest mega yacht anymore it's the presidency Oh geez. Grandpa stay home please. Yes, my “every candidate whose name starts with B should drop out” also applies to this asshole. Fuck me Pass Why It takes a whole shit ton of arrogance to think to enter the race now, after all the campaigning and debates and hard work the other candidates have gone through so far.

He waited too long.

Can finance own campaign so not beholden to special interest Wall Street must be worried about the coming reform Please no. Just no Isn't this what he says every year? This is the guy.. Not a left wing pie in the sky nut..see warren and sanders Not 100 and growing senile..see biden Smart, centered and can win in moderate states

No, just no. Guess Warrens tax plan scared him enough into running. Little late to the party, Bloomberg. NO MORE OLD, WHITE, RICH MEN. Period. Full stop. Why now.

You know he has some good dirt on Trump. Shocker, another old white rich guy joining the Democratic cause. 😂😂 Trump has burned that bridge, Mayor. Doubtful the voting public will ever trust another filthy rich candidate. Unless you know what the price of a gallon of milk is, and have used change to pay for it...go home.

fuuuuuuuuuuuck yooooooooou MikeBloomberg No....don't do it! He'd be better off burning that money... OK Boomer. . . If Blomberg cared about the country he'd promise to rally behind the democratic nominee, not jump in himself. Eat the billionaires. Awe lords.... we good om the billionaires at this point. Nope 👎🏾

OMG just stop 🙄 Awesome. Another quality candidate for the Dems. Go get em' LMFOA. Michael Bloomberg: 'I'm just gonna turn triangles into fucking squares.' Plz, no more people. Deliver us from ego No.

Enough with the billionaires. clueless. Enter the Republican primary and cut out the middle man! OK, not another rich guy. A mayor of NYC. Did great things for the City. Understands policy, and a deep understanding of what works and what are Unicorn dreams of the far left. FAR LEFT IDEAS WILL NOT WIN RED ELECTORAL STATES.

No, no, a thousand times NO! Jesus no Uuuuuuuuuuggghhhh......

Haha! What a joke When this guy talks all i hear is a duck quacking, why is that Holy cow!!! 👎🏽 WTH? Another old white guy with more money than sense. Really? How about we cap net worth at $750k for all future presidents. LOL I really can’t name a billionaire I’d actually trust.

Hahahahaha judge Judy gave her endorsement so now this guy is going to run. Hahahahaha unreal out of touch. What is it with these old white guys? You could win Is the neoliberal clown car empty yet or can we expect a couple of more establishment desperation picks to come out if their holes Thank god, a billionaire enters the race

Sigh 😔🔥🤬 Whyyyy

EatTheRich No👏🏻One👏🏻Asked👏🏻For👏🏻This!👏🏻 Please don't. ewarren's got this. Good. He can fund Medicare for all and work for $12 an hour. No no no!! Oh great! Just what we need. Another centrist democrat telling us what we can't have. He will fall. Just as the others and why the hell is he even allowed at this point? It is some straight up bull!!!!

Why !?!?!? We don’t need anymore candidates!! I had to look twice....thought this was from The Onion, demonstrating yet again that since 2016 the political reality show we are living is stranger than any fiction or parody.

stay home you have absolutely no chance, donate the money you’ll fuedally spend on a losing cause to support someone who will win Please don’t So he wants Trump to win because he ❤❤❤ that tax cut. I'm sure he'll fund his campaign with the windfall he just got so it's all play money. He doesn't care about values, as Wu-Tang said, Cash rules everything around me C.R.E.A.M. It's the money, dolla dolla bill, yo.'

😐😐 Yawn Another rich guy running for president cause he doesn't want to pay more taxes. Why? Are you f***ing kidding me

If he paid my student loans I’d campaign for him . blacksforbloomberg What? More poop? Why?! Barf!!!!’ This is exactly what we're trying to get away from! No No No No No No No No No Don't! the last thing we need is another old, white, entitled guy running for president! This will take votes away from Biden and Warren. Is that what Dems want? A Great Divide Will Not Thrive against the wrath of their opponents.

No more businessmen, thank you! Sorry, not interested. I don't care what Judge Judy said. Definitely tough enough to beat Trump. He was great at Dem convention. As a NYer I have to admit he was a great mayor. It’s the why did the chicken cross road joke with alternate punchlines.

Sure jump in at the end. You won’t make it Hahahahahahahahahaha... You ever think when billionaires are sitting around at their monthly billionaire get together and they’re just like....well guys how should we spend our money? I’m getting tired of just burning it...I know! Let’s all run for president! (Group giggles)

America: WHY? A Bit Late in the game. And a bit OLD. Another 70 Something? Well............. Yawn Oh good grief!!

A real succesfull self made business man and very good mayor of New York! 👏👏💪 An old rich white dude will save us...oh, wait. An old rich white dude will save other old rich white dudes. Why shouldn’t the old rich white dudes run the country? They are rich. They are white. They are old. They are dudes. They are the complete package.

Read the room. I think I can safely speak for most of the American population when I say... No The dnc is gonna need it's own runway. cracked TheOnion lol. how about a third term?

Worst waste of money ever We'll have that 'Threeway' yet. please don't Skeletor Stop He can run but we’re calling him Michael Boomer Berg for the entire race and for the rest of his life afterwards He's bored. Why?

Oh God no Why? Ugh as if we havent had enough with a rich person shitting on everyday people for the growth of wealth of those at the top I hope this is true!! He’s my choice!! YEA. Another old white guy. Just what we need. jk 😂😂😂😂 The rich are hijacking the people’s process. It doesn’t matter about party or presentation of ideology. Stop the cycle of corporate grandstanding now. NO on Trump AND NO on Bloomberg.

Don't bother.

Yes!!!!! The LEFT truly is DESPERATE 🤣🤣 🤷🏻‍♂️ Damn I didn't know Bloomberg had a kink for getting shat on. I am in. Why Come on!

When will boomers learn to retire and go away 🤣🤣🤣 Another billionaire wants to run the country. GTFOH Great!! Looks like Trump just might have met his match. This guy & Walmart are in bed together & are trying to band wont work cuz Merica!!! Hovered_Bridges taylordisantis this is what I was talking about Dems not needing, more cooks in the kitchen

LOL Guess he realized 'puppet Joe' isn't going to cut it. Corporate Democrats are in full panic mode 🤣 Michael Boomerberg for the entire race I thought the deadline passed?

Oh good grief why? This is getting stupid! An old white billionaire. Great idea Pass. He might aswell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ❤️❤️❤️ The same Bloomberg that refused to compensate the exenorated 5? Absolutely not! Fuck that Could we just not. He can win!

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