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1/25/2021 6:05:00 AM

Death threats against members of Congress prompted U.S. Capitol Police to insist National Guard troops remain in D.C.

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Are The Present Democratic Senators Going To Sit Idly By Allowing GOP to make Their Decisions ? Have They No Backbone To Lead America Away From Trumpism ( racism, communism, dictatorship) Those Senators WhoChoose To Stand With Trump by Opposing Impeachment ,They Choose Racism and Allow Insurrection as a Way To Achieve Goals !!!Do Americans Choose To Be Supportive of Racist Senators Or Insurrectionists Believing Misinformation ?Wake Up America, Vote These Men Out !

No one is wasting precious ammo on any of those losers. The Guard should definitely remain in D.C. until after the Impeachment trial is complete and a verdict rendered. Then America must really move on. Other outlets said it was due to the Trump impeachment trial. Does media use a magic eight ball for its facts these days?

Let them attack, so law enforcement and the military can.... something how people need protection after creating this evil gun culture that all americans are having to navigate Do the death threats get investigated? How are things with the capitol now?