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1/24/2021 8:05:00 AM

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Thousands of cold-stunned sea turtles being rescued in Texas

People have taken thousands of cold-stunned sea turtles to a convention center in South Texas in hopes of saving them during the unusually chilly weather

Voting is compulsory in Australia, stops minority parties hijacking the election. Your only obligation is to turn up and have your name crossed off, after that no one cares what you do. The US system as it stands is unfair and open to manipulation They can make it a bipartisan committee since the GOP is so interested in voting systems.

The attack on the democracy was the fraudulent mail in voting. It was the edge the Dems needed to win “cheated”. Get it. Seems like it is only Democrats who have to tip-toe around the other Party’s tender sensibilities. Republicans use every trick in the book if they want something. Remember Merritt Garland & Amy Coney Barrett if Republicans criticize Democrats for not being bipartisan enough.

Make illegals legal....then when they register their vehicles they would automatically be registered to vote? WTF? Force everyone to vote. Your voice will be heard whether you like it or not 😎 The Democrats were the ones who created mail in voting and changed the voting rules unconstitutionally. And now you want me to think that the Democrats care about election integrity?!

More good news please((( 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lmaooo 🤣🤣