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1/24/2021 8:27:00 AM

But others demand transparency and accountability.

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Biden says country may be back to normal by 'next Christmas'

President Joe Biden will participate in a CNN town hall tonight in Wisconsin. Follow here for the latest.

So now you, like all your leftist friends, are for secret trials? God came to me in a vision and he is perfectly fine with Trump not being president any more. Whatever type of vote leads to conviction will do nicely! The whole world is watching !! That a breath of fresh air enjoy your day 🏈🏈. God Bless this land we call Home 🇺🇸🦅

Potential President’s be VERY careful when voting at the Senate impeachment trial. Do the RIGHT vote not the EASY vote. We WILL be remembering how the GOP deals with the 1/6 crimes. we will not forget Sorta of like a secret truck load of votes? yup.. let's DefundFASCISTS BANKRUPTtheTRUMPS and ALL who supported them. Accountability is key! No GOP walk backs allowed. 😠

A Secret ballot vote. If whomever is doing the threatening & we don't know the full truth yet, then to get this done once & for all, a secret vote is the safest bet. Sad that the U.S. is in this position but something big is keeping good people from doing what is right. Hardly secret if you found out about it!

why is he not in jail yet? Ummm....there is a very long tradition of the secret ballot in this country. It precludes all sorts of outside influence and pressure. Actually, all elections are done by secret ballot. 🤔 Secret?WTF A true Democracy upholds truth and transparent situations. Something to consider.🤔

Many meetings in the shadows. In other words, Republicans are afraid to face what ilhanomar faces every day. Hmm secret voting what kind of countries did such things? All I see is a visage of a slimy conman. I like the idea of the secret ballot and the opening of the vote 3 months prior to re-election. I think it's the only way to ensure voters feel honored by the decisions of their elected officials while, hopefully, ensuring justice.

I understand that most Juries are secret - but these folks are supposed to be representing us. We deserve to know that they are (or aren’t). Are we really at a place where fear of one man will stop them from voting the way they think they should? trying to defeat trump, because of TDS, democratic party have finished itself

No No, there's nothing in here about secrecy. 🍸 How about the FBI aggressively prosecute the existing death threats and start locking dangerous people up. If these people think they need to hide their vote, that says it all and he needs to be convicted and they need to be voted out. that is why they can not be trusted to do what needs to be done .they are afraid of one man who only has as much power as they let him have .

How are things with the capitol now? Have to have a secret vote or wackos will make threats. Safer for Congress and actually safer for the wackos.