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1/22/2021 9:07:00 PM

Twitter jokesters were quickly aroused by the hard news.

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Biden says country may be back to normal by 'next Christmas'

President Joe Biden will participate in a CNN town hall tonight in Wisconsin. Follow here for the latest.

For most of Trump’s male followers including Hawley, Schumer’s words were accurate Erection erectioninsurrection ~~ ImPRICKment DonaldJohnTrumpImpeachment2 Melanie will testify Trump never incited an erection in his life! I *think* he meant that the insurrection gave tRump an erection. 🖤 😂😂 Top points to the social media person. But minus points for not even highlighting any funny tweets in the article itself. Com'on, if you're making an article about twitter jokes, you gotta have all the good memes in there. Those are just immediate reactions.

Hello Anderson did the same. HuffPost, aroused jokesters at a time of importance is all but surprising, when when we have finally been relieved of unequivocally one of the most tragic illustrations of democracy ever. Just glad he’s gone. NYAG WAITETH! fired him And we're all 12. Most welcome precious people

What is it with these guys? Had to bring that up again! Secret boy crush on the Donald? Freudian slip... But it was fine when the BLM protesters burned and destroyed cities and businesses, toppled statues, blocked roads and robbed stores and restaurants. Either you support riots or you don't - you can't have different rules and penalties for different parties or causes.

Obviously gave domestic terrorists Proud Boys and Co. a great deal of Insurrection Erection as they destroyed, assaulted and killed while wearing their red MAGA Victim!Hoodies. So much 'pride', so much impotence... Oh dear... If you want to PLEASE GOD, you Ought to focus on the RESURRECTION OF CHRIST JESUS.

He did!😉 The only way he can incite an erection if it was rigged. I’m sure some in the MAGA crowd were sporting wood. 😂😂😂 It is difficult to navigate the turgid waters of the U.S. Senate. Or is that turbulent waters? Ah, this is a flaccid post, anyway. Proud Boys: Accurate Melania: FALSE Bernie...not so much.

Those damn Freudian slips. 😎 I get it. Chuck's having his way with Mitch & the GOP. All those lame guys dressed up like they're tough, stormed the U.S. Capitol, creamed their pants, and their 'women' did the same. Typical failures, pretending to winners - GOP examples of 'Be Best'. Oh HuffPost, you so salty

Please see a doctor if your MAGA erection lasts more than 6 hours. PROUD BOYS: Accurate good think we can was not easy with the previous president