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1/22/2021 12:30:00 PM

The Fox News host slammed Biden’s first week in office before Trump's successor had even completed his first full day.

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Trump impeachment trial live updates: Managers show new security footage of riot

Live updates from former President Donald Trump's historic second impeachment trial in the Senate.

Dense man! Grow some testicles! What school of journalism did you attend? Lack of impartiality! Sad! Analysis! Hannity go & kick rocks He is trying to make money by keeping his base. Honestly Sean. Have you, MTG and Boeb--ch been into the magical mushrooms again? Hannity is a joke! Lol Go away, your factless

Hannity is the biggest bag of hot wind. Can't for the life of me understand why anyone listens to his lying butt I can promise Biden doesnt care what he thinks. Hannity Who? More like he is FakeNews. Please don’t give him coverage. He lives in a fact free zone. Why would you expect anything less. 🤣🤣🤣🤣FOX is a bunch of brainless idiots...go away 🤣🤣🤣🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿

Do you think ' he really cares' because he doesn't. He's just parroting his usual talking points and his followers are ready to eat it up. Smdh We have to forgive him. He’s not used to seeing a government at work. seanhannity FoxNews did you not learn your lesson? Fox needs to be outlawed for purposefully causing civil unrest, perpetuating and inciting violence, and pumping out disgusting amounts of propaganda in the guise of news. Who is behind this antiAmerican network? It needs to be abolished.

seanhannity Do you own and know how to use a clock and calendar? I guess it explains why the last four years seeing Hannity lick Trumps shoes has seemed like a lifetime. FOX News is a joke! It needs to be closed down fir all its fake news! Fox 🦊 News 📰 Hannity and his coworker are a joke it’s not News 📰 it’s hate and division mostly lies 🤥 so who cares what they think 💭👎🏽👎🏽

If you need to clean your bowels, just look at this guy for 5 minutes some of the people, all the time... We do not need faux entertainment in America! Ban fox news like other countries are doing. Hey seanhannity, do you know how many days are in a week? It really isn’t even news any more about what Hannity does. I don’t care. I’m sure oann and newsmax where the same. Yawn

many people listen to hannity I just see his face past by as I scroll updates And he has a new girlfriend hihihi No one has to listen to him. Poor Hanity, so very stupid and desperate. Turn this hateful joker off! Point of clarity on the descriptor of Fox News “personality”, as seanhannity has all the personality of a root canal performed in a vat of alcohol.

Shameful. It’s like grasping for straws. Painfully drowning from nothing else substantial to complain about. Sad Yep and blue collar Joe just started his Saudi Arabia first plan with stopping the pipe line...... if you make less than $400 k your cost go up and so will your taxes ..... Slammed for Being DECENT

The last gasp of a commentator who is becoming irrelevant. Is he relevant? FoxNews you and your Murdoch owner are sick... seanhannity knows the feeling because he’s fails each day before he even gets out of bed. I imagine for a guy whose head is trying to swallow his face, it must be pretty depressing and lashing out at others is how he copes.

2 days ... - 60,000 jobs destroyed. - U.S. gas and oil industry being destroyed. - Women's sports destroyed. - Troops forced to sleep in parking garages. - Ramping up Middle East wars again already. vs But orange man tweets were hurting my special whittle feelings. Give the man a chance he has been in the job 2 days

Extremists posing as news anchors are one of our biggest issues. Every lie can be openly proven to be a lie yet we allow them to spread gossip and false theories around as if it was real news. Hannity has as much fault as Trump. FOX NEWS is anybody still watching them. They haven't been able to admit TRUMPS role in the attack on the Capitol. They made a statement that the amount of people at the inauguration was far less than at TRUMPS. Sadly these reporters still have some TRUMP Kool Aid left.

It's time to bring this fool down. It's ok to disagree, but not ok to motivate a civil war Divisive and biased. That’s Fox Sound familiar Media did same to President Trump for 4+ years Seems obvious that if this country seriously wants to improve, Fox News needs to be dropped from basic cable packages much like Apple dropped Parlor. Reduce accessibility to their channel and less will be effected.

Trashy news. Mute. I've lost all respect for this 🤡. His guy lost so he is just going to blindly attack all Democratic leaders. Like he did for all of President Obamas 8 yrs. Hannity sock 🧦 puppet The college drop out can't count. Who gives a damn abt fox cuz they are nothing but liars that spew hate Hannity is a complete fucking asshole❗️❗️❗️

You can’t believe anything that comes out of Hannity’s mouth. how about all those disastrous years hannity has had ? First week? It’s been less than 48 hours. They’re pathetic. Disastrous? Really? Hyperbole much? Hanitty is a spineless cockwomble. you know how FOX NOISE ,gives out misinformation. Look what the media did to Trump even before he was elected!!

FoxNews seanhannity need to be shut down, boycotted, and dismissed. You saw what they did. Why would anyone consider this anything but a Hee Haw rerun? BoycottFoxNews fakenews tabloidnews On Biden's very first day in office, FoxNews and seanhannity were so anxious to call his first week an unmitigated disaster, they didn’t feel it necessary for 6 days of it to have actually occurred Hannity also pushed the baseless HunterBidensLaptop story FoxNewsIsToxic

that tells you a LOT about hannity and that is not good. Hannity is a fool so bias ! Thank god he only comes on at night and intermittently on FOX during the day . But then he has super counterparts at CNN who start with their nonsense from early in the morning and continue for 24 hours ! FoxNews Can you imagine the editorial meetings that go on here and at seanhannity ? This would be a great nbcsnl bit.

DefundFASCISTS BANKRUPTtheTRUMPS and ALL (like FOX) who supported them. Accountability is key! No GOP walk backs allowed. 😠 Again, enough of this ridiculous crap already. Extend the human decency and courtesy to let the man have an opportunity to prove himself. In DC, it takes weeks & months to accomplish anything, regardless of who's in power. Let's exhibit a lit realism here!

Hannity will be penniless soon Compare Biden now to Biden from 15 years ago. If you cannot see it, he is your president. Shame Whineittty at his ‘as good as it gets’. When will people get it...Fox news is not strictly for your entertainment..WHO watches ? Why does anyone care anymore about Fox News most of them are quacks and just regurgitate trump propaganda.

Has Hannity been vaccinated? Where are the vaccines? That was such a good laugh. He has a staff of failed SNL writers who put together a list of fake first week in office and forgot what day of the week it was. Embarrassing. InsHannities... So what? Leftist were calling for Trump’s impeachment on Election Day 2016.

1st week? He's been POTUS for less than 2 days. Hand job Hannity just makes stuff up to suit his ratings and assuage the prejudices of his sucker audience. Murdock knows it makes him money. If any immigrant should be deported, it’s Murdock for polluting American politics with lies and fake news. Heard this and what he was spewing and laughed out loud so hard for the absurdity of such claims, literally less than 24 hours after inauguration, pathetic and sad that that BS is aired. But hey, it was and always will be faux news

If seanhannity is unhappy, Biden is doing his job correctly. Fox 'News' is banned in Australia, New Zealand and UK. Come on America. Hannity is a numpty! Makes millions by being a big o'le ass! Good Wow, an entertainment news org that dresses up as actual news source. Huffpo, can you imagine? Some petty things never change.

Hannity is a blatantly sycophantic trump supporter, who wouldn't know the truth if God came down and told him himself. It hasn’t been a damn first week sit down and shut your mouth including you huff post Stop calling f*X news. It's not. It's opinion, based on lies. News reports facts. Something that F*X has never done.

I mean, it just shows how much brain 🧠 he has 🙄🤪 Hannity can't tell time just like tedcruz doesn't know geography (Paris, France Vs. the PAris CLimate Agreement). FoxNews should just stick to what they know....very little. Maybe they should stick to their coloring books and STFU. I bet God wouldn't have taken too kindly to Hannity's critique after his fist day either. 'Okay, so there's light, what about all your broken promises?'

Hannity is a joke, not only that, he's now an irrelevance. You crazy! Stop reporting FoxNews They ain’t news and they ain’t funny⚡️👎🏼 Looking forward to seeing Hannity named in class action lawsuits re coronavirus. None of these people benefit from peace and unity!! 💰 💰💰 Is this blowhard still relevant? He should have been shown the exit at noon Wednesday with his buddy...

Hannity who? Hannity is out of control Typical Biased Fuckwit. Prerequisites for working on that Shit channel. My eyes and ears are still clean since I don't watch Fox4. Does Hannity nit know how many days there are in a week? seanhannity is the definition of a tool Why bother reporting this nonsense? Just stop. Please. They are not news, they are an entertainment station. Please stop paying attention to them. Let’s heal and get away from this garbage. Please.

Where is the objectivity? How do these people even call themselves journalists! Quite mad! Time to switch the channel. seanhannity has proven he is nothing more than a PoliticalHack aided and abetted by FoxNews. SenSchumer SpeakerPelosi LeaderHoyer TalkTheTruth Keep the hate alive! Best tabloid news channel ever, right? No. It’s all sour grapes, and click bait. Don’t take it. Other channels do a much better job than Fox Tabloid News [FTN}. What’s the saying? Don’t like what’s said, switch the conversation. Yeah, do that. Stay off FTN.

gathara He got his scripted complaints in the wrong order Damn. He made it about 12 hours further than i thought before he started his shit. Just CHANGE CHANNELS when Sky News is on. So simple.Advertising companies won’t be too pleased. seanhannity Hannity is suffering from dementia. Yeah y'all did the same to Trump. Fox prob did it to Obama too. This is surprising to you?

uganda is bleedung. FreePresidentElectBobiWine MuseveniRigsElections2021 Hey seanhannity don’t think Australia, New Zealand or are you the United Kingdom heard you. Can you speak louder? I want 20/20 T V show get Get interview on those Fox Opinion Shows. seanhannity trump miss ass At least Hannity waited till Biden was in office to start slamming him.

I just hope that Fox has a proper administration. What an ass. Hannity should put on his SS uniform while Jaw Jabbing ....He should have said Biden notice the Disaster Trump left behind .... Fox news should be shut down. Hannity is part of the division. He should go now trump is out. Clearly not all the garbage has been put out yet.

FoxNews state news with no state Fox News has no credibility. Fox should stick with what they are good at, science-fiction movies. Just stop reporting on him so those of us who don’t watch him don’t have to hear what he says. Fuck FoxNews They are irrelevant Sean Hannity is just the sad sack 'flea' that President Biden's flicks off his coat jacket. Nothing more.

Same old bullshit. I wanna know if Joe will lend me his DeLorean one weekend :) backtothefuture And paying attention to him for it means you have just as many dems glued to his rants as nut bag repugs. Yes we just fell for the ratting game and earned his his astonishing paycheck. Stop giving these disgusting people a stage.

I guess you can't blame Sean for being a little stroppy. An election was stolen, his ratings left town without so much as a goodbye, and him having bought a brand new pair of knee pads. First week? I know that everything is bigger and better in the US, but ........ I didn't know that what we consider a day in Europe is a week over there

Hannity... u miserable sob Here's another that might follow in rogers's steps in the shower. Hey Sean! How many days are in a week!? Asking for a friend. Sean is just used to Trump creating the universe on the First Day. ...or maybe just that a 'day' under Trump felt like a deranged week. Of course they did. That's why the majority of Americans shun Fox.

After the last administration, a day seemed like a week. 4 years seemed like a lifetime. We all aged like 20 years with a stream of tragic ineptitude. Fox just proves they will lower the bar to salvage their ratings lost to media with an even lower bar. That’s because Biden did more in one day than tRump normally does in a whole week !!!

Finally, truth, transparency, honesty, goodwill, and no LIES, refreshing. The country has been lied to and misled for 4 years by an evil Tyrant. This is his thing..public trolling. Look, we all knew he would. All of Fox News will. Best to ignore them as we all know it's rubbish. They'll have Trumps team on in days and all it will be is sore losers who can't move on. Ignore it all..make them irrelevant.

How this creature hasn’t had a stroke yet with all that manufactured outrage is a medical mystery. Hannity is pouting because he lost his direct line to the WH. Sean Hannity and the Fix News ilk are irrelevant. Shame on you for even reporting such foolishness. Put a laugh track on FoxNews. Label them as Comedy.....

seanhannity in-Sean-nity. Sore loser 😂 Just stop reporting on this Asshole like he’s important. He’s nobody. Stop making him more popular than he already is. His panties are in a bunch... Meh. seanhannity is just nervous. He knows SeditionHasConsequences. He knows the FBI will coming to interview him. He is afraid of being arrested...and probably hoping for a job with TraitorTrump when starts his new political party.

“Come on man ! Give me a break !” To continue to give air to this bigot makes you complicit in perpetuating institutionalized racism, which in my opinion should be a felonious crime. Isn’t he the same guy who said Covid was nothing more than a common cold? Gee seanhannity could you at least be a liar 🤥 on Friday. Since when is a week a half-day? Also Grow Up... you’re just a broken record.

It was his first day. Here’s a quarter, go buy a forehead. seanhannity , like many of those faithful to a grifter, has simply become the official mouthpiece of stupidity. It is a badge he wears with honor. Fox needs to go FoxNews Who cares? Old news Why do you even share this garbage? We don't care what Fucks News hosts say, they're a bunch of morons. Please only share really news, . Thanks.

Hannity insanity. 🙄 So much for any credibility 95% only bad news( Oh. JustFlickTheSwitch