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1/22/2021 9:43:00 AM

The Senate Minority Leader told fellow GOP senators that a short delay would give Trump time to prepare.

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Of course he does. He thinks that will give Trump a chance. They should turn back on Trump's Twitter feed a few days before just to see what vileness spews forth. Total BS, it’s a ploy to give them time to try to sway their counterparts that want impeachment. Dems must take the agenda from him, they can't allow the republicans to continue to put their narrative first

How he sleeps at night is a mystery to me. Like he gave time for Amy coney Barrett? He's golfing.... that's him preparing? Keep it fresh in people’s mined do it as soon as possible. Let’s get it over. It’s not up to him! Goddamnit! they didnt delay the sc appointment media never reported on schumer’s proposals that were ultimately declined by mcconnell. why is the media reporting every moment of moscow mitch ? have they reported whether he did pee pee or poo poo

Why are they backing a dangerous deranged human being? For the 2nd. time, forget this crap & do the job you were elected to do. This country has real, critical problems that require attention now. Your old school politics are no longer relevant in this era. Get on the bus to making America better or retire (long past due)

Trump has golfed every day since this second impeachment was announced. Let's not pretend he hasn't had a chance to prepare. If he didn't take it, it is only more Trump being Trump. McConnell needs a rolled up newspaper swat on the snoot. Mitchy Mitch isn't in charge anymore & doesn't really have a say. Too bad so sad. SenSchumer, take control

Still putting Trump before Country...LeaderMcConnell Moscow Mitch asking for time to give snake Trump time to prepare, prepare for what? This snake along with ted Cruz n Hawley n others gave no time, n attacked our nation capital killing innocent people including a policeman. No snake Trump doesn’t derive more time period.

LeaderMcConnell give him the time but keep the fire in your belly. He put your life and others at risk. YOUR LIVES!! He tried to destroy our democracy to feed his ego and create a fascist government to be passed to his children. PLEASE DON’T FORGET. Still boot-licking.. Why should he have that luxury? Also more like time for Mitch to rig it in Trump's favour.

You got a Supreme Court justice approved in a few weeks. You obviously are very speedy workers, no need for prep time LeaderMcConnell I don't care what happens to the Trumps from here on out!! Wish you wouldn't either! Next,!! He should have ZERO power over anyone in that senate. ZE-RO! we haven't had to listen to the SenMinLdr for 4 years, why start now?

Prepare more lies? He had four years. Do it, do it now Why should the US do that for trump or any criminal? I urge Democrats don’t allow Mitch McConnell to engage in any stalling tactics. Donald Trump needs extra time to prepare for what? To liar? It’s either he’s guilty or not and we all know the answer to that-:))

Good. Then approve all of Joe’s cabinet members in the meantime👍 My pardon, he needs to be expelled. He had four years to prepare. How many excuses does this man need? Mitch needs to be impeached. Hasn’t he retired yet? NO! It gives Impeachment lawyers and investigators time to pull all info together for a strong case. While they are “waiting” they can get to work on cabinet confirmations. Plenty to do

The further we get from January 6 the more desensitized politicians become to almost losing their lives in the Capitol breach and the more apt they are to take the usual default of DOING NOTHING to Trump and the other BIG instigators. That’s what Trump henchmen are counting on. Gthooh he had time since he wasn't doing jack in office!! Wth does he have on these people.

Trump golfed today No Who cares what he wants. Too bad he’s not in charge anymore Y should Trump get time to prepare when the victims of his insurrection had no time? -Police could not get back up due 2 intentional delays by Trump’s appointees? The fools who participated, + now face yrs in prison, had no time 2 think rationally about the absurd call 2 arms.

For what! Another rally/riot? Translation: He can't find a lawyer willing to represent him. No! Moscow doesn’t call the shots now. He needs to hear that news. Sedition / insurrection and domestic terrorism leaders, instigators must face justice. Senate must expel Cruz and Hawley and convict Trump in the Senate.

LeaderMcConnell, why on earth do you want to give Trump time to prepare? Do you think the people who died in the riots were PREPARED to die? Oh, Mitch, you know as well as I do that Trump will not prepare anything! He doesn’t do homework! The Senate needs to work at the same pace that the REST OF US do in private business - HUSTLE UP. We work our asses off until the job is done. We don't take days off when the company is in crisis. DO YOUR JOB and stop moving at a glacial pace.

What law firm is going to take an IOU from Trump at this point? SIT DOWN MINORITY LEADER. PREPARE TO LOSE OR TO DEVISE MORE CONSPIRARCY THEORIES? EITHER WAY HE F'D AND 'GUILTY'! McConnell should go ahead and migrate to the Democratic Socialist party of the US/China division! LeaderMcConnell if Trump could push through a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court in 8 days, he can prep for his second impeachment trial in 8 days. You’re not in charge anymore.

Do it now! Shocking! LeaderMcConnell DO NOT POSTPONE!! IMPEACH TRUMP NOW!!! HE NEEDS TO BE CONVICTED!! HE’S A CRIMINAL!! HE BELONGS IN JAIL!!!!!! IMPEACH TRUMP NOW!!! Has he met Trump? He only needs a sharpie and one piece of paper. I thought McConnell was disgusted with Trump and was for impeaching him and convicting him? At least I read it in a news article.

Nah Why not? It will be just as funny 👍👍😆😆😷 1. It’s not his call 2. “Would give Trump time to prepare” - he went golfing today. Did he give Capitol Members time to prepare? ConvictTrump He had 4 years to prepare, that’s plenty. Rudy is off the team, needs time to prepare for his own indictments and trials 👍

jensstoltenberg UN Rep will continue to reposition themselves to move forward with their High Treason.8/20/2020-“If Trump/Pence are removed,then the coalition of Civilized Nations are positioned to regroup & reposition move forward again for a 3rd time...”-API🌅 I’m not against it. I’d rather get Biden’s nominations through. February is soon enough for trial

Trump did not give the Democratic representatives, time to prepare when he sent his followers down to the Capital for an insurrection.... now did he?.... Why should we? You mean like our lawmakers were able to prepare for an armed insurrection? Like the military refused to prepare by sending in National Guard? No. Nope. LeaderMcConnell that ship has sailed.

Complicit Mitch - pretend its a SCOTUS seat, during an election. You can do this. He's in the minority where he belongs! He doesn't get to decide when we hold this trial. Can't let maga set the timetable, period. Donny's called the shots long enough. Who cleans Mitch McConnell’s jowls. I know it isn’t Ted Cruz. He’s too busy slurping Trump

Sorry mitch, not your decision anymore. And why do we give a shit if Trump has time to prepare. He spent today golfing. GOP SenateGOP law & order- It would get the GOP time to hand out misinformation. Ha how cute, he still thinks he’s in charge. McConnell must make up his mind — does he want to get conman Trump off his back or deal with the regressive yet far more dangerous Trump v2.0 in another four years?