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1/22/2021 7:57:00 AM

The teen activist burned the Texas Republican on Twitter after he evoked a nonsensical Trump quote involving Pittsburgh.

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Trump impeachment trial live updates: House managers deliver closing arguments

Live updates from former President Donald Trump's historic second impeachment trial in the Senate.

Wow. That dude is getting uglier. Put your mask back on gretta You could at least use the right pronoun little twitt can tweet but the best man on the planet cant. its an evil world we live in. Greta 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Why is she even a thing? Republicans don't care what she has to say and Democrats use her only to gain more power.

She's not a United States citizen so who gives a s***? Her parentsctypical response is that of the NewWorldOrder Keep up the good fight girl, your kin must be just bursting with pride. Is this divisive ? She should probably focus more on other countries, like literally any other one, which aren't doing as much by the way of carbon emissions reductions as the US has been.

😂😂I’m sure Ted Cruz is ok I had a recent encounter with Greta. It didn’t go well. Click the link to see... She doesn’t even know she has a twitter account. Poor girl, has been abused by media, organizations and parents. This was great. Do people actually take that KID seriously? 😂😂 TeenWolf Frighten me😂😂🤣

Dozens of signatories from 197 countries? SenTedCruz getting dunked on never gets old. A little surprised to see her in a disposable mask — isn’t washable cloth the way to go if you want to reduce waste? And if you’re a Texas Republican oh that’s even worse stop your shit stand your ground President Trump

HuffPost - huge fan. I get all of my political information from you. I like how you take the logical approach to politics by not taking sides. Only an absolute fool would look at political issues from a biased perspective. Ummmm..... Per whose take? Yeah right. Republicans we put you in we will take you out better stop your shit

GretaThunberg is my Gen-Z wifey 😂😂