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1/21/2021 11:57:00 PM

The Republican leader previously blamed Trump but has apparently changed his mind.

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At least 9 dead, 21 injured in school shooting in Russia

At least seven children and two adults have been killed in a mass shooting at a school in the Russian city of Kazan, according to local authorities.

GOPLeader You change your mind when the political wind blows! Complicit in the rise of the most dangerous president in our history. Convince yourself you are righteous, but your commitment to our Constitution was violated in irrefutable lies and cover for this seditious thug. Constantly inconsistent 😂

Loser and lier check the video I hope he has some old tweets we can dig up and throw in his face. This sort of temporal hypocrisy really grinds my gears! Just like Graham. They thought they were in deep poop after the riot so they immediately talked against Trump. After the dust settled, they saw things were not as bad for them as they thought so they again stand with Trump hoping to get his base on their side.

You watch next week they’ll be back tracking their support for Trump. Trump pardoned his buddies with a clear understanding they owe him. Just replay Trump ‘s incitement words. Heard him today twist his answers into pretzels walking back his opinions. What is he afraid of? 🤔 He's such a turn coat. He has and always have his head up Trumps ass.

McConnel and McCarthy are playing anti-Trump/pro-Trump so they don’t lose any support to the Patriot Party. GOP is worried about 2022.

BuzzFeed Announces Deep Cuts To HuffPost Staff After AcquisitionBREAKING: BuzzFeed announced layoffs for the HuffPost newsroom on Tuesday, three weeks after acquiring HuffPost from Verizon Media in February. Great! Huffpost is garbage. Amirite? Surprised? Bye HuffPo. Thanks for the great work you did. RIP. Is anyone surprised? 🤨 I mean it is absolutely the course of action...1st the takeover then 2nd the layoffs. Typical.

Hear from your constituents much? Republicans are stuck between an ethical rock and a stupid. Choose. What ever. I wish these wined up toys would just remember they they had a thought before winning the election. So what happened to his brain in the last two years? This is what passes for republican leadership. WOW!

this doesn't pass the smell test at all. What are you so afraid of, Trump is gone, get your house in order and your story straight Bullshit, open your eyes and ears, nut! You know what they are relying on, whenever Trump did some major atrocity he would do something a few days later to take the heat off - they are still thinking they are going to be able to forget this in a couple of days. We have to keep calling their offices every day.

Getting pressured to change his mind. His part in the whole thing will not be forgotten. Did he or didn’t he? Which is more advantageous?

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MedianuffSaid

So nice of him to have supplied a judgment before the trial. That probably should disqualify him from participating. I guess we heard someone who looked and sounded like Trump direct the planned armed mob to the capital. Dorkus amongus. They are flip flop manufacturing plant. Wait, so GOPLeader, the mob that attacked the Capitol just happened to be strolling by after Trump gave his speech. What, they all took Uber and got dropped off at the Capitol

The cowardice is infectious. Or is it that he’s accepted a large backhand from trump? Well actually he did. No take backs That’s what Republicans do It’s no wonder the GOP is in tatters😑

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaThe idea of 11 year old kid watching that filthy movie is very upsetting to me

One more example of the lies that were pushed by the media, in perfect step with the democrats. Oh, you say you want another example? All of the most corrupt liberal states are opening up again after the Election Flu miraculously subsided. It's a Covid miracle! I wonder what annoys trump more: that people say he incited the mob? Or that, for all his trying, he actually didn‘t (manage to) incite a mob? 🧐

Let's go back to the instant replay.... Coward. Ok so what do they have on him? This game has gotten real old 🙄. Can the earth just finally open up and swallow them into a giant sink hole all at once? Bullshit. See you on the floor of the Senate with an FBI report on the table. Color me shocked. They just can't stop with the gaslighting.

This man lies just like Trump did...... Probably got threats

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaShock Caravans and the wall were a big thing in 2016 and early 2017. Silence since then. Suddenly it’s an issue again. “Money grows on trees”- Democrats

Being blackmailed? SnakeMcCarthy Republicans both have ADD and depend on followers having ADHD. Ok. But America doesnt have ADD. Kevin McCarthy needs to go and sooner, not later. He is one of the reasons Republicans are running away from the party. Stupid people only attract stupid people. Some of his top dollar donors called him.

GOPLeader and LindseyGrahamSC really don't know where to land on a lot of issues. They say one thing one time and then say the opposite the next time. They have no creditability and can't be trusted. 🤦🏻‍♀️

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaAnd other GMs are going to do the same Brad Holmes is black GM for lions, he hired a white head coach. Apparently his hire wasn’t based on color and other white GMs shouldohsvr to either. Brad has a reputation to uphold he has a family to feed so he’s going to hire who he FEELS is the right man for the job period.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media