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20 hours ago

The 'Late Show' host said this is a sign the president is really bad at his job.

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Congress affirms Biden's Electoral College victory

Congress affirmed President-elect Joe Biden's victory after Pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol and delayed proceedings. Follow here for the latest.

Are you Stephen Colbert's PR people or something? It's getting obsessive & weird. He'd be the first to run and hide when Trump supporters come knocking Trump is terrible at everything ask Rudy Giuliani rehashing his abuse numbs us. his 1st threat to a member of the public should have been enough to boot him out instead media hosts made merry. no-one took him seriously. i did. i knew as many others.

Dude got fired while he was packing his boxes, after being berated by most of his colleagues after getting put on probation after... 160 mln voted, big number. 65 mln voted via mail, that is giant number, shaped elections results. it's problem guys because nobody can check this type of voting. 40 percent of troubled votes, and courts that nearly all declined to view lawsuits.

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