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3 hours ago

Divisive comments from the president and his allies are laid bare in the 'Daily Show' montage.

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Trump impeachment live updates: House debates ‘incitement of insurrection’ charge

Live updates during the transition from the Trump to Biden administrations -- and from the second Trump impeachment.

BITCOIN IS STARTING TO RUN BACK UP!! Who is ready for the next pump!! 💪 Let's go crypto cadets!! 👨‍🚀🚀 bitcoin The trump train is out of fuel. Now the criminal charges and civil lawsuits will be their main focus. Brilliant 👏 Now do Democrats Every time the Democrats had time to debate yesterday during the vote to impeach, they should have just rolled this tape.

Why don't you talk about something more important going on in this country The Biden Laptop and the deals with China Obama and the money in Rome... Wow. That's a whole lotta people who don't know how voting works. 81 million 74 million Why is that so hard to understand? He is a very unattractive man. Someone remind me never to have any public event where I yell and open my mouth like this.

Lock em ALL up! That's the face I make when she keeps sucking after I already nutted I find the whole wide-eyed, innocent, hindsight back-tracking from Trump et al absolutely disingenious. They knew what their base was like, they knew they'd been radicalizing them for years and whipping them up into a frenzy. Those speeches were like lighting a fuse.

Is that his O face when he's having it off with the big black dog? Only Delusions of Grandeur and A LOT of Coke could make you look this insane Republicans are pushing the insane line that acquitting & forgiving Donald Trump is the only way to unite us and restore peace. Trump's entire strategy has been divide and conquer and it will continue when he once again is not held accountable.

Ha! And Trumpers call Obama divisive because he once said “police acted stupidly” when they arrested a black man who turns out was a Harvard professor trying to enter his own home.