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11/30/2020 7:59:00 PM

A new Christmas sequel tops the list.

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White House launches ‘comprehensive threat assessment’ on domestic extremism

The assessment comes on the heels of a deadly riot at the Capitol staged by right-wing extremists earlier this month.

Be you haven't watched The Christmas Chronicles I highly recommend this movie. Afterwards watch the Christmas Chronicles 2. They are both excellent movies for the entire family. God bless you and your families and a Merry Christmas. ❤🙏 LESSONS: Governments don't care about you; If you are not paying taxes, you are a liability to a Govt; Social Security is broke; not in the best interest of a Govt to have a bunch of 80yo's around (cost/benefit); COVID is a political tool for control; to negatively reset economy

So, what I got from Christmas Chronicles 2 was that elves are violent unless they're doped out of their minds with red glitter... nice