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11/28/2020 3:34:00 PM

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Biden inauguration live updates: Biden takes over at White House

Updates during the transition from the Trump to Biden administrations -- and about a second Senate impeachment trial.

This should make things easy. Everyone who gets a free vaccine gets a card or sticker. Everyone who doesn't have a card/sticker and gets sick - gets sent home to die with their family. At this rate does it matter if they get vaccinated? If the overwhelming majority get the vaccine, then is it safe to say herd immunity occurs? Worse case they get sick and unfortunately find out the consequences. We can't waste resources on people that don't want it.

What is wrong with ppl that they can so truly belief this crap. Uneducated? I dont know Let them suffer. If we are all vaccinated get will be culled by the diseases. What a bunch of selfish people. It's a good thing you all live in a democratic country ,otherwise you just might not be safe spouting lies and conspiracies in a less tolerant country...

Hardly a mask to be seen in this pix of far right demonstrators. It figures. It was only a matter of time... Fine, but those who refuse the vaccine don’t get ventilators when they get sick. Stupid should hurt Communist countries started the anti-vax movement to weaken the people of democracies! Don't let the communists win! Get the vaccine!!!

Is anybody actually surprised by this? What mindless drones most people are. The history books would actually call you serfs. Let Darwin have them 😂💯 If the Vaccine is proven to Work, why would Anyone necessarily need to be Forced to take it if it Saves Lives? Give him his freedom ! Withhold a COVID vaccine and while you’re at it, can’t be too careful regarding mumps, measles, polio, and influenza .... so let’s withhold those too from him and his children. Freedom must come first !!

I’m getting my COVID vaccine as soon as it’s available to me. Used to be cult leaders had to work to recruit a few hundred followers. Now social media gives them direct access to the gullible. I presume next week they will reject inhaling micro-particles from vehicles; the week after consuming micro-plastics from packaging; and hold a final rally on harmful ultraviolet radiation due to ozone depletion! Heroes one-and-all!

How deranged and pathetic do you have to be to approve of forced vaccinations... if they’re so scared of the vaccine, they can just stay home 🤗 easy as that. the rest of us can return to normal life! They think that the vaccine is designed to, “...dumb them down.” A bit redundant, don’t you think? Another form of cult like behavior. Vaccines save lives.

Pay everybody to take the shot. If two shots half and half one shot all at once. $2000.00 sounds about right. Protect people and stimulate the economy. These payments made after shots recorded to cdc. Good way to cleanse the population of idiots. Anti-non-tested-vax Communities!! I'm expecting the Q-ppl (from top to bottom) to volunteer at a shelter of their pick, this holiday season.

This is America. If the Anti-VACS don't want to take the coronavirus vaccine and prove Darwin's Theory, that is their right. Personally, I am so ready for the vaccine. I want my life back. 95% only bad news( Here we go - the 'I hate everyone and everything ' crowd You need to ask yourselves why the American people don't trust this government or the media that owns them. 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of Nixon's Drug, Race and Weed War in America.

They will controls our brains, don't take dat vaccine.