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10/17/2020 5:45:00 PM

The first lady used her White House platform to pursue her feud against her former adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

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Final 2020 presidential debate fact check and news coverage

President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden face off in their second and final 2020 presidential debate. Follow here for the latest updates and fact checks.

First Lady use your own money to be petty and criticize your enemies like the rest of us... I have never seen a worse FLOTUS, if you can even call her that. What a waste of energy. Why doesnt Melania do something fantastic with her position and make a difference like Michelle Obama did. Oh wait! She has that “Be Best” campaign. How is that going? So odd that I never hear anything about that.

At least she's using her platform for something! She’s no better than her husband. Momma and Papa Trump.....just the same. So much for BeBest. Awww be best Melania 😩 Guess who's paying? You post this crazy stuff and you don't post the truth about Hunter Biden. Freedom of Press for all topics not what you want to let us read.

GetRidOfThatCow Where is the story of Biden selling us out to China? Zzzzzzzzzzzz I guess she’s just following her husband’s behavior ... A classless bitter vetch did what? She is awful. Send her off to florida. Send her home. Lol bebestmyass BeBest And to think so many worried about her... she’s just as screwed up as tRump

stay classy, San Diego... 🤦🏻‍♀️ trash Who cares about Malaria? FirstLadyMelania misery loves company 750DollarDon TrumpTaxCheat MelaniaTapes What happened to “be best” 🤣 Melania is a Trump....what else can be expected. Meh, nothing to see here folks. Just trailer trash with money (well, enormous debt anyway).

I really don’t cars. Be best. NOBODY CARES ABOUT Melania! Hey there’s a surprise It figures! She hasn’t done A THING IN FOUR YEARS except wear that stupid coat to visit those poor immigrant children! Be Best....🤣 OMG! Melanie Trump wrote: “As a country, we cannot continue to get lost in the noise of negativity and encourage ambition by those who seek only to promote themselves”, and then proceeded to bash a White House advisor! Can you say, “HYPOCRITE”

No different than her husband!! She is the absolute worst First Lady in modern history! Be best 🙄 Does she have trouble seeing? Every picture I see of her, she is squinting. Or, is that just the Natasha of Boris coming out in her eyes, evil! In 2016 the FBI pushed a hoax that Trump betrayed his country. In 2020 the FBI is ignoring Biden who actually did.

👎👎👎👎👎👎 Her big t is Tacky. Lol! Where is the outrage from the right? When Mrs. Obama wore a sleeveless dress, the right about freaked out & killed each other. Look, Melania is wasting my tax dollars on her vain pursuit to clear her name. fuckxmas GOPHypocrisy Weird pic. oh, shocking. Which platform did you expect her to use? YouTube? Instagram? Twit? Farcebook?

so Pathetic BeBest, dahling! You can take a call girl out of her trashy environment but you can’t take trashy environment out of this flotus This entire family has no concept of how to behave properly. If they are so wealthy, they should engage an attorney to handle this and not involve the Justice Department.

The crabapple doesn’t fall far from the stump ! Unfortunately this woman has no clue on how to be a First Lady. She has done nothing in the last 4 years. So basically... an obnoxious, racist, self-serving over-privileged White woman, bullies another self-serving, racist, slightly less-privileged White woman? Yeah, isn't that too bad.

Like POTUS like FLOTUS A hit dog will holler as they say Miserable bitch. How Trumpian of her. Looks like THE GRINCH Melania is looking more and more Asian throughout this administration. No lady Those who seek to promote themselves Really Melania, just look at your unfit husband! He’s been promoting himself and lying for years!! How can you stand him Run like hell after he loses this election!

Be best my ass Sounds pretty trumpian...... When the FLOTUS is a a hooker Looks like she’s had one too many face lifts 🤣🤣 She ripped off Michelle Obama’s speech. eurotrash I’m ready for a “real First Lady” like Jill Biden! I want a First Lady that is seen, not hidden, & down to Earth! Just like her vindictive husband.

Who cares? What about old Joe and his offspring Hunter and Ukraine 🇺🇦? What a farce! Who ‘promotes themselves’ more than her idiot husband! 🤣 Trumps and GOPs only plan to stop Covid-19 is herd immunity. He needs you to get Covid-19 to stop the Spread. Do you think you’ll survive a case of Covid-19? Do you want to be in realDonaldTrump clinical trial to see if it works Vote Biden

HP is more like the Nation Enquirer. She truly deserves Donald. She is no better than her sick husband That’s no lady CONSEQUENCES? Don’t be fooled by her she’s as callous as he is and tapes show that. She claimed that she hardly knew Wolkoff, then why would she divulge so much detail to a relative stranger?

What a C-word. Fuck that illegal... She's been useless since day 1....along with her 90 day fiance purchaser Lie Is Melania's face locked in that 'resting bitch face' expression 24/7? We need a plexiglass wall around the White House to protect people from coronavirus! Lots of irresponsible people! They are super spreader of coronavirus! Vote for them not to be elected!

Why is anyone surprised. I don’t care do u? Be best. What happened to Cold heartless eyes and manner.👽 Loser Melania just destroyed her be best campaign just like her husband has been doing for more than 4 years Oh come on Melania.. Be Best Gurl! FLOTUS Well her platform will be over in two weeks...let’s hope so

I really don’t care do you? FLOTUS The book is a GOOD read! VoteHimOut2020 VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare VoteByMail GenX GenY GenZ Women BlackLivesMatter VoteJoeBidenToSaveAmerica VoteBlueDownBallot CNN MSNBC ABC CBSNews FOXTV BBCNews of course. the trumpinov’s cannot tolerate the truth Malaria.

Be best When American institutions pick a clown, the whole institutions become a joke Truth hurts Hmmm is she cyber bullying? Interesting.... She can leave the country right along with her husband. Take her parents too. So wrong Irrelevant- who cares? She's an umazana kurva, what do you expect? I don’t really care. Do u?

Be best 'Be Best' right? What a joke. Here’s the real news Americans want to know about So she hates Christmas and is a back stabber. Makes sense. I mean...she looks petty...and she’s married to an overgrown child...are we really surprised? BePetty stephaniemcmahon Melania & whole horde of Trump family thrive on feuds, lawsuits, their sustenance depends upon it since they are going bankrupt after making America bankrupt, worst national deficit in American history Stay safe

She recorded the truth. I can picture Melania feud. Imagine Michelle... HER FORMER ADVISOR WAS GHISLAINE MAXWELL WHO SUPPLIED LOTS OF SLOVENIAN ' HOSTESSES/ESCORTS' LIKE HER. ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY What happen to “be best?” FLOTUS BE BETTER Where was Huffington Post when Michelle Obama used her platform to keep racism alive and continue to promote racist agendas to promote one minority race over all other races in America?

'Be Best' BeBest I think Melanie is starting to realize her party’s about to be over!! People say 'Save Melania' like she is innocent or being held prisoner... I call BULLSHIT. She knows exactly what she is doing and is just as shitty a person as her Oompa Loompa partner in crime. MelaniaTrump MelaniaTapes trash

And while you're at it phuque Christmas 🤣🤣🤣 Q. - Why would anyone tolerate a two-timing serial liar? A. - Large NDA signing bonus. BeBest Worst FLOTUS EVER IMO, neither of them are equal to the grace and intelligence of Michelle Obama Don’t feel sorry for her she’s just like POTUS as evidence in the SWWCreative tapes!

JUST LIKE HER EFFEN MAN. VINDICTIVE! ..She asked for what she is going to get on social media. LOL! Is that illegal? What happened to Be Best? Another Trump lie? Someone should start wearing her ‘I don’t care’ coat while saying ‘be best’. Poor Melania. Someone always criticizing them for the horrible things they did. Let me see if I can work up a tear.......Nope.

Though Melania won't be convicted and imprisoned like her husband, we can deport this illegal alien and her anchor baby next January. After she's spent a few weeks in ICE cages. first paragraph sounds like she is talking about her husband and is going to VoteHimOut2020 Oh, Malaria Like husband\\like wife.. Two peas in a pod. Two childish idiots..

I thought Stormy was here adviser Well we’ve just recently heard how horrible the first lady can be with leaked audio, so no surprise she’s using her position again to go after somebody. Worst first lady in US history. She’s just as useless and mean spirited as her vindictive bulling husband Donald Trump. Let’s hope he’s defeated November 3, and we don’t have to ever see any of them again okay.-:))😫

There’s no possible way that Melania wrote any of this herself. Get ready to start baking. You'll be bringing that cake to the visitors section of jail, if you manage to stay out of one! FLOTUS threw shade on realdonaldtrump with her BeBest initiative but hasn't been able to convert the BullyInChief FakePresident

Well, she used it to hawk some other sh*t shortly after being installed as 1st wife (she's no lady & she's actually 3rd wife), so why is this news? This entire administration and the First “Family” operate on a junior high school level. And helped boost Wolkoof's book sale further... Are we sure the first Lady isn't getting a cut from the book sale? 😂

This entire family is trash. So sad. Lay off the fillers. 😖 Make First Ladies Great Again. I really don’t care And to your HuffPost staff who probably writes all The Nasty hateful comments about the first lady...she is a lovely graceful lady and a credit to America. Are you qualified to work in the Trump Administration, the Trump2020 Campaign, or in the TrumpCrimeFamily? Please take this quiz to find out:

FLOTUS deserves being married to realDonaldTrump , think of it as her prison sentence. Hey, did the trump inauguration really cost more than $107 million? $10,000 in make-up & room service? Wow! Listen buddy, listen here Melania, whether it was out of context or not, you said what you said..... It would still mean the same thing in any context.... On the other hand your husband did an ad with Dr Faucy that was taken out of context.... see the difference probably not..... FLOTUS

So she doesn’t follow her own Be Best program. Not surprising. flotus 'Give me f*cking break, who cares about f*cking Christmas decorations?' Real f classy. 👎 Euro trash HuffPost despicable Pursuit to diminish the President of America and his family, this time the First Lady, is a travesty. She did not pursue a feud. She is legally pursuing her rights under the law.

I cannot wait until we get you toddlers out of the White House. 🙄 growup Unacceptable. Melania has to face the fact that her only real contribution as First Lady of the United States was to decorate the White House at Christmas. She obviously doesn't want to do that, as she stated, 'Fuck Christmas.' She looks like a bad person

Be best Classy...realDonaldTrump MelaniaTrump Who would go so far as to write an unflattering book about the First Lady's true character if there wasn't a bit of truth to it? I had my own doubts when I saw that our First Lady once posed nude or partially nude in past photos. Her first paragraph seems aimed at Donald, but at least Melania didn't write her message in FULL CAPS like someone else in the rump family.

FLOTUS has zero class. BeBest Good! cancelHuffingtonPost The Whitehouse is not a company tool to be used and abused YNWA I'm guessing she has a nice bonus waiting for her if she has to endure a second term. Donnie hires the best people. This is one of them LOL Just curious, will she be decorating the White House this xmas?

Of course. She’s a Trump. She is disgrace to all the past and future first ladies. Pursue ? More like respond. But whatever, you do you Huffpo. 'Geef mia focking break!' lol, she is doing nothing but making people aware of it and legitimizing it .. I would have said nothing, now she is giving this more attention. Makes me believe it and want to know more about it .

She's not a lady. She's a Trump. What else does she have to do? Swamp Oh, Melania BeBest This is exactly who she is. Classy What happened to BE BEST ? ilikethisname2 Let’s see how much her waxing and staining regimen changes in prison. It’s easy to use their own words and behavior to depict who they are as people. I wonder who’s in charge of Christmas decorations this year. 🤣

bebest huffpost Quoting the words of someone who wrote on a jacket 'I really don't care, do you'? Womp womp inhumaneMelania I am so looking forward to having a role model again as First Lady for our girls, DrBiden. Class act. Worse first “lady “ ever!! How will we disinfect the WH!? neverwasfirstlady Just keeps going lower!

You wanted a reality show, you got 1. Is this a good time to point out 'Democracy is a logical fallacy (argumentum ad populum)? trump might be designated a 'republican' but he is created by Liberalism. Howard stern, Beauty pageants, hookers are not conservative elements. Be best! Einstein Visa? MELANIATRUMP Who paid for it.

Just like their Birtha Movement. She ain't American. Grifter Classy She may be a bigger lying odious xenophobe than Donald...and that's pretty hard to accomplish. FLOTUS how is this a good use of the official account? Being her best. You’re supposed to have class as a First Lady. Cool story guys, It’s just like djt and the Woodward tapes - those were their words. They said what they said!

Because FLOTUS is really just another piece of TrumpTrash Be best melania🤷🏻‍♂️ bebest Snore She sues so much...the DOJ now handles her lawsuits...for free, too. harder her lawyer costs to much for the cheap trumps. It would be nice to have a First Lady who doesn’t need to use the DOJ for her own problems...

BeGone Traitorous (secretly envious) 'friend'. Just ignore her. When she's not desecrating the Rose Garden... Cat fighting. We have a corrupt system! vote VoteEarly Lol the hate the media has for the First Lady is so sad / pathetic Melania showing her 'BeSmall' campaign She had to learn, when it comes to money, there are no reliable confidants.

Classy? Did anyone think that this lady is any less or different than the husband. They are made of the same clay. That's why ofcourse she will pursue personal agenda using the position. That's what they do Former escort and softcore porn actress and current first lady uses official government platform for mean girl drama with her former bestie. Every day this adminstration tries it's best to make Idiocracy look like an overly optimistic prediction of the future.

Shame on THE HUGGINGTON POST for this scurrilous attack on a defenseless woman..... BUT THE BOSS IS HAPPY..... BelieveInAmerica Tacky, classless family. I really don’t care... VoteBidenHarris2020 Completely petty...failed FOTUS She sues so much...the DOJ now handles her lawsuits...for free, too. harder her lawyer costs to much for the cheap trumps.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaYes you think 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 You and the GOP act irresponsibly and put extra stress on our essential withers. Shame on all of you! You all are selfish!

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaLmao That was the end of that chapter.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Mediacyber-attack by GOP friendlies here and abroad? WEMUSTOKE Ah ha! Large scale censorship

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media