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A video of a woman reclining on a flight and a man repeatedly punching the back of her seat went viral online.

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I would not elect this CEO to be in such a high position if his best response to the flying public is simply to ask permission. Did he ask permission from his passengers if it was okay to pack them in like a can of sardines and be pinned against each other? These Airline CEO’s are gonna try to protect thier asses right now. They know they’ve pushed the envelope as far as capacity! And most airplanes last row don’t recline because they’re trying max capacity. Wrong. Airlines need to make flying more humane!

He obviously has enough room, the seats only recline about three inches at the top and about 1/2 inch at the tray. This is what happens when entitled snowflakes are separated from their safe spaces and placed in the real world where they are no longer pampered and catered to. Better still, how about giving people enough room to move.

here we go again, rich ass CEO's/politicians create a problem& then pit us poor economy seat types against each other while laughing all the way to the bank.. COMe on Peeps, let's stop blaming each other. I would like us to chant one every flight in unison. 'MORE LEG ROOM!!' I wonder if he would say this if the roles were reversed. Disappointed ☹️

Asking the person behind you if they mind if you recline your seat is a nice curtesy but not required, especially if they’re eating a meal. Anyway, “recline” is a misnomer. One inch does not a recline make. The seat space between rows has gotten smaller. They should eliminatetheseatreclinefeature on standard seats in airplanes!!! It’s rude and uncomfortable for people to use it !!

Repeatedly punching the back of a chair that seats a human is violence. Violence is never an acceptable response. End of story. Please Delta or DeltaCEO to your comments. Put pressure on them. I miss the old days of flying. Government regs gave you plenty of legroom, a meal and free drinks. Oh well.

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How about not having the seats so freakin’ close together so you’re not sitting in someone’s lap when you do recline?

The guy was against the wall so his seat couldn’t recline so, in this case, she should have asked. If all seats recline in tandem there’s no issue at all. The airline installed that seat, not the passenger so they are responsible for what happens when it is used. Because the airline installed a seat that will recline and because I paid for it I don’t need to ask anyone if I can recline it, period.

If the seat reclines then it means u can recline whenever u want 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm NOT Divided!!! IT's the AIRLINES Fault that we have to be JAMMED into the EVER SRINKING seat space--just so they can make more money!!! THE SOULTION---CHARGE MORE for the tickets so they can remove some seats to make room for REAL people!!! AND--STOP all these pissy ass fees!

Or as my friend (who works for the government) says, 'The airlines must make the seats before those in the last row not reclining and problem solved.' The bloke doing that is a childish arsehole. Would he have done that to a man? . There are many people who are 2m or taller. Seats should be designed to accommodate them! .

I had this problem on a long flight home from Mexico. I reclined and the girl behind me asked me to unrecline. I told her the person in front of me had reclined so then I wouldn't have any room and that she should recline too. Not like I had any more room than her... If you sell me a seat that reclines & I want to recline I'm not sure I want to ask permission. If you sell me a seat that doesn't you better tell me up front & it should come with a discount because at any moment during the flight I may have a lap full of other passenger.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaCongratulations & many happy healthy returns of the day! Congrats !!

Overnight flights? Flights longer than 5 hours? Where is the line drawn? At what point do the airlines take responsibility for customer service? We are humans after all not factory farm chickens in a coop. Virtually impossible to eat when the seat in front is reclined. V difficult to move if you get a window seat and need to get out. In terms of emergency egress people will be trapped. Remove the button, or some rows, and give us all more room. 30-31” long Haul economy seat on BA!

The seats are a Awful!!! What airlines should do is increase the spacing between rows. That’s the solution. The guy is absolutly a fother mocker! what a jerck! And there are a lot of them all over these days. Hey Ed, when's the last time that you flew economy. So don't comment on something you know nothing about.

That should not happen, because both of them purchased their tickets! What is really necessary, put adequate spacing between the seats to enable some flexibility. Really! you pay hundreds of dollars for a seat, and you should ask to recline. Ok, then make all seats not able to recline and you won’t have to ask. And know that every seat will be empty on Delta. CEO’s are dumb as a doorknob.

I’ve flown hundreds of times. I never ask to recline. The etiquette is if the person on front reclines then you should too. Everybody resets when meals are served. Stop squeezing more seats into aeroplanes and there would be enough room for people to recline without having the back of their seat punched by a man who should know better Stop making excuses for this excuse of a man If it was a man in the seat in front he would not have done it

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Absurd. DeltaAirlines If economy wasn't packed like sardines, this wouldn't be an issue!! Not everyone is the 1% and can afford to fly 1st class!! If I have to ask to recline then I rather they take the recliners off the seats Funny how I’ve had people recline the seat in front of me, not ask, and I didn’t throw a hissy fit. There’s a lot of issues with planes here but the biggest issue is that man being a grade A asshole who deserves a slap upside his head. Him and this Delta CEO deserve each other

Not recline! Don’t make your seats so cramped in the first place. Remove all the seats, sedate the passengers for flight, strap down like freight, solves so many peoblems Was reading with interest then got to: 'she suffered horrible headaches for a week, losing time at work because she had to visit a doctor.' So it's all an insurance claim scam.

Are you kidding me? You’re joking, right? Who would ever say yes?

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaIt’s about time! If only he had worn blackface in his past, he’d still have a job TomPerezMustResign

Biz so stop putting an option to recline ? You buy a seat that declines and you have to ask permission to use it If you bought the seat u can do whatever you want. They did! There are options. For more $$$. Pay for more space! Leave people alone. That man is a jerk Huh? Please don’t turn around and speak to me. I am already freaked out about the coronavirus and the way germs spread in these already tight sitting arrangements. F off to the airlines & Give us more space.

What an ass he is. How about making the seats roomy enough so this isn't an issue. Omg. Stop jamming so many people on a plane and making people pay for everything. Seat recline, extra $25 In all my years flying I’ve never heard a single person complain about someone reclining, it’s never bothered me, and I’m over 6 feet tall.....

Of course that is his response. God forbid the airline should take responsibility for the fact that seats are too close and the space too tight. Instead, pretend like it’s an etiquette issue. Maybe Delta should give more leg room, instead of blaming passengers.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaCover upper! Get rid of him! Anybody would be a better senator! Bye bye Jimmy

It just seems ridiculously unfair to allow a seat to recline then reward the guy pounding on the back of the seat..this whole world is upside down right now. I now know if I want a free drink on a flight I just need to repeatedly hit the seat in front of me. Delta FreeDrinks People are so self centered. 'I have the right to recline' - as in who cares if I'm making someone else miserable. Being allowed to do something doesn't mean it's polite.

F-you I paid for the ticket the seat reclines I’m reclining it, you punch my seat I punch your face! To maximize profits, all airlines criminally miniaturize their seats, thus pitting passengers against one another. The solution? Fly less or not at all and reduce your carbon footprint. This is the wrong focus. This is a problem caused by airlines that have reduced row and seat spacing to the detriment of passenger comfort. Really disingenuous response from Delta CEO.

I always recline slightly because I don’t like it when someone else reclines so much I am cramped However I bet that man wouldn’t have done that to another guy. Just like the man that blatantly cut in front of me in line to board while talking on his phone Here's a thought... Airlines could be less greedy and give passengers some room.

Really? How about a partial refund if they say no- if you’re so fussy about the folks in front of you reclining buy a first class ticket- otherwise suck it up buttercup Been there, very tempted to do that! THANKS DELTA! He never would have punched the seat of a man was sitting in it!

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaThey need to be held up and vetted. They’re a threat to the US. They hate Americans and they let it be known. BeBest Why would iranians want to enter a racist country?

Delta maybe you could sacrifice a few bucks and give us all a little more room!! It’s disturbing that the conversation revolves around whether someone should or shouldn’t recline, versus whether someone should repeatedly punch at someone’s head rest because they’re angry someone is reclined. This is wrong on every level. Period.

Instead of distracting with the “to recline....or not to recline” debate, how about people open their mouths and use words to communicate their issue. Our egocentric brain tells us we’re more civilized then the rest of the animal kingdom. This video says otherwise. I'm not asking. I paid for (and then some) for whatever device, instrument, option available to me. Don't like it? Don't make that option available.

Delta's CEO is an idiot. Why should you have to ask to recline in a seat built to recline? How about not installing reclining seats Assidiot! (Yes, 'assidiot' is a new word I invented) If you are not supposed to recline, then the seats should not have the option. I’m short but that recline is seriously 1/2” at best. Is it really that much more comfortable? I never recline Because, that 1/2” does nothing for me but can be horrible for even average legged person behind you. Be respectful!! Punching the seat? How about just asking politely?

What wasn't he unable to do I dont get it Maybe he should have reserved sooner so he could sit in a seat that reclined. He was a jerk and it’s unclear if she checked with him when she reclined. I always check behind me first. This is the considerate thing to do. You pay for the reclining space it’s yours. If you want someone not to do it then ask nicely. Kick me in the back it staying reclined until we land

Yep fix your planes and give us more room Why don’t you take away the reclining chair, squeeze a couple more rows in and make flying more miserable. Hello Southwest Airlines here I come!!! Oh please with the headaches. anyexcusetosue F****** airlines they think they transporting sardines. But Seats shouldn't recline.

You can’t both have a right to recline AND have to ask permission to exercise said right. That’s not how “rights” work mr business class only. As a tall person, I never recline because I know how it feels when someone reclines on me. That being said, these airlines should make enough room for a comfortable recline, or modify the seats in coach so they only recline a short distance. Make it fair for both sides.

Is the CEO sitting in economy? Delta sounds like a Boycott is coming down the pipeline!🤦🏽‍♂️!! IThst gentleman slapping the seat 💺 needs to grow up! If another man was sitting in that seat 💺 he would think twice before behaving like an Jacka$$ Delta made $4.8B USD in profits in 2019. Maybe spend some of that money on some fucking legroom on your planes before you talk about another airline that provides more space than you do🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

People are some kind of stupid.. I’d get my refund from both the passenger and airline.

Pay for my ticket and I will not recline 🤣😂🤣 The airline is to be blame on this. They don’t give us enough space. They want to cram as many passengers as possible. Hey Ed. Why don't you and your fellow CEOs give us something novel. More room? If Delta CEO Bastian believes that squeezing people in like animals to make billions, he should just shut up or start flying Basic Economy.

It’s economy. No seat should recline. Want to be comfortable? Buy business. Lol Ask to move recline your seat a whole half inch? Stupid BS, Delta CEO! Passengers shouldn't have to ask. If passengers want to take those 2-3 reclining inches, then they should without any qualms and guilt. TeamRecline No one should recline in those tiny seats.

If you don't want people to recline the seats, then make the seats so they don't recline. I always assumed that if the seat reclines I'm entitled to use it. If anybody punched the back of my seat repeatedly like that. I probably would have punched him. Absurd. How about u put in a decline warning light then. Don’t feed the stupidity fire.

Super dislike the seats that have TVs in the back and someone reclines. I don’t think he was punching her seat. He was trying to watch a movie and had his fist braces against her seat to keep it from moving too far back Both passengers were jerks .. they deserved each other. But the part re headaches & missed work sounds like overkill.

Or, as an alternative to Bastian’s position, airlines could simply provide adequate space for their passengers. Delta I’d ask him to step outside... Shocking, male CEO sides with the dude who violently assaulted a chair. Leave it to the rich business wonder shit to solve the problem. I guess not treating passengers like cargo is out of the question.

The CEO needs to take a couple rows out and make more room and then STFU. You can't say that people can recline, but only if the person behind them says so. Make the chairs fixed or make more room, those are your choices. I bet he doesn't skimp on his yacht. “he never reclines” because he flies business or first class, not economy

Do not recline....period!

I’ve sat on that seat on a southwest flight. There person in front of me reclined right into my lap. Absolutely not, I'm not gonna ask someone if it's OK for me to be comfortable on a plane that we're all already uncomfortable on from the start. If you don't want seats to recline make it so they can't. Don't give us BS excuses.

The airline packs people like sardines and now they're lecturing people about etiquette. This CEO can f-off. Really? If so then flight attendants should announce that at the beginning of a flight like how to use a seatbelt... there’s not a written or unwritten rule here. Absolutely no fucking way am I asking to recline.

I’m 6’5” and I buy the cheapest ticket I can find, and I expect NOTHING except for them to get me where I’m going in one piece. Biscottis and almonds are BONUSES! So he’s saying he doesn’t travel 1st class? Yeah right!! The seat in the video isn't even in his way at all lol Push or punch the back of my seat like that and I am going to ask for the flight marshall as politely as can, then I am going to tell him or her how youre terrorizing me and touching my seat inappropriately. Problem solved 🍆

Seats recline for a reason that doesn’t require permission.

Delta your greed for maximum profit and lack of social responsibility makes you ultimately responsible for pushing consumers to behave in such primitive ways. If you treat customers as cattle then don’t complain. So basically you pay for you seat but have to ask another passengers how you may use said seat...?

Anyone else notice that he had a bulkhead seat so he couldn't recline his seat and was unhappy that somebody else could. That guy is a jerk. There is so little comfort when flying anymore that denying anyone the right to recline in the seat they paid for is being turned into a new PC issue. Shame ppl until they no longer recline. BS!

Reduced recline “ as a result of that” the video? I think one side of the plane should be reclining, one side not. You choose which side you sit on. If you book your flight too late and don't have a choice then tough. I am a non recliner myself. This is utterly crazy. I should have to ask to recline if I paid for the seat. They need to make them nonreclining then. Better yet, make reasonable accommodations instead of trying to defuse potentially violent situations. His behavior was ridiculous btw. Hell no.

Delta airlines has 31 inches of leg room. Compared to Southwest and Jet Blu with 32in and 34in. Maybe consider your customers for once and give us mf’ers some leg room so we can all recline! it's not about the seat, it's about some asshole thinking he can do that to a woman. Let's keep it straight. Her passive response is nothing to be proud of either.

The man is an asshole. If the seat reclines, the sitter is allowed to recline. The sitter doesn't need permission, not can you deny such permission. You cannot punch the seat-back to annoy the person into not reclining.

Here's a thought, Delta CEO. Remove ONE f.ucking row of seats. Old enough to remember seats that could recline without creating this problem Does the punching guy has a Mom? No, you shouldn't punch the back of someone's seat, but you shouldn't recliner the damn thing all the way either. Airplanes and be held liable for this because they cram in passengers like sardines

For the non-recliners out there, you the real MVP. Us taller folk thank you for your noble gestures Fck that. delta should just make more spacious accommodations. Especially considering the price Pushing, not punching If the airline does not want people to recline they should make it so their seats don't recline. Problem solved.

You should make seats that fit humans and stop making us dehumanize one another for basic comfort

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