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A federal judge has ruled that the State Department must release Ukraine-related documents it previously withheld.

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Doesn't matter. They'll appeal, delay, rinse and spin. This is the LEAST transparent Prez ever. YES! It is totally expected that * realDonaldTrump will instruct AG BillBarr TheJusticeDept to file an appeal on behalf of SecPompeo and StateDept. TalkTheTruth What are the odds they won't? 100%. It's the trump way.

I'm sure Pompeo will release them because Trump's hundreds of tweets in the last couple of days make it pretty convincing Trump is innocent, has nothing to worry about it. The cesspool is bubbling over right now. I imagine they will fight this to the supreme court. Which they'll never do. Amen For America!!! GOD, Pleased Blessed America!!! Amen?

The supreme court is going to be very busy. Obama appointed judge?

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaThe message is that she wants to make love to him? That's lovely of her. She must not have gotten the role she wanted.

Please send Pompeo to jail SecPompeo why you lying? I hope whatever you were paid was worth whatever integrity you had. If they don’t hand them over, get a search warrant. Mueller did it with Manafort. And it'll be appealed. We'll see what happens. Yes expose this guy for his role in the scandal. If the President and others are incriminated so will he and Pence!

Quit obstructing! Good, let them take up SCOTUS time and realDonaldTrump time. Better his time is occupied like a child so he doesn’t make more of a mess than he has already. Give him a toy to play. Liberal judge! This will be overturned again! Can’t wait to see the Ukraine documents related to Hillary, the DNC and Adam Schiff 👍🏼

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaNow do “what to get for your Dad, who hates everything” Is it fuck all ?

SecPompeo refusing to turn over these documents places you in a category which can only be described as Trump's Puppets. You will be charged with obstruction as well. Release the documents immediately. axios CNN sherylkahn Discovery into Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, Schiff should be fun... In other news, a Federal court has God to release ALL of the Commandments and not just the ten made public so far. Anonymous source say they include 'Thou shalt not go in the water fir half an hour after eating' and 'Thou shalt not use single letters in the place of real words'.

No doubt they will send that to the Supreme Court also And you want to be our Senator! This is an example of why McConnell and the Republican mob are stacking the courts with unqualified corrupt judges. The want to be able to cover up their crimes. Criminals buy judges. Thankfully we still have judges that believe in the rule of law.

Yawn...SCOUS will rule they should release documents in 2024. It won’t be long until Turtle has placed enough judges that the rule of law will be a thing of the past. The master plan. Go get 'em!

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media

HisPompeousness ➡️ HisObstructionistness KSNNews kansasdotcom KCStar If GOP can’t get ANY Records WHY should Dems? WHY is the Deep State (Hillary in charge) wanting. these records so badly I SMELL a RAT❗️ Since when has this administration followed judges' orders? King Donald the Dumb does not think the laws apply to him...and his enablers support that perverted and dangerous view. God help us all! DirtyDonald

Nothing proves your innocence like refusing to provide documents Hunter Biden has 1252 Ukrainian children. While you're being distracted with Ukrainegate bs, here's a reminder of something that actually matters. Let me guess ... deny it and appeal to SCOTUS true measure of the justice of a system is the amount of protection it guarantees to the weakest

See you in the Supreme Court they won’t get them just like MR Holder did for Obama

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaDropped off a disc and programmers controlled by record companies played it nonstop? Wow, quire a story. That's a great story, isn´t it?

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaHe touched a girls toe, causing her unbearable emotional stress and requiring a 50 million settlement from the show. I am not sure about the monetary settlement but he definitely was advised that his behaviour was unacceptable, he acknowledged it and promised to stop. Wish the same happened to the prezzy!

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaToday's Republicans are Redcoats. They want to go back a few hundred years to have a King because they suffer from 'Daddy' issues and think he'll reward them with a whipping. It could also be they dont care because the situations are totally different. But why dig that deep? Ha.

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