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From HuffPost Stuff: Ditch the tangle of cords on your nightstand.

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HuffPost is now a part of OathNo. Not violent crime. Racial disparity. And many candidates ARE talking about that. yeah this is phenomenal bullshit Now that Americans own 330 million cellphones, we can abolish police patrols. We can change the law to limit cops’ power of arrest to 9|11 phone call complaints

HuffPost is now a part of OathIs it likely to be carcinogenic? I've never washed my face at night (or during the day). I'd like to say it's because I'm way too busy doing important things but really it's because I can't be bothered and most of the filth gets eaten by creepy crawlies while I sleep anyway.

HuffPost is now a part of OathMooch just playing his final card to stay relevant. Even though he never was. The Trump train will usually run you over when you fall off. The media are like criminal defense lawyers who a year ago put Scaramucci on a witness stand and dragged him for being a hooker with bad eyesight and no credibility. But now that he's saying something they want to hear, he's the most credible virgin with 20/15 vision on Earth!

HuffPost is now a part of OathAnd no human rights for the unborn? They think they are above the law, because the killing of unborn humans is such a noble cause 😒🙄😠😢 And what she’s done is illegal and she’s admitted to malpractice but let’s ignore that fun fact, right?

HuffPost is now a part of OathI’ve told you once, I’ve told you one hundred times. You are fake news. They will be hero’s in our history books, Trump and his deranged followers will be forgotten in the wastebaskets of time. Trump would love to have Uccellini's head. He's got courage to stand up for his forecasters for telling the truth and staying on the side of science and public safety.

HuffPost is now a part of OathLol. NRA: “no” Trump: “ok” Better use a really really big lovely font, and keep it to words of 2 syllables. better still, have emojis NRA owns him and the GOP Senators, he will do nothing.

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