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Hillary Clinton read her own emails for an hour at an art exhibition in Venice where all 60,000 pages are on display. 'They are just so boring,' she reportedly said during the visit.

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She and Bill are the biggest crocked on Earth You have to be sad woman she needs that much attention Did Fox Fake News have a story about this important event Since they're so preoccupied with HRC's Emails!! Did she demonstrate how she bleached her emails ? Arrogant and getting fatter. A miserable person is all Hillary is. A miserable criminal.

Propaganda optics Did she pull out a cloth, some bleach bit, and a couple of hammers? She is so sick and twisted. Arrogant and thinks hers doesn’t stink. Cannot wait until the feds get her. How many trees had to die for this garbage Wait a minute, does that include the ones that were deleted? Narcissist Now read the 33,000 bleach bit ones Hildebeast!

HuffPost is now a part of OathNothing to investigate. He threatened people and he's an ass. Investigating themselves...hope that turns out well FakePresident Quit bull shitting us EVERYONE

Here emails are at and art exhibit? Does wiki leaks know this? I'm sure Criminal Hillary had a hammer and bleach bit with her! LockHerUp Yes, leftovers are always boring, HillaryClinton. We're ontoyou She's still living in 2016. I hope she's seeking psychiatric help. Did she also smash cell phones with a hammer

After watching the sopranos it's no wonder chump doesn't use that method of communication...TrumpCrimeFamily Pretty sure not one of was top secret though Did she read the classified ones?

HuffPost is now a part of OathThat whole family is a mess SarahPalinUSA I thought your marriage was on more solid footing than the Obama’s.

If anyone does not believe in the Ressurection, now they will Halleluia! noconversion - who says only Christians can be guilty of BlackMagic HillaryClinton also can Send her some Missionaries to rid EvilSpirits Hillary is disgustingly insolent. When her emails show up on terrorist computers, everyone will know why Federal Employees have annual, mandatory training on handling of classified documents. She willfully ignored it, in the worst way. History will show her as a complete failure.

kg_ubu Did she smash a few phones with a hammer as well? How about a demonstration on the proper use of Bleachbit? almostjingo This whole story is DUMB AF Anyway 60 thousands only in the hands of Comey. Weiner's laptop is another bunch. The ones that became confidential not there. Plus the bleached ones. Did Xi obeyed her to bleach them as well?

U R so fake🤥🤥🤥🤥👿🤥🤥 almostjingo Hillary is pathetic! She doesn't want to show us her DELETED and Bleach-bit ones. Cover Up? Destroying evidence is a CRIME! She is not fooling anyone! One of these days...... Wow annfurek Did she do this in Italy because of protection from extradition? Except for the ones she and her cronies destroyed.

HuffPost is now a part of Oath

'To the Chineses ones that I discreetly left opened, they have them secured!' ~HRC This is so pathetic. Anything for attention. The HuffPost is a joke. Has Hillary gone completely crazy? Why would any sane person do something like this? It makes her look desperate and pitiful. Why would she want this image of her out there?

Do they have the emails she destroyed? I bet those are interesting. It’s just absolutely absurd This seems like a respectful way to address Sept 11th. Oh if only you were president. 🙄 Why can't she just GO AWAY FOREVER? TRUMP 2020 Except for the 33,000 that she deleted. Didn't Shia LeBoneHead do something similar to this in an 'art' museum once? Funny... They'll do anything for a bit of half-ass attention...

HuffPost is now a part of OathAn unlimited supply of Xanax.

Wait, we finally have 'all' her emails? All of them? Give us a damn break. I wonder if the ones she bleached are as boring. How much time did she spend reading Benghazi emails? AskingForTheBraveMen kg_ubu Art imitating her pitiful life. Beyond sad. Alcoholic dementia. HillaryClinton is mentally ill. We all know she destroyed 33,000 e-mails. 4 Americans died in Benghazi. The truth, one day, will come out.

Jim_Jordan marklevinshow seanhannity realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr TuckerCarlson RepDougCollins Lets play pretend, I'll pretend I am Yet, Trump and the gop are obsessed with her. She should file a restraining order against them. If you pick the boring ones its boring.

HuffPost is now a part of OathWere there any witnesses? What's the message? Were there any witnesses?

They r boring cause she destroyed all the good ones. Bleach bit This has to be a spoof. Wait, how is she reading deleted emails or files from drives where Bleach Bit was used? kg_ubu Mocked at a mock desk, no less. 😂 Nice one, HillaryClinton kg_ubu K now have HillaryClinton read the 30k that she deleted or wiped with a cloth or something... out loud... on camera. 👍

You catch the part where she took an important call from Governor Abrams? If that qualifies as art, I have a cow pattie they can display. It is certainly just as artful. Except the 30,000+ deleted ones, just sayin...🤔 What about the 33000 subpoenaed emails she deleted? jailhernow

HuffPost is now a part of OathAnd he should know... He eats cat poop. Oh that’s because he has no credibility

Is this a joke? Ok yes we knew she’s boring - Next! kg_ubu Well, quite useless to the Biennale! You should have brought the hammered broken down phone, bleached wiped CDs/docs & put them on a canvas for the art exhibition, it would have been more interesting to see! Not all of them kg_ubu Dang, there are a LOT of you drinking that Trump conspiracy Kool Aid.

kg_ubu LockHerUp disgusting “show” How far the Clinton's have fallen. Glorious...😂 Are you serious? How do you know these are the emails that were destroyed? You don't....When will the Democrats WakeUp?

Where the one That says 'let Chris Stevens die, he knows too much'? Nice try HillaryClinton but a disgustingly transparent attempt to distract from the fact you committed espionage obstruction of justice and Treason and should be in Gitmo. 30,000 + charges of 1-5 years in PRISON for EACH document. The beauty of time is, it lets people to reveal who they are.

Shameless! kg_ubu Get a life Hillary. tcot p2 And I bet thought this was a brilliant idea LOL Oh how hypocritical every single one of you is. We want the deleted ones! Funniest cosplay ever 😂😂😂😂😆🥇 The good ones were long ago deleted.

So this is how she makes her money now?😂😂😂 Was there a Chinese spy hiding under the desk ? ? ? Disgusting And then she needed a couple of shots of whisky and a three hour nap kg_ubu This is the only way she'll be sitting at the Resolute Desk- and even it is a fake . Does she not see her awkward sad reality here? Her lack of self awareness is stunning ...but then, 🤷‍♀️, sociopath.

Were the 30,000 she deleted there? Did she read the ones that contained classified intelligence, including the 'Top Secret' ones? If she did, she likely broke the law. Again. Nobody cares. We want the DELETED emails. So scripted and so fake. Nothing can stop what's coming. WWG1WGA WWG1WGAWW QAnon HongKong

Is there an email explaining why the Clinton Foundation is now defunct?

Where are we with GefiiteFish, though? The optics are horrible. Hanging out in a posh Venice venue reading to a limo liberal audience? Did she read the one about her making an animal sacrifice to Moloch? Yeah, I didn't think so. Reminds me of Kenny Powers signing autographs at a car dealership for a hundred bucks.

'All but those affected by bleach bit.' There. I fixed it for you. Living rent free in Trump’s head Then why did she delete them and take a hammer and bleach to all her computers and mobile devices? I remember her before she went all Hollywood. Bizarre

Then why did she delete 30K & have a private server in the bathroom? Bc she was doing ILLEGAL SHIT & SELLING OUT AMERICA If you don't see this as a desperate call for mental health assistance, you're part of the problem and not the solution. Now do the other 30K Really? Someone must’ve paid her, she doesn’t do anything without some benefit! And, why would anyone be interested? She illegally destroyed the interesting ones. Maybe China would give them back?

On 9-11 yet. Benghazi Cause she bleachbit All the good ones..... Here's Hillary In the mental ward Pretending to be president Still......🤪 Did she read her 09.11.12 11:12pm email to Chelsea where she wrote: “Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an al Qaeda-like group'? This was whilst she was telling the public that the attack was the result of spontaneous protest abt a YouTube vid & not a terror attack.

What difference at this point does it make? She's still free. She's still killing people. Just let her go on killing people. Maybe it will be you next! Or me? Sad cow finally gets an Oval Office desk. 🤣🤣🤣 What a loser. Shame the deleted ones weren’t included, I think they would be more spicy. Make-A-Wish Foundation working hard I see.

kg_ubu So boring. So terribly boring. Nothing to see here. Move on. Look! Over there! It's Halley's Comet! Surprised you found some. And, honestly this is ridiculous. Who cares? Awww, seriously?! She continues lying to the American people. And the media only wants to talk about SharpieGate2019 🙄 Epsteins sex trafficking ring and Hillary's email erasure... those things need to be addressed for the sake everyone who voted for her or him. Being as their is so much deceitful behavior... one can only be lead to the assumption that those two are completely depraved. Bad. 😼

This is beyond pathetic. By the way, did she take the train to Italy? I'll wait. If she could, she’d steal that desk for the mock Oval Office she has in Chappesquall. Remember when she stole all the furniture from the WH.

😆😆 Stop pushing grandma Hill on us. She needs to move on. I bet the ones she deleted and bleachbit weren't boring at all. How utterly sad and pathetic. I don't suppose that included the 30,000 deleted emails? It's funny how the Clintons try to cover up stuff and it just makes them look even worse. But I do hope she keeps going out there being herself, every story about her helps make sure Trump2020 happens.

This is why she lost - she just has no clue as to what is appropriate behavior. I guess lying ultimately makes you delusional. ...and they still blame it on the Russians. um. ok. I believe she did this jokingly, and in our democracy, everyone has the right to offer services if someone wants to willingly pay for them, get over it, noone was hurt, lets talk about our orange thin-skinned man child's damage to humanity/democracy/climate/world economy instead

kg_ubu I’m trying to figure out if she is laughing or crying inside sitting at the fake Oval Office desk. Or maybe she is thinking of her husband’s under desk exploits? Why?

Everyone on this thread should read the mueller report. Where’s her cigar? Incredibly sad and pathetic. Did she read the deleted ones? Put Hillary on Trial for TREASON Low self-esteem? Did she find the map to Wisconsin in that heap? Stupidity has no limits Excuse me, “all” pages are ok display? What about the thousands and thousands that were deleted? What a joke

This isn't pathetic, at all. No, not at all. Remember when those who refused to accept the results of an election were a threat to Democracy. Good times. The Democrats lost a bunch of elections and for some reason that sentiment changed. Not pathetic. kg_ubu I'm assuming none of those emails were from her time in gov't, as they would be property of the US government. You don't get to keep your work emails when you leave a job, no one does. So either she is in breach of contract or they are her personal emails to 'Blue Dress' Bill...

Least self-aware person in politics. She’s just such a criminal. kg_ubu I’m sure those 33,000 deleted emails are boring. They are the ones with the smoking guns. This is just another publicity stunt because she knows her email investigation is about to get real. Can’t y’all see the games they play? These people are not only sick but evil too.

It’s just the gift that keeps on giving. kg_ubu Why The Resolute Desk? Americans Thank God Every Morning Corrupt HillaryClinton Isn’t POTUS and NEVER will be!! Funny Comey now being accused of doing what Hillary did. Cute stunts like this won’t go well with AG Barr or Prosecutor Durham! LindseyGrahamSC ChuckGrassley

On 9/11. Honestly. lunacy Is she sitting at a mock resolute desk? What level of grief is this? SAD! Did she read the 33,000 deleted ones? I bet they aren’t boring at all! rest hour of the lady's life, it worth

The problem: Hillary was not reading her deleted classified and top secret emails. Hillary is still guilty of breaking US Federal Law and as an attorney, she knows better. She had to take classes on handling classified info. Any other US citizen would be in federal prison. When you look up malignant narcissism in the dictionary it should show this picture.

There's an empty room to display the deleted ones. Now, do Jeffrey Epstein's flight manifests. kg_ubu No, they are not all on display. Fake News. There are still classified emails in those numbers that can not be released to the public and why she is in trouble and had to destroy her phones and other devices.🙄

She is the definition of pathetic. kg_ubu I bet the deleted ones weren’t so boring. “All” pages? So pathetic

HardestJedi Did she destroy any while she was there? Hope y’all made sure she didn’t have any hammers in her purse. Hillary and , pretty sad...she mocks everyone and finds it funny and gets a headline on 9/11..enough said. kg_ubu 👏👏👏 Bravo...Bravo. Would have been better if she had a gallon of Bleach Bit on the desk and the collection of Gov’t BlackBerrys that she destroyed with a hammer. Poor, poor MeeMah....👏👏👏

How much was she paid. Looks like she will do anything for money. And she continues to insult the American people. Still lying and treating her private server and mishandling of classified material as a joke. Why not? Comey let her walk. Corruption! Tell her to make sure she brings all those missing pages home so the the AC can have a look see!

She’ll never let it go, will she? kg_ubu kg_ubu I think we can all agree that Hillary being elected president would have been the best thing for Venice and indeed for Europe. However it would have been disastrous for the United States. Did she read the classified ones?

Acid washed cellphones and junked server would have made a better display. No one cares about those emails. It’s the 30k emails she deleted.. but nice try trying to spin this. 'What difference does it make now'? She got away Scott free again, and the lawless Clintons win again, just don't get on their bad side or you may wake up dead!

kg_ubu The government admitted that they didn't have 'all' of her emails kg_ubu You're a fool, Kenneth. You of course know there were more than 60K emails. She disappeared more than half of them. THOSE would tell a different story, if they ever turn up. Vile creature They were so boring she had to destroy 33,000 of them after they were subpoenaed.

realDonaldTrump but her emails?!

This about sums it up. kg_ubu I suppose that was 93000 minus 33000 emails? ;) She's mocking the whole of America, she's mocking the justice system, she's making her supporters look rediculous. Or is it her narsicistic personalty trait to believe shes above us all. Clinton supporters this is why you need to take responsibility. Make sure you know the crimes

kg_ubu A mock Pres at a mock desk. It’s rather pathetic looking. kg_ubu The absolute cope of this woman. Let it go, you lost. Lol kg_ubu Pathetic kg_ubu Wait . . . what? kg_ubu Too bad she didn't read the bleach bitted, hammer destroyed e-mails about Uranium 1, Clinton Foundation and Libya. We're patient though, we'll wait!🤔

kg_ubu How pathetic This is sick. I thought this was a joke. Tell me this was a joke. Then she said, “Too bad they didn’t have access to my gmail account. I get into a lot more details about where the sweet nourishing baby blood comes from”. Now that is simply ridiculous. After shredding the funny ones she stiffs us with the boring..tisk tisk

It seems rather pointless. On my dime !!!😡 kg_ubu Even the 30k that were 'Deleted'? Did you happen to have on display the devices [her] staff took hammers to after they were subpoenaed? F*cking joke. Because she deleted all the juicy top secret ones almostjingo Those emails are government property. They are not 'hers'

kg_ubu Anybody else feel sorry for her? I mean, a replica resolute desk? Damnnnnn. Emails? Yoooooo. Ya mufugguhs still talking about emails? POTUS went to North Korea. Unemployment is down. You’re still talking emails? Srsly? Minus the 30,000 she deleted, bleach bit or smashed to pieces A white glove slap ..

How much did they pay her? Coffers getting low? Amazing work they do They were all boring because the good ones had already been deleted. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Did she even bother classifying them correctly? If they’re so boring why did she delete 33k of those emails? Where was the “Epstein Plane” exhibit with Bill Clinton and Bill Gates ?

She skipped over the missing 30,000 tho, bruh. I bet this one hurt kg_ubu Guess she didnt read the 30,000 that she erased then? And you people say Mr. Trump is a narcissist. kg_ubu clone pizzagate GoFuckYourselfCNN Every day she puts herself in the public eye benefits Trump Let's see the rest of them Hillary. By the way, why do Dems love Venice so much?

At least she can read. That's more than I can say about realDonaldTrump OrangeLoser So sad. Just embarrassing.

But HillaryClinton left out the missing 30,000...when will those be on exhibit? Also, can she do an Epstein exhibition? kg_ubu China didn’t think so. Amazing. It’s like they expect everyone else to assume history started this morning. Pathetic . Avviso: Hillary Clinton è una bugiarda psicopatica---state alla larga.

kg_ubu even people that hate Trump have to be glad she didn't win what a complete whack job 9/11/12 email Military to HRC: Americans under attack in Benghazi. Ambo is missing. Urgent help needed now! HRC to Obama: You’re facing an election in 2 months. If the rescue mission goes bad, that will hurt in the polls. Obama to HRC: Agreed. Stand down. They’re on their own.

kg_ubu If they were boring, then why did she spend one hour reading them? kg_ubu If they were so boring, she should have turned them over when she was given the subpoena....just sayin’

60,000 pages probably double spaced and handpicked by her team. I also seriously doubt that's all of them but of course you and the rest of the fake news crowd fell for it or are involved in the coverup. The irony of her reading emails behind the resolute desk is lost on her and HuffPo obviously. So sad.

It would be really authentic if there was a Chinese guy next to her reading along with her. almostjingo Of all days to do that. 🙄 Did she bring up the e-mails where Ed Rendell grabbed a few kids from Haiti that he wasn’t suppose to China didn't seem to think they were boring when they captured them off her home brew bathroom server...

Did they mention the one where she rescued that lady that was trafficking kids I wonder what she was looking For? Did she mention her Alice and Mad Hatter e-mails kg_ubu Pretty difficult to read the deleted ones!

Did they mention the chicken sacrificed to Moloch one kg_ubu Not really. Maybe she can provide grief counseling to CNN Did she bring up the e-mails where Ed Rendell grabbed a few kids from Haiti that he wasn’t suppose to? This would be funny if it wasn't pathetic. Did she mention her Alice and Mad Hatter e-mails?

This is truly sad. She’s so sad. The bleach bit ones? Sick woman Huh?

WillNeverBePresident HillaryClinton The witch who should be wearing a prison stripes! also Nice article, The Onion And not one was one of the 33000 bleach-bitted This isn’t a wax figure at Madame Trusso’s museum? 🤔 Could’ve fooled me kg_ubu So very thankful that she will never be President. Well, not ALL of her emails were part of the exhibit..... ToBeContinued JusticeComing

Except, you know... those 33,000 she deleted

She sold her soul once again for how much this time?!?! Wait, Putin & Wikileaks almost delivered for realDonaldTrump there, don't steal their show!! Did those include the 30,000 she deleted? kg_ubu The most pathetic thing I've seen all day. And you know what, Mr. Goldsmith? Mrs. Clinton was directly responsible for the SECOND 911 in Benghazi, so shame on you for posting this on this solemn day.

kg_ubu Glad to see this is what the end of her life has in store for her. Sitting at a replica of the desk you'll never be able to sit in, forced to read the remainder of the mistakes you couldn't delete for a quick buck. kg_ubu Not when you read her corruption pages ... The the interest starts ... Narcissistic personality disorder.

That replica desk is the closest she'll ever get. Every time I think, 'nothing could be worse than President Donald Trump', I'm reminded that there is. Dear God, please go away. The ones she left behind, sure. The ones she destroyed, those were spicy. When they are revealed to the world, watch out!

kg_ubu Duh HillaryClinton got rid of all the good stuff All 60,000 pages of the emails that were not deleted and bleach-bit kg_ubu Yeah she destroyed all the interesting ones kg_ubu Those are the emails picked out by her team of lawyers... Were they all about yoga and grandchildren 🤪 Why? Well yeah because only the boring ones saw the light of day.

“All” of her emails.

Did she read the one labeled “insurance policy”...? kg_ubu “Jenna Amatulli is a trends reporter for HuffPost and an adjunct professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. You can usually find her reading or talking with her hands.” 👍🏼 I love the petty! WellPlayed TheDeplorablesStayMad 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

kg_ubu This is a joke, right? She what? Why? kg_ubu She’s full blown delusional. 😜 😂😂😂😂😂😏 On the anniversary of 9/11 and Benghazi. Sickening. She’s about as shameful as this article... just pathetic almostjingo mental case

Was she banging a hammer destroying the devices they were written on? She’s disgusting. Soooo glad she will never be President What a trainwreck phetasy BridgetPhetasy Irrelevancy reaches new high......yawn kg_ubu Remember Huma’s “insurance policy” on Weiner’s laptop? Emails are the least of her worries.

Not *all* her emails though.... She should have read a road atlas of Michigan and Wisconsin

We dont forget ClintonBodyCount Venice, Italy? Why not here? Does this include the ones she deleted? Hourly rate or flat fee? Pokemon Go away Real boring. Especially the ones where there were crimes against children you sick evil person Pax2Sofie What a lunatic. She has no shame. She has never been nor will ever be the President of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton giving the middle finger to US law enforcement, Intel communities and the American people. Sounds about right. Did she read the one to Chelsea where she admits Benghazi was terrorists and not due to a YouTube video? That’s my favorite kg_ubu Woman has mental issues.

kg_ubu 'all 60,000 pages' - you sure those are all... - maybe she was just making sure that none of the 'other' emails was among them.... Let’s see the 33,000 emails she destroyed...I’m sure someone has them. Call China kg_ubu The book will be at the Dollar Store any day now. She bring the bleach bitted ones? The ones in the destroyed computers? On the other hand, this is really pathetic. It’s not a dig, a “gotcha” or mocking. It’s truly pathetic

Has anyone asked her about Ghislaine Maxwell being at Chelsea’s wedding kg_ubu Dumbest. Thing. Ever. kg_ubu 😂😂😂 bless her little lying heart Does this include the deleted ones .. Including the missing 33,000 emails HillaryClinton

kg_ubu This woman needs to be in jail!! She is a disgusting human being kg_ubu Yeah the good ones are missing The 30,000 classified ones are mysteriously missing. Lock her up! Now let's read the wikileaks emails, those aren't so boring, are they HillaryClinton ? And too bad we can't see the 33,000 deleted ones that probably wouldn't be boring either.

All? So even the missing ones and the classified ones? WTF!! Any of the 30k she deleted under Congressional subpoenas?!?! No? How is this news Did they frisk her before she left?

Where is the 33,000? Did she read the ones where she was conspiring with Sidney Blumenthal to allow him to plunder Gaddafi’s assets after he was murdered courtesy of Hillary’s foreign policy decisions. Quid pro quo amirite Hillary? bleachbitforareason She’s so desperate for attention and relevancy. It’s really sad to watch.

kg_ubu Of course Huff Post......who else kg_ubu How F’n ridiculous is this? The Chinese didn’t think so. kg_ubu 'They are just so boring, because I destroyed all the incriminating ones'... kg_ubu The former United States Secrety of State is reading HER hacked & printed emails in Venice, Italy and its a joke to her. What the hell.

almostjingo almostjingo What a DB!! Thank God for POTUS Trump. No boring for all those people you were associated with who died needlessly you evil witch kg_ubu propaganda as art. Did she read all the ones taking credit for the fiasco in Libya, on the actual anniversary of the murders at the Consulate at Benghazi? HillaryClinton is a sociopath

kg_ubu 😂🤣🖕 kg_ubu Wow, very telling. Crooked Hillary knows she’s going down for the emails and is still pushing for public support on the issue. Once IG Horowitz report shows FBI was corrupt, Barr will re-open email investigation. Crooked Hillary knows what’s coming. WINNING MAGA🇺🇸 kg_ubu And she’s still not President ❤️

almostjingo Shameful- she will do anything for a quick $$$$$ almostjingo Did they include the bleached ones

kg_ubu Why She continues to make a mockery of our laws and institutions. No shame. A leopard can’t change it’s spots and Hillary can’t even fake a conscience. Thank God she’ll never be president. She's a waste almostjingo Those emails got our people in China killed, but.... oh the emails. almostjingo She’s the biggest LIAR in History!!! 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

This is like an Onion piece! kg_ubu What about the ones she scrubbed by bleach bit? How about you do us all a favor in America and hold her over indefinitely animaeme This just makes me love her more. Doesn't change the fact that what she did was wrong, the fact she still mocks it is one reason not to respect her. Not happy with DJT but glad HRC won't have 1st woman POTUS history

That's sad... really...

Lmao. I promise I didn’t delete any emails except ones like this. Trust me. POTUS we found them, finally! 🤣 Pouvez vous me dire qui est intéressé par ce ' sujet ' ? Nobody gives a flying sh!t about the emails she didn't illegally exchange, keep, & delete.

Did she read her email ordering the attack on Libya or transfering weapon to the terrorist in Syria or calling her friends to meet at the bar to celebrate the killing of Gaddafi and show them pictures of staving and sick children in Yemen for good laughs Did she have the 33,000 deleted email or did you all forget those?

Did she read the Top Secret ones? The Chinese did. Did she read the 33,000 deleted ones? Now thats funny “But the emails”!!

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