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Bill O'Reilly claims the allegation Trump empowers white supremacists is a 'myth' akin to the Loch Ness Monster.

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Well, we know one of the reasons he's not employed. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😇😩😩😩 😂 of course he does Why are you covering discredited, Bill O’Reilly as if anyone cares what old white Bill thinks? These creepy old white guys need to retire & never be seen or heard from again. They are delusional & do not know the statisticical demographics of the world's population. Only 16% of the world's population is Caucasian. We are all just human, w/ different shades of pigment. 🙏

These guys are part of white supremacist Christian mafia presently occupying WH and senate. In their power they’ll do everything to support these groups openly or secretly Cwedding1 🙄🤦‍♀️ Well... that's just obvious O’Reilly U R FIRED!!! Sound familiar? Ha ha Bill O’Reilly said he’s done the “research”. Very scientific to mention the Loch Ness Monster don’t you think? Take a seat B.O. we don’t give a tinker’s damn what you think or have to say.

Good old white abuser Bill that saved Christmas get yourself some mental treatment please Just like his sexual abuse clams were going to be proven false!!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

HuffPost is now a part of OathDems. STOP SBOOTING YOURSELVES IN THE FOOT.

IDIOT O'Reilly's brain has been affected by the number of loofah sandwiches he's consumed and the frequent falafel massages he's had. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Trump's Fox News Inc PR firm is at it again. When Fox News Inc PR firm goes into action one knows what others say about Trump is true. Well it is . Plenty of people who don’t care about race and support trump . Know what I heard . Everyone who is a left winger is secretly a tranny

I believe in the Nessie!!!!! Pinche Puto O’Riely crawl back into your Mole Hole! Says the guy who lied about agressively sexually harassing subordinates. Trump should be happy. The pending recession will be named 'Trump recession'. He loves publicity, good or bad! He's a smuck! Didn’t he get fired? Who cares what he thinks?

HuffPost is now a part of Oath'Red flag laws' basically mean that you should forget about your constitutional rights. Red flag laws should be called what they are a sneaky attempt by certain politicians to give the government the ability to take weapons away from lawful owners without due process. The ability to remove people from their guns or the people they might harm already exists. When are the red flags for mass shootings going up in Democratic party controlled Chicago with 280 killed and 2,379 wounded by gunfire in 2019. Also made shooting red flag in Democratic party controlled Baltimore with 191 killed 432 wounded?

BillOReilly? The BillOReilly that puts himself in a class that he doesn't belong & sexually harasses chicks?..... bruh. Not a good idea to do a research with pre-conceived ideas against others, already. The man is desperate for a job in government and knows Trump has a soft spot in his heart for his sycophants

He needs a job BillOReilly so he flatters his IDOLS realDonaldTrump - dead or alive they’re akin to PredatorEpstein - when most decent ppl would be offended Is Bill O’Reilly someone of importance? Does he work for Trump? Another privileged, white, racist, misogynist. We don’t care what he has to say. Period. Our nation will never be great again until led by individuals of great intellect, heart & morality.

A myth? No that’s BillOReilly s career 😂 The only problem with Bill's theory is that white supremacists themselves say Trump does that. Why would anyone listen to the disgraced anchor? He sounds asinine. As if any sensible woman would listen to Bill O’(chauvinist)Reilly, get real!

HuffPost is now a part of OathAgree with this mayor Hmm.. Just thinking.. How old should have been Jesus? Not married... Always surrounded by men.. Day and night.. Some older and some younger.. Did you recognize something? Jim Bakker could use help peddling his prepper food items.

He NEVER endorsed White Supremacy or Neo Nazis 💥He called it as he saw it 💥 🛑 Stop With the lies🛑 BillOReilly hey don’t you have some sexualHarassment claims to tend to. metoo. Focus Bill. We don’t care what you think barelyMatters But Obama being born in Kenya was not, huh? Bull Shit Bill!!! Two racists backing each other up. How strange.

Well isn’t that the frilly ruffled blouse calling the bone China teacup - white... TrUmP iS wHy wHiTe NaTiOnALiSm is On tHe RiSe Or maybe white people outside your echo chambers don't like being shunned for being white and people like YOU are the problem Why is he still talking? Well, there! Now we know what the Trump/O'Reilly lunch meeting last week, was about. It starts with 'another simple favor' 2 B polite, grows into..' U OWE ME? . Trump gets Bill-O to go 'on record', ANYWHERE, ......'SUPPORTING HIM'!

The normalization of Liberal anti-white rhetoric is more likely to empower white supremacists than ANYTHING Trump has said. College classes and news articles about how bad 'whiteness' is. Preaching online that you can't be racist towards white people. White racism is the problem

HuffPost is now a part of OathMy day!! I think these points are just as well researched as their political posts! :) Does it depends which order they are standing in?

This is Bill’s best shot at becoming the perv in chief’s perv bestie now that Epstein is gone. Lol! Funny that the only ones defending trump’s racism are other rich white guys! Bill O’Reilly is a white racist and a longtime liar who has always given cover to GOP. Well a Democrat is saying it. 700club cbngordon randpaul realDonaldTrump kennedynation foxnews sandrasmithfox marklevinshow rushlimbaugh danarohrabacher jaysekulow judgenap tedcruz dbongino

BillOReilly paid $32 million to settle sexual harassment complaints. $32M isn't for off color jokes, a shoulder rub, pat on the butt or even groping. What did he do that cost $32M? That's RAPE money, right? Like all his sexual misconduct claims that were so true his former employer have to pay more than $40 million dollars to settle?

Agreed. Fire your researchers. lol Thank you William

HuffPost is now a part of Oaththerealcoochlyn

Bill who ? Sexual predator serves as character reference for sexual predator Right and he never sexually harassed any women Does anyone care what Letch O' Reilly says beside Don the Con? i thought he died. ah, well...eventually. I suppose O'Reilly doesn't consider himself an enabler either! Creepy, dysfunctional family with sex addicts, liars,. traffickers, extortionists, ...all running game in Gov. Offices.

Look at Wall Street, the stock market, smart money knows that RACIST Trump is going down now, not even soon, now! He’s ruining the US. Putin has his own problems now. US always beats Russia. Trump is hanging out to dry! jaketapper billmaher ChrisCuomo ABCPolitics CBSNews Bill you’re a myth that rock which has mold under it go back to it. It’s no myth that Crump 🤡 empowers white nationalist because if the shoe fit. He seems to be wearing them pretty well and possibly you as well. Defend your own that’s how it pedophiles and rapist, racist do

Trump is a monster Who gives a shit what this sexual predator has to say! Jeez...I just realized how many of Trump’s friends/supporters are sexual predators!

HuffPost is now a part of OathBillPaige02 Spot on 😊

Because we are going to listen to the old white guys sexual offenders club. Yes. Bill O'Reilly is absolutely correct. Who? The media has done more to empower these fringe groups than any president since LBJ. Bill O’Reilly is just another hate monger praising Con Don. O'Reilly, like Moscow Mitch,Neo-Nazis and other white-supremac ist garbage will continue to idolize Trump regardless of how much damage Trump does to America. Sick, like the worshipers of Hitler during the 30's and 40's. We need a change. We need real leadership.

If memory serves, the Lochness monster also sued O'Reilly for sexual, you know....grain of salt and all that. Trump Neck monster. Bill is 100% correct Give or take empirical evidence

Just take a look at one of his books that are supposed to be historically based. He isn’t interested in research. Bill can say whatever he wants. No one can fire him from his podcast and he does not have advertisers O’Reilly is the lochness monster BillOReilly who? Well said Bill, 100% true. Left media empowers these hate groups. When you constantly reference everyone as a racist who disagree with you then at some point you'll get push back.

Bill O'Reilly, not interested in your opinion. Bill who? Says the man who sexually harassed women, paid them millions and lost the most cushy job on TV. Since O'Reilly was fired for sexual abuse he left to playing with himself and writing this BS. Mocking Bill O’Reilly is almost an industry. 😂

Why do we care what a white nationalist thinks? Billy O so wants to relevant again. Sorry not sorry! Thought Bill no longer relevant Who? Bill who? AndO’Reilly is relevant, how? Just like it’s a myth he sexually harassed women at faux news WhiteSupremacyHoax Wow! Another white, old man saying that Don the Con’s not a racist. Must be true.

Is Trump portraying the Joker in that picture?

Bill who? That’s charitable... it’s complete garbage Who says what? Still enjoying that 'vacation' Bill? Why are we even listening to this guy? Monster? Absolutely! This snake oil peddler is so hopeless Why do you empower these racist by giving them airtime. This helps trump as much as fox tv. Bill O'Reilly was fired from FOX NEWS for Sexual Harassment and he is a Racist and as a Sex Ofender he is backing up the Sex Predator Trump who also is a Racist. Like they said White Supremacíst is right.

The dedication to dumming down the base is awesome. Who is Bill O'Reilly? Nobody I know.

GLSCHWALL O'Reilly is a sexually dysfunctional stupid IDIOT. And this is not a MYTH! Yes and the WH has it's own group that meets once a week in the anteroom of the capital. Bill the sexual predator should sit down and shut up. He’s a criminal as well. Fox bought his freedom. Trump is not a white supremist...this is a line of propaganda the dems haul out since the issues they are running on are so against the mainstream

And y'all should already know * realDonaldTrump and BillOReilly (and TuckerCarlson) are birds of a feather. Just ask the former advertisers of FOXnews. TalkTheTruth ecclesias BillOReilly ---- Denial of White Supremacy is the same as denying the Holocaust. He is pandering to them. And your dangerous peddling ignorance will only lead America down a dark road.

When you get shot Bill O’Reilly than will you believe Trump empowers white Supremacists.. OMG, what words does this man not understand. We all hear them and most of us get the same meaning from them. Maybe hes tuned into another language or definition system than we are LMAO !!!!!!!!!! DAMN FOOL !!!!!


PoliticalBee Who? That person accused of sexual harassment and was fired? That man? Why would anyone care what he has to say? The oldest trick in the book. O'Reilly tries to come back from purgatory by eating cheese. O'Reilly is still even around 🤔 BillOReilly is a myth like Big Foot. I don't believe he exists. His is a Russian computer program.

GLSCHWALL He also said he was not a serial sex offender His $32,000,000 settlement said otherwise Even the MAGA terrorists and white supremacist know trump is one of their own. Trump spews hate like trump is rabid spewing spit and protects murders if it furthers trump’s personal finances And we all know what a fine, upstanding human being O’Reillt is. Right?🙄🤢

Bill looking for a job. Laughs one racist to another.

Trump, Epstein, O’Reilly. I can’t take Bill-oh seriously. Whenever I hear a quote from him or his actual voice, it’s like reverse Tourette’s syndrome for me. All I keep hearing over and over again is the word “LOOFAH”! (Then I gag a little.) GLSCHWALL Why are you even acknowledging that O’Reilly exists? Let him fade into obscurity with his merry band of racists.

Bill aka HeWhoCantGetLaid is now & always has been a dedicated White Supremacist. Bill admires BoneSpurs because, at least Trump manages to score from time to time. I think Bill is sexually abusing his dog. O'Reilly fondles farm animals and molests his own pets! Gross! Said the other white supremacist

Ya right BillOReilly you & your buddy Trump have something in common - sexual predators! That’s why u got the boot from Fox! To arrive at that conclusion would require talking to white supremacists! Has that been done? I call bullshit. We must shoot down this dangerous lie that the current US President is not an inspiration to dangerous and hateful white nationalists and white supremacists. No gaslighting can be allowed here as too much is at stake.

Well it makes sense a sexual harasser sticking up for another sexual harasser! Sexual predator Billy O is delusional So says one to another... It is. You haterd are the ones pushing that false narrative. We know what BillOReilly says is crazy ... we’ve had years to listen to his nonsense. It’s been nice not hearing from him .... here we go again. 😣

Please return to your rock. ABC News finds 36 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults. It is. The narrative is entirely wrong I thought she was dead, after that “surprise (and permanent) vacay.” 💀💀 Bill is just trying to get money out of the Magats . He knows they will buy whatever bullshit he sells as long as it nice to Donnie. Doesn’t have to be true and bill knows that.

Bill who? Who is that? Trump’s Encouraging QAnon May Result in Violence—Just ask the FBI Why Does Trump Fan the Flames of Race-Based Terrorism? After El Paso, We Can No Longer Ignore Trump’s Role in Inspiring Mass Shootings Trump’s hate and lies are inciting extremists. Just ask the analyst who warned us.

MAGA Bomber Cesar Sayoc’s Lawyers Blame Trump, Sean Hannity for His Radicalization Hate crimes increased 226% in places Trump held a campaign rally in 2016, study claims How Trump Took Hate Groups Mainstream: The full story of his connection with far-right extremists. How Trump and Fox News work with fascists to spread hateful propaganda

White Supremacist Attacks Have Grown Deadlier During Trump’s Presidency Well, at least O’Reilly said the Loch Ness monster and not the Holocaust. But maybe this was just part of his job interview to replace Tucker Carlson. Kinda like sexual harassment eh, Bill? Because it is, that’s all the left can run on and it’s ridiculous. The left has no platform other then free shit and racism

Yeah because the word of a racist sexual predator supporting another racist sexual predator makes a valid argument. Bill who? That hack is still living? The myth is Bill O is innocent and likable Kinda like Bill’s career Who's Bill O'Reilly ?

Bill O'Reilly is irrelevant. Creepy old men. Yeeech! Ok just for giggles what would a potus have to say then that would empower white supremacists? Just to know right so we can compare O’Reilly = Big joke Well, considering the Loch Ness monster has never hurt anybody, and everything trump says has, that comparison doesn’t work

Shut up Bill nobody cares what you say

Both liars. Birds of a feather stick together. Consider the source Billy O is trying desperately to crawl out of the swamp he put himself in. He’s doing everything he can in hopes that the orange conman will reach out a helping hand. SMH doesn't even deserve print or air time pscalise071951 Bill lied about being a sexual predator and paid $32 million dollars. He’s also a drunk, so why did this become a story?

Well there ya go it's solved if Bill freaking O' Reilly says it isn't so Why are we hearing from him I thought this old f****r BillOReilly was dead? Lol Nothing but truth... The media is who should actually be labeled as white supremacist, they keep pushing this fake narrative which emboldens them. And I wonder why?🤔

Trump's entire existence is plausible deniability Very true. Most of us just call it propaganda. Liberals are trying to censor all thought that isn't in line with their own. Look at the media and democrats they constantly repeat exactly the same line verbatim on a daily basis. It's hilarious to watch.

I don't think O'Reilly can see the forest for the trees. There’s no myth that empower sexual predators What world is O’Reilly inhabiting! BILL!!! GO AWAY!!! You are EMBARRASING the Loch Ness Monster!!! Another false narrative from the Democrats, just like their now busted Russian collusion hoax 9 out of 10 klansmen think Bill would be a great president.

Wow what whole did O'Reilly just crawl out from under! Pseudo intellectual Bill is as big a liar as Trump. The difference being one is POTUS.

Two sexual predators walk into a bar I thought Bill was dead.....get back under that rock O'Reilly! O'Reilly is to be ignored. There is no reason to read him, listen to him, or write articles about his opinions. We already know he's absurd. OReilly is cray cray .. To be fair, Bill Whatshisname has a lot of time on his hands these days

And we would even listen to this sexual predator, why? BO has been pu$$ywhipped. Literally. Go sit your a$$ down. Another liar steps up for trump the untruthful. So says a sexual harasser. O’Reilly has no credibility. ' News flash.' ' We believe our eyes and ears.' ' If people with your mentalities go to church. You need to just stop going because you know all you need to know and you still choose to serve Satan.' 'Or maybe you just don't give a damn. But you should. And you will.'

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Dems and leftist have nothing better to do than their childish labeling! Such BS! It's no myth. Trump is empowering and emboldening white supremacists with his attacks on various groups. Why is Bill O’Reilly still around, and why should we care what he says, which is almost always a lie? Who?

Worthless words from another trump vibrator. Fuck Bill O’Reilly LMAOOOOO The gang of old white guys Imagine that! Bill O'Reilly being relevant is a 'myth' akin to Sasquatch.

I really liked him in Saved by the Bell. But it is time for him to move on. msnbc cnn cnnbrk MSNBC_Breaking Morning_Joe thr Bill O'Reilly-there's one CHUCKLE HEAD I don't miss. Smug, smarmy, arrogant-and mostly dishonest. But now we get Tucker what's his face. Luckily, I'm NORMAL so I only see FOX when other networks play CLIPS to MOCK & criticize.

Drop the word Loch and the word Ness...what do you have ? MONSTER aka realDonaldTrump Bill who?! And he will talk about it on his show...oh, wait. No, it is a fact, there is a direct correlation between trump’s disgusting rhetoric and the uptick of racial tensions & violence. Trump through his rhetoric, which is deliberately incendiary, has embolden the white supremacists who believe trump is one of them. VOTE DEMOCRATIC.

Who? What rock did this goon crawl out from under? That Bill O'Reilly is a decent human being and trustworthy is a myth of even greater proportions. Two dangerous White Supremacists and sexual predators

Uh huh... A whole lot of dirty hands attempting to wash other dirty hands. Here's a novel idea the next time you write an article about something BillOReilly said let it be an honest statement/fact, stop spreading bullshit the general public doesn't support organic farming The research of a political figure I do not agree with and have numerous presumptions about is never correct if it disproves any of part of my belief system.

The myth that Bill O'Reilly is still somehow relevant is a akin to the Sasquatch. Sexual predators of a feather deny they're racist together. One sexual predator defends another. Really🤔 They just found the Lochness Monster bill Who the hell is BillOReilly

Bill O'Reilly is totally correct. Anyone who says otherwise is either being dishonest, just doesn't know much about anything, are being a troll, or just is simply mistaken. Hopefully the latter, but more than likely a leftist troll.... BillOReilly is still alive Ooooh, another tree! O'reallly defending a white supremacist is himself a white BS artist as well..

Not according to the white supremacists. What a pathetic headline. Research found this is a pic of 2 sex predators Nobody empowers white supremacists more than the media who constantly shine the spotlight on them despite their extremely small numbers. Your dreaming I’d wait for the hot second he stops fucking kids other whatever to get a quote from him, personally.

Says other old white supremacist.

But reverse racism that shits real-Bill

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