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New York Attorney General Letitia James plans to sue the Trump administration over its new 'public charge' policy affecting immigrants.

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The left will always tell you exactly what they’re doing, when they accuse trump of trying to make America white again, it is actually the left trying to make America brown, unemployed, and dependent on the government, In exchange for votes. SaveAmericaFromTheDemocrats James, the racist radical activist AG will do anything she can to get in the way of DJT. Disgusting.

She will lose ANOTHER DO NOTHING TWIT We need to care for our veterans before handing anything out to ILLEGAL aliens! Maybe Letitia should read the sponsorship requirements for immigrations. American Taxpayers shouldn’t have to support non-citizens. If non-citizens can’t make ends meet without public assistance, they should go back home.

DO IT!!!!!! Trump is merely following the law. If immigrants can't support themselves, don't expect hard working taxpayers to do it. It's has reached the point, that as soon as they enter this country, they head to the nearest welfare office. That would NEVER happen in Australia Shouldn't you worry about your states citizens, not worrying about making a name for yourself? You really have no jurisdiction on federal law.

More wasted time and money.

HuffPost is now a part of Oath

I hope she feels like a idiot when someone tells her that already exists on the books. I. Love. This . AG. It's the existing law. It's not aimed were you people think either. . It's aimed at asylum seekers waiting on their court date . What do you think they are doing ? Welfare Letitia James must be on 'Stupid'...

Greasy! This about sum it up Under what authority? And get rich white farmer members of Congress off the public charge!!! Doesn't she realize the public charge laws are already on the books? That likelihood of needing government assistance is already grounds to deny green card&citizenship? She's an incompetent and biased AG.


Of course.. typical liberal state not looking out what is best for Americans ... Geezus, I can't escape NY soon enough. I loves her I don’t really want to pay for illegal aliens to come into my country when I need to pay for my own children!! No one wants them to come here and freeload off of taxpayers!

HuffPost is now a part of OathMany of us who voted for SenSanders in the DNC Primary will never, never, never vote for a Clinton-- not for HillaryClinton who cheated us-- and not HRC. v.2.0 : Kamala 'The Stooge' Harris. NeverKamala KamalaClinton=HillaryClinton v.2.0 DemExit Just another corporate hack. Most Democrats are saying 'No thank you' to Kamala. Let her get her votes from Steve Mnuchin and company. He gave her a nice fat donation after she let him and his bank, Goldman Sachs off for billions during the housing crisis! No thank you! Has she paid reparations to the slaves her grandparents owned?

HuffPost is now a part of OathOh, please. If that deal is protecting Trump in any way, AG Barr will not tear it up. So much talk about hunting other rich perverts—something we know won’t happen; yet, we have heard so little about the victims. Where r they? Who are they? Democrats are pedophiles.

HuffPost is now a part of OathAmazing. Hitler was left handed... Burn them!

HuffPost is now a part of OathMODI is a terrorist. Way to go India.

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