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CNN is standing by its primetime host Chris Cuomo after video emerged of him squaring up to a man who’d called him “Fredo.'

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So why have the Italians not gone after Trump for his disrespect!!!? Chris, there's No shame in Standing Your ground!! You Always Speak to Truth!! Looking Forward to You on CNN!! Frank It is fine. Cuomo deserves the right to defend or say something back to somebody who has insulted him. As does everybody. No big deal. Now lets focus on getting rid of Trump.

We still live your show Chris Coumo. We understand you Such hypocrisy. CNN should be ashamed. His huge stupid ego got smacked—thought he was being asked for a picture and was worked over—-BahahahaHahahahahaha.... ***It ain't the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect!***

The man is so full of it that he has used the word many times on CNN Just like the “n” word, except cops don’t scream it at people right before they shoot them in the back. Other than that, just the same. Disappointed Cuomo took the bait. As difficult as it may been, it would have been a better example for his son if he took the high road rather than threaten a person with violence for calling him a name, disrespectful as he felt it may have been. Shame he took the low road.

HuffPost is now a part of OathWhat are you gonna do? Launch an investigation? hahahahaha that will fail miserably He’s the one that was better friends ...they all were....

Why? Why stand by him? Why not call out bad behavior no matter who does it. What a double standard. Hate is hate. Violence is violence. Not just when we agree with their politics. I bet they will...but he gets to call our President names unfiltered and it means nothing....something isn't right! The U.S. has reverted to its baser nature. A tone set from on high. Adults: tell someone they’re offended. Adults apologize. Ambushing people, taunting, insults from behind social media, Zimmering, white supremacy/terrorism, mass murders are realities.

Good. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽good for Chris👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Trump and his guny gummy dum son of his needs to stop that so sick of them!!! they are calling Cuomo fredo and being disrespectful...what kind of crap is that..I can't waight till he's not at the white house...jail time for chicken 🐔 noodles..🌎 I stand with you Cuomo well done

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏CNN He DEFENDED HIMSELF against Trump's harrassing supporters! You CAN'T verbally assault people w/RACIAL SLURS & think because their not Repub. They Will BackDown & coward. Thank YOU CNN! TogetherWeStandDividedWeFall As so are many Americans ! 👍🏼 Oh course, why wouldn't they. Would a conservative get the same backing though?

HuffPost is now a part of Oath🌹🌹🌹🌹 Happy Birthday!! So sad about her! 😢 I had to google the name because I hadn't ever heard of her before. I figured she was a political activist or something.

More bs fear and race baiting from much propaganda and actual enciting must go on to stop this fascist dividing network...that preys and tries to make everyone a victim for support ALL AMERICA ❤️. CHRIS CUOMO!!! Lmao! Square up?! ChrisCuomo FredoCuomo Fredo - It ain't the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody dumb...I'm smart and I want respect! Trump2020

I like Chris Cuomo. He’s a grown man. He is a professional whose opinions we have been led to believe are worthy of note. He should be an example. He should not act like this. He should not take the bait. If it had been a Fox News anchor the Dems & MSM would be screaming for him to be fired! Protesting/Boycotting.....Dems & MSM are such Hypocrites !!! So what is the latest on the black face Virginia Govenor & his accused sexual assault lieutenant governor 😂😂😂 WalkAway

I glad they are standing by him it's getting outrageous people think they can call you a racial slur and you're not supposed to say anything Trump got these people to be bold Looks like his true white trash colors came out. That dude was looking for trouble, and he found it. Would CNN still stand behind him if he didn't fucking talk so much and just punch the guy like he said he was going to?

HuffPost is now a part of Oath220 million? What an even number Awesome. Where is he planning on planting them? On his dung filled head?

ChrisCuomo is good to go. I would have kicked the mans ass As they should. He did nothing wrong. Let's focus on what Trump is doing behind the scenes. FredoCuomo needs anger management God damn it fredo! Keep it together! Ok Fredo Cuemo ChrisCuomo it could have been worse. He could have called you Donald Trump!

You mean after a video emerged showing cuomo threatening a mans life A course they are going to if they fire him might have to fire everybody else I’ll go out on a limb and say this was a setup. Tough guy Cuomo who’s where he is by the grace of his father and brother.

HuffPost is now a part of wonderful! Awesome‼️ 😎 🍋c:➡️ 🍋 huffpost SundayThoughts cute adorable wolfpups goodNEWS sundayNEWS LemonChecks 🍋

Chris, stand your ground! He almost made Chris get after it Maybe he should defend himself when the word is used against him on national tv too. Not when there’s little phones recording FredoCuomo of the ClownNewsNetwork 🤡 I’m with Chris He meant to say its like the M-word for them... FOH ChrisCuomo you did the right thing. That guy was trying to bait you. He knew damn well your name wasn't Fredo. If that prick had called me the N word, I would have fucked him up. If you weren't a celebrity I think you would have kicked his ass on the spot.

This is not news. Stop listening to insane Republicans, they have no idea how the real world works.

HuffPost is now a part of OathSo true!! IntrovertDear IntrovertLife

People not only supporting him but giving him props is completely mind blowing and disturbing. He told a guy he’d “ruin” him and throw him down the stairs. Cusses him out. Then compared Fredo to the N word. He gets respect? What?!? This has to be a thread for TheOnion Dont take crap from no one stand up teach respect

He now knows that he's going to be called that forever He sounded and acted like he was from the mob. True colors shining through. He should’ve been thick skinned enough to handle someone shouting Fredo. He needs anger management in the least. No one has to put up with a Verbal assault. The idea that you have to 'take it' if getting old. Its time that we go back to the days of insulting one integrity could mean getting your jaw broke.

I mess with bro 🤟🏾 he was bout it bout it Guess it's different when the shoe is on the other foot... there should be a lesson learned here by Cuomo / CNN but I doubt that they will ever admit it... HuffPost is supporting AntifaTerrorists Word doesnt mean anything. Chris could use some meditation I get the other guy was a dick but he really exploded

So a lot on here are ok with Cuomo using physical intimidation when someone calls him “Fredo”, a fictional character in The Godfather? Jeez imagine how justified someone is when they are falsely called a Nazi then.

HuffPost is now a part of OathAnd someone is happy as hell to see him. I wish there was a such thing as investigative journalism. There are so many unanswered questions to this bizarre tale! Seen the video of his cell, been in video conferencing and distribution for 30 years, I have never seen the scrambling of video like that!

Like him even more now. That’s right you dare to called name, then take it like man, boy! Kudos to Chris 🤦‍♀️ Wow he sure knows the f-word If that is the language he uses at home, i feel sorry for his kids, to have to hear that coming out of their dad's mouth The Cuomos are a tough NY family. Not to be messed with. Remember his dad Mario?

Good for cnn! ChrisCuomo stood up to a troll and did what any other person would do when being provoked in front of their family. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I applaud him! Now I’m mad, all along I thought people were calling me Frito because I like corn chips🌞 Good. He doesn't have to take that shit. It’s like he’s a POC.... or POS

Well of course, CNN is standing by Chris 'Fredo' Cuomo. Have you heard the names CNN call our Potus on a daily basis!? Both CNN & HuffPost named in the WikiLeaks to have colluded w/ the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 FakeNews FakeNewsCNN OperationMockingbird

And yet they use Fredo all the time on CNN and he has no problem with it then Standing up to? Lol, he was the aggressor from the get go and flew off the handle.. Then when the guy he was trying to bullytstood up to him, he kept asking him to swing at him when standing their like an idiot.. lol Stand your ground. Cuomo will not be hurt by telling that guy to put up or shut up.

Orchestrated setup? Sounds like the Russian collusion hoax! I mean, I got no problem with him squaring up to a man who disrespected him, but you can’t compare that to n word bruh Cuomo was right!! The punk who called him that knew EXACTLY what he was doing and thought he was cute when he did it!! Get after it, Mr. Cuomo!!!!!

Good for Chris and for CNN for standing by their man Unlike fox CNN stands behind their anchors, Right Tucker? Props to Chris!

Mr. cool loses his cool. Fredo is obviously a jab at you , but Chris you lost me comparing it to the N word. A fictional character and an historical racial reference that still has the sting and causes hurt is just absurd. I’m surprised that you went there. Chris did nothing wrong. Screw that punk. That word is not even close, but kudos to Cuomo for showing he’s bout that life! He wanted all the smoke even with people filming.

Fredo Also, let’s not lose perspective here. Every day trump and his demon spawn say things that are 100 times more offensive than what Chris Cuomo said. And they all get a pass! I hate double standards. Maybe Cuomo went a little overboard. However, if you come from a Italian family, which I do, you know being called Fredo is insulting and degrading. It’s not even one one-millionth as offensive as the n-word but it is degrading. He wasn’t on the air at the time, so calm down ok?

Chris Cuomo was obviously on some kind of drugs or maybe just under the influence of a wee bit too much of the alcohol spirits.... It's ok to tell the police to 'rough em up' when some old orange says it. And Cunningham can disrespect Congress threatening to throw a reporter 50 feet over a rail. Then the new one in Congress out northwest nearly bests and chokes a reporter Hell ya!

Fire ananavarro

He’s upset because Fredo was soft. He wasn’t built like Michael or Sauntino. Lighten up, Francis, smh. If the shoe fits that man is right fredo Naw. It’s not. But nice try tho. I stand behind you too ChrisCuomo! ...As they should. Chris did/said nothing unjustifiable. Unbecoming a professional. CNN knew damn well what would happen if they suspended him. Don Lemon don’t try that tho. Just saying

As they should! Way to go Chris.

There’s only 1 Fredo No Fredo. Stop with the false equivalence. 😁 Cuomo is not smart enough to just move on and ignore the comment he has to make a full-blown ass out of himself and henceforth he will forever attach himself to the name 'Fredo'. Cuomo deserves all the criticism he gets- he attracts it - his rippling facial muscles exude A N G E R 💥

Good for him. The dudes over at Fox would’ve just sewed the person and then go in their shows talking about how liberals attacked them 😂 I’m Italian, Fredo is not the N word to us. Chris was being a tough guy that’s all. And he was right to stand up to that dick trying to fuck with him. But it’s not the N word. It’s not. That’s taking the use of the N word very lightly and that’s not ok!

That idiot was looking for a lawsuit SMH Good for Cuomo! And good for CNN to stand by him. 👏👏👏 Omg “it’s like the n word” BS wtf is he talking about. FredoCuomo

Good on him. Oh please. Get a grip, dude. Women and minorities get called all sorts of nasty things at work, you can't go around threatening violence just because someone hurt your feelings. Keeping your cool when people yell at you is part of being a reporter. Im with Cuomo. He should have clocked that guy.

He had me at actor. 1. Fredo is NOWHERE near the n-word. Fredo was a fictional character. 2. Are we not offended by Cuomo using the word 'punk'? Name calling, LOL, what has happened. Oh I know what happened........ Trump ! 💩 Thug. Send him on a fishing trip. Somebody has to stand up to the Red Hat bullies. Good for ChrisCuomo and good for CNN.

Anti-social behaviour has to be called out. Good on ChrisCuomo for standing up to him. These idiots have been given a’pass’ for too long! Good for Chris sticking up for himself and his heritage. Entitled punks deserve to have it given right back to them. Much respect for Chris Their whole staff is pathetic,,

Chris 'Fredo' Cuomo just earned himself a nickname for life. It's an insult for sure, 'Fredo' though, refers to competence, not to Italians. I have to believe Cuomo knows this, and objected to the inference, the perception of his competence. Rather than ignoring, he fueled. Not worthy of a famous person. But once again he made some news.

Oh. But it's okay for Cuomo to call half of America racists, white supremacists, bigots, homophobes, xenophobes, etc., etc., etc. 'Squaring up.' Let's see, you got a big-mouth who is all talk, which Cuomo recognizes, allowing him to be a big-mouth tough guy. Two tough talkers. What a nothing story. 👍👍👍👍

Democrat news media circles the wagons.

Of course CNN is standing by him. They're a bunch of hypocrites. FredoCuomo People call him Fredo because he's the dumb younger brother, not because he's Italian-American. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 DontMessWithCuomo LOL - po lil Al Fredo sauce Would of been nice to see them stand behind Sarah Sanders and her family while dining st the Red Hen. CNN=hypocrite

What triggered Fredo again ? I cant recall Chriso bitching when Trump admin officials are rudely confronted in public on their time. Karma is a lovely thing. FredosTears If this was Fox they would be crying Boycott Fredo Cuomo seems to be very thin skinned. Now the world knows that nick name and thanks to him he owns it. All he had to do was walkaway. If this happened to Trump they would use it for Impeachment. fuhgeddaboudit

It's too bad Chris lost his cool. It was obvious the guy was playing him. And there's a good chance he might get sued. He was with his 9 year old. The guy should’ve had respect. That being said, if he was alone, I would have called his bluff

CNN is the HATE NETWORK, FUELING NURTURING VIOLENCE, HATE RACISM & DIVIDE FredoCuomo ChrisCuomo IS THE WEAK LINK. Trump as usual tweets an immature response. Barron, his son, would make a better president ChrisCuomo has a right to defend himself from a bigot and a racist. I stand with chris. Physically threatening someone isn’t disqualifying to be president, shouldn’t be for a talk show host!

Uh oh, Hannity and Junior forgot to get their talking points straight! Fredo! Fredo Baggins Good for him. Guess not all of us are snowflakes eh?

hypocritical double standard Oh you poor liberals so tough and tolerant! What are you supposed to do? Take it? Chris Cuomo is clearly a hothead. Glad he's not a neighbor... Hey, the guy was insulted and embarrassed by an ignoramus. I didn't know Cuomo was so regular a guy. I intend to watch his show more, now.

lololol I STAND WITH ChrisCuomo! 💙👌🏽 Look. If you’re bold enough to do some stupid stuff like that buffoon, you should expect to catch hands. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I'm just waiting for someone to call me a 'honkey' George Jefferson style.

Government, media personnel frenzy gone mad ! What ever happened to the saying 'sticks and stones may break my bones BUT words will never hurt me'? Cuomo could have been the adult here but he chose to act like a juvenile, threatening, acting like a street gangster. Of course they are standing by an angry white man...he’s liberal

Sorry he handled that like a hot head on Coke ... the ghetto mouth on him was not becoming... ❤ChrisCuomo Good I'm sure the man was dared like a child then his friend turned on there phones. Well he didn't expect that. High five Como ..and who the fuck established that 'Fredo' was an 'ethnic slur'...wait, let me guess...CNN...NYT...VOGUE..MSNBC.......Chris Cuomo....oh, ok..!!

Forever Fredo. Lmao. Cornered rats. The whole lot of you. If we are using the word Fredo, than it is not like the N-word. We can all move along now. So stupid

Imagine your father and brother being Governors while you are a lowly fake news reporter. That kind of thing takes it's toll on the mind. This is pure fucking comedy.. NOONE before yesterday had ever heard a 'slur' called FREDO.. Only Cuomo could be upset about this one Yeah, that guy should have known that Chris isn't dumb. He can handle things! He's smart! Not like everybody says!

Fredo.... What a joke Fredo...

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