Hubble telescope peers deep into Milky Way galaxy, captures starfield

Enjoy this cosmic snowglobe.

9/25/2021 9:00:00 PM

Enjoy this cosmic snowglobe.

NASA and the ESA's Hubble Space Telescope peered deep into the Milky Way galaxy and spotted a vivid, dense cluster of stars, called a globular cluster.

What can we see? A"sparkling starfield," writes NASA.That dense group of stars is called a"globular cluster," and that's specifically"globular cluster ESO 520-21," found near the center of the galaxy. A globular cluster is a"densely packed, roughly spherical collection of stars," writes the European Space Agency.

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Poetically,"snow-globe-shaped islands of several hundred thousand ancient stars."A "sparkling starfield."Credit: ESA / HUBBLE AND NASA / R. COHENStar clusters are common in the universe, and because they're bright, they're often observed and researched by astronomers.

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And to think out of all those billions of stars none of them have planets that contain intelligent sentient life. It’s just us. thanks

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