Hubble Finds a Black Hole Igniting Star Formation in a Dwarf Galaxy

The dwarf galaxy Henize 2-10 has a black hole at its center—but instead of gobbling stars up, it's helping make new ones:

1/21/2022 4:48:00 AM

The dwarf galaxy Henize 2-10 has a black hole at its center—but instead of gobbling stars up, it's helping make new ones:

Black holes are often described as the monsters of the universe – tearing apart stars, consuming anything that comes too close, and holding light captive. Detailed evidence from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, however, shows a black hole in a new light: fostering, rather than suppressing, star formation.

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Weird black hole spewed star-forming jets 500 light years longBlack holes located in dwarf galaxies usually gobble up matter needed for forming stars, but now one has been seen seeding new stars through a huge plume of ionised gas The birth Why is the phenomenon of white holes completely ignored? Well, they can help a lot in distinguishing and understanding black holes, because their comparison is fascinating. After all, let's watch the great work of Stephen Hawking in this domain!

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Black Hole Theory Finally Explains How Galaxies FormAstronomers have discovered supermassive black holes at the center of numerous galaxies, including our own. Now a new theory explains why. FINALLY enough with this dark matter bullshit!

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A Swift Kick Sends a Black Hole CareeningNewly released data confirms an idea based on Einstein’s century-old theory of gravitation.

Cat's Eye Galaxy😍 You cant say that word anymore Good... Little did they know, that the black hole was planning to eat them when there are more stars....😆 Pls forgive me.. At least its an alternative to the thought that we will become extinct in another 5 thousand years as our sun dies. By then we will have developed the tech to survive and move to serviceable planet which astroscience tells us exist.

You are such a lairs xxxx🤥🤥🤥 Is this the opening of the other end of a black hole? 😀 Wow A black hole disassembles any molecules that enter it due to a lack of structural support. The free atoms can then be re-utilized.

Black-hole-triggered star formation in the dwarf galaxy Henize 2-10 - NatureOptical observations with a linear resolution of a few parsecs show that the outflow from the central black hole in the low-mass galaxy Henize 2-10 triggered a round of star formation. Miley Cyrus among them.

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40 quintillion stellar-mass black holes are lurking in the universe, new study findsThe researchers hope to use the estimate to figure out the mystery of how supermassive black holes came to be. Until we actually know the real size and extent of the universe and more about its makeup, this and similar assertions are really pointless and misleading. Source of dark energy? Ennit?

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If u don't wanna read the article: -They don't know how it's happening. -The dwarf galaxy formed is remaining a small galaxy unlike galaxies that have supermassive blackholes. -Takeaway: They think this dwarf black hole galaxy will tell us about the universe's early formation 👏💫 But unlike Heinz 57, it’s dreadful on a burger…

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