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Killer Dad Chris Watts Is 'Tormented By His Past' in Prison, Says Source


Killer Dad Chris Watts Is 'Tormented By His Past' in Prison, Says Source

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He should be! Every minute of every day for the rest of life. What he did is sick and unforgivable! No one cares. May he live in his hell till death. I pray that his wife, unborn child and 2 beautiful daughters haunt him and torment in his head and heart for the remaining of his life. Bastard Who care why is this even on Twitter ! He make money off this he a devil 👿 deserves thee same pain he child and wife felt along with unborn child s pain ! I hope he haunted

No sympathy here, not even sure why this was ran as a story- actions breed consequences, YOU KILLED YOUR FAMILY WITH YOUR BARE HANDS... I for one am glad you hear that tiny little girls voice in your head begging for her life- I hope you hear it for 50 more years! Disgusting Good! No sympathy from me and I’m sure no sympathy from anyone else. I hope it eats you alive all day everyday day

Why is this news worthy...there is nothing new here why give him publicity. Is it any kind of surprise he thinks about killing his family with his bare hands every day? He should rot in hell for what he did to his family!

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on Wait? Didnt they not work out the first time before she went over board with her life style? I wonder what madness drove him to her in the first place. He deserves better.

What excuse does he use for killing his family ? Who cares. Killer! Ah, poor guy! Scum of the earth. As he should be. No sympathy for this guy. He was selfish and knew exactly what he was doing. He should suffer forever ! He deserves so much worse than this. The article says a source says he’s tormented by his mistakes... pure disgust! There is NO MISTAKE especially in killing your small children on purpose! Rot in hell!

Good! I certainly hope so.

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No sympathy Good. Aww poor baby 🤤 I hope he's tormented for the rest of his miserable life . and hell is his next step😈👹 I'd say it is a hell of a lot more than 'mistakes he made' Why even write about him? He's scum of the earth. Are we to feel sorry or sad for this monster? Let's ask the children he murdered.

Really? He’s tormented...that’s almost laughable! That piece of shit should be out in general population (if he’s not all ready) so that the other inmates can give him a lesson on being tormented! His beautiful family trusted him to love and protect them and he didn’t care! Ohhhh poor little dude... 🤬🤬🤬

Good. Let him rot. Hope he’s absolutely miserable forever. Now stop giving this psychopath attention. Should of been put to death!! Bring back the death penalty and I bet you their be maybe less murders! And don't let it go 5-10 years on appeals either! Like this slimeball stuffed his two young daughters down a oil barrel, horrendous and kills his wife for a girlfriend ! You Die!

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on Happy birthday! Happy birthday Hemmy❤️💓 His wife is controlling.

He should be! Damn! I don’t feel bad for this ass. He didn’t feel tormented as he was shoving his children down a freaking pipe into a crude oil tank!! The monster deserves no peace. He shoulder hear his babies begging daddy not to kill them They should “let” him commit good Boo hoo Good get what he deserves

Good isn't that the whole point, repent and suffer the consequences!?! I hope it slowly drives him mad. And he knows he’s going mad, and can’t stop it. And he remembers every second of the horrible day he crushed 4 lives. Just an awful, despicable human.

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on Sweet 🍫🍬🍭🚘 I’m pretty sure he can’t wait to see her! I’d love to be him for a day! GD!

Good. Commit suicide then Like we believe anything coming our of his rotten mouth . He is a cold calculating murderer who should be tortured till his last breath. F him Oh nooooo 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Wonderful. As he should be He should have thought about that before he killed them. No sympathy here. It should haunt him he needs to be put to death anyways or let inmates do it! He’s a waste

Does anybody care‼️ GOOD! EVIL MONSTER... Rot in hell

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on While it is sad they broke up, it is more sad that students go to school without the supplies they need. clearthelists Anyone with a brain wasn’t surprised. How is that a reference to Liam? Y’all need to connect the dots a little more if you’re gonna reach like that

He’s hoping for pity. Ignore him He should be !! Don’t give him attention ❗️❗️ And... ......but isn’t that kinda the point of prison?! to make you reevaluate your decisions & get your act together...this ain’t a spa getaway homeboy Cry me a fookin river. Good!!!! He is a monster! He deserves much much worse!

Good he should be He should be tormented by his past behavior...he brutally murdered his wife, 2 children and unborn child. I hope he sees their ghost every single night.

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on They got a divorce again? Miley needs to grow up She looks lost! Desperately needs Jesus!

And.... Good, as he should be. He's tormented? Wow. I hope he hears the voices of his wife and daughters every second and never sleeps a wink. Ship him to Epstein's old's a lucky one. Stop posting this monster's photo. No need to report on him. Yeah Right!!! Good. The family he murdered. His wife and sweet girls are tormenting him. Not to say anything bad about the family. They were so nice. I'm a spiritualist.

Good let be tortured by guilt for his actions! Good hope he rots Good to hear Who gives a rats ass He deserves his private hell !! I sure hope you are not trying to portray him as a victim. He needs to think of nothing but what he did 24/7 !!!

GOOD!!! That’s not enough. He is a monster. YA DON'T SAY Really now? GOOD!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 He should rot in hell! Satan in the flesh. A true sociopath. He should be tormented

Haha He deserves exactly what he gave. Then hopefully hell will get him. This man needs the death penalty via the electric chair Good! He should be tormented by the heinous crimes he committed The entire WORLD is haunted by his past. Save money HANG THE BD !!!! I hope every single day is worse than the last. He deserves no peace....EVER!

Chris Watts should be six feet under. I have no sympathy for the low life. Well, isn’t that just too fucking bad.

Monster! He should be! No sympathy for this 💩💩 Wahhhhhhh he's a daddy. I'd make him plead for forgiveness in a very..oral...way maybe he'll get lucky and get the same prison guards that jeffrey epstein had... really? boo hoo He ought to be troubled. This animal should of gotten a death sentence Thoughts and prayers

Well, that sux for him 🤷‍♀️🙄 Are we suppose to feel sorry for him? He killed his three babies and wife. Disgusting. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit!!!!!! Enjoy prison Chris!!!! More damnit, torment him more. Wallpaper his cell with their names and pics. Cover every inch of his world in their memory.

good . The first piece of good news I heard today! May the demons of his sins torture him every second of every hour of day until he meets his maker in hell. As he should be tormented. Those are not mistakes. He is a cold blooded killer So what. Shouldn’t have killed his family As he should be.

They haven't 'handled' the situation for us yet? 🖕🏽🤬 how is he still living for what he did !!!! he killed his wife. his daughters and an unborn one for what purpose !!!!!! stuff like this makes me so angry Good. Who cares about him, not me. Not good enough! He needs to be surrounded by all of Shanann's vlogs, tweets, fb posts and videos of his girls at his feet calling him Daddy. Of Shanann telling him she is pregnant with his first born son. He will not suffer enough.

Good! Effing loser! I hope he’s Teabag’s bitch now. Grab the bunny ear, Chrissypoo! Good! Why are we giving this monster any attention? Let’s move on please.

It’s possible. But given the lack of empathy required to kill your own family, it’s likely he is a psychopath. They don’t have remorse or guilt. He should’ve received the death penalty Well, he certainly is no victim. ‘Mistake’- NO ‘Private Hell’- YES Please stop People. This man’s “pain” is nothing. A beautiful family was murdered. He should be talking to his Creator not a reporter.

Aww, that's too bad....I hope he never has a moment of peace. I hope he rots May he never find peace and this lifetime and whatever comes after What he did was disgusting! I hope he re lives it forever! Sees his children's faces and hears there little voices in his head everyday! good.

To bad he’s not tormented by the Death Penalty Good and? He should think about it every day. Could end it rather quickly... The man horribly murdered his pregnant wife, and two little girls then dropped their bodies in oil vats and pretended to be heartbroken searching for them soooooooo stop trying to get him sympathy.

I hope the other inmates torture him everyday all day. Awwwwww. I feel so bad for him. NOT. I hope he rots in hell This is the consequence of murdering your family, for those who need help with these things. Good, I hope he's tormented until the day he dies. As he should be!

He was so calculated and cold in his killings. He had time to think about it then but chose to go ahead. 😢 As he should be ummm, so! Why are you giving this sick sociopath any attention? Why not write a beautiful tribute to the wife and 3 children he murdered? Good!!!😡 Take this guy to Oz so they can show him what’s up

I weep for him, I really do. I’m sure it’s difficult for him to live in prison knowing he killed his family. Lol, just kidding. He can and should rot in both prison and hell. He’s really good looking too so hopefully he’ll get a lot of ass-play from his new friends.

Can you please stop with the articles on this loser. Every time I think that he has rightfully disappeared you guys print an article on him its disgusting. Just Stop. Stop reports on a murderer Hang pictures of his family in his cell to torture him some more. I hope he gets a lot of male sex in prision.

Aawwwwww,boofuckinhoo! is turning into a garbage mag. He chose his own private HELL To bad that's the whole thing about punishment sit and stew in hell Good Good

Good he deserves it I hope everyday for the rest of his life, someone in that jail torments him Well because it’s your fault 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ BabyKiller Stop showing this mass murderer’s face. Should we feel bad for a monster who murdered his entire family? I hope he’s tortured with the thoughts of what he did for the rest of his life. This POS doesn’t even deserve anymore attention.

He should have to have all 3 of their photos alive and deceased plastered all over his prison walls! GOOD Garbage article!

I don't buy this article for 1 second. Find me even 1 photograph where this man looks at all remorseful Watch the video of him speaking to the responding officer the next morning. He has no remorse He deserves a torturous death Good keep being tormented ya Jack Ass🤬 Good! Good! Why is even getting coverage? Hes a monster

As he should be He needs to be thrown in a oil tank alive and have a horrible death like he subjected his beautiful girls to! I’m not usually hateful but this guy needs to rot in hell!He took away his beautiful girls life that he created with his wife who he chose to murder for his selfishness This story haunts me. He is getting what he deserves.

Good, he should live in hell for the rest of his days. Good!

NO SYMPATHY HERE So! He shouldn’t even be getting even anything written about him! Write about his wife and his kids instead! That’s what’s important not this scum! 😡 Good. Good!! Good Good, he should be tormented by what he did. That’s the point of prison! Tormented Who cares!!!! What he needs on his prison walls is photos of his wife and children after they were found so he can stare at them forever

Please take this story down as the top billing.... so disrespectful 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️ Darn. That’s what happens when you kill children and their mother. Oh well! Deal with your evil!

Excuses, excuses, excuses. 👎🏾🤐👹 He can pray for GOD's forgiveness and salvation while he serves his sentence for being a SELFISH MURDEROUS MONSTER. If this guy wasn't a decent looking white guy you wouldn't have this as the top story. He murdered babies. He murdered his pregnant wife. He is a narcissist and WANTS you to write this about him. Stop giving him the attention he seeks.

Good. Isn't that one of the main objectives of prison? Who cares if he sits in his cell 24/7 hearing the dying cries of his 4yr old daughter as he takes her life after haven just taken the life of his pregnant wife & 3yr old daughter? Why isn’t he on death row? Is he segregated from other inmates? If so, Why should he be protected?

Good This monster killed not one but all of his children plus the unborn child and his wife. Let that monster sit n prison. Thoughts and prayers. Wonder why I can’t think of one reason to give a shit about how he feels.

Good! So are we Good! I hope he dies like that! Good. He only cares about himself. He isn't remorseful. He is upset he got caught. Wonder if the coworker who claimed she thought he was 'separated' contacts, I doubt it. Only ones left tormented r the family grieving who have 2 pick up the pieces after his actions.

Cry me a river. Think about how you murdered your pregnant wife & two little girls. Think about them every single day. That's your punishment. Good!! I hope he has daily nightmares of his beautiful daughters and gorgeous wife staring at him while he murdered them, the “man” that was suppose to protect & love them! I hope he dies a slow painful death and rots in hell!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

I would hope so!

As he should be! He killed his babies and his wife. I hope he thinks about it all the time. I’m straining to hear the microscopic violins that are playing. scumbag Good! I'm sure he's tormented by his present, too. The fact that this guy is still aloud to breathe is so disappointing. This is why everyone who wants to abolish the death penalty is just plain wrong.

I hope that’s true Good. He deserves all the suffering life can give him. Hopefully he eventually kills himself and rots in hell Ok

No kidding!! Why do you continue to give this killer notoriety by publishing stories on him? good. So!!!!!!!!!!!!!who gives a darn. Stop giving him media attention. I hope he gets tormented every day !! I can't believe would give this sicko killer any time or paper space. Do you think the US or the rest of the world gives AF if he's tormented by his past (utter bs,anyway)...What about the family he destroyed... 'A source says.....' Really, ..shame on you!👎👎😡

We need to let this man fade into obscurity like the piece of crap he is That’s how it’s supposed to work, and I hope he is being tormented because he deserves it. I wonder if he had a do over, would he have not done it, or would he try harder not to get caught. That’s how sinister I think this man is.

I mean he did kill his wife and kids. What does he expect?

NOT a dad but a BabyKiller... He’s a BabyKiller NOT a dad... Why isn’t he dead yet? I hope so He isn’t tormented or remorseful. He is a horrible person that has no heart or soul. As he should! Anything to get sympathy This guy knows how to play with emotions He's a sociopath of the highest order; he's not tormented by what he did. He's only tormented that he got caught and will spend the rest of his life in jail.

Boo fucking hoo Good.

GOOD! Why continue to promote his dastardly actions, leave him be, to rot, in solitude for the remainder of time. Will never be interested in anything he does, thinks, feels. STOP reporting on him. Should be above you. Too bad so sad Pinhead. It’s the path you alone chose to take so man up and accept it. You do not get my sympathy vote.

Good. Why are you giving this monster a minute of your time. Stop writing about him and let him rot in prison. Ohhh well! Don’t feel sorry for that fella He plead guilty so that he could avoid the death penalty, so this is the punishment he chose and it is exactly what he deserves. May the souls of his wife and daughters Rest In Peace and may the families find comfort in their grief.

Why People keeps giving this guy headlines is beyond me-he deserves zero

Couple bed sheets will take care of it Who cares AS HE SHOULD! ❤️😖😣 Good Boo hoo Who cares how he feels? He should be tormented! He should be put to death! Isn't that the literal point of prison? When my father took my brothers life he also took his own and I believe for the same reason.

Good and stop telling us how he is doing. That's what jail is supposed to do. Good as he should be tormented killing his wife and 3 babies! Tough shit. Good. Hope it lasts an eternity. Good You mean this son of bitch is sorry he got caught and had to face the consequences!!! Thank heavens for his neighbor and having the security camera and doing the right thing and talking to the police!!! ROT IN HELL!!

He's lying. Sociopaths aren't tormented by what they do. He's only remorseful he got caught. Good. Good

Good! I hope he NEVER have one second of peace . I hope he can’t sleep and the voice of his daughter pleading for her life floods his mind day and night with no rest . He is the worst form of monster maybe someone can slip him an extra bedsheet or rope. I hope his “torment “ drives him mad. He deserves nothing less for murdering that sweet family.

ain't no pity here I think he’s a sociopath and the “torment” is a lack of attention...hence these media stories that come out when the nation has moved on...but ok. I’m tormented by his past too! Shut up Good maybe it will eat at his soul when he goes to hell because he sold his soul to the devil to begin with burn in hell

What exactly was your purpose in writing this? Are you trying to make people feel sorry for him? So he”s tormented by what he did...good, he should be.

Idgaf ...stop writing articles about him ..gross Oh.......well He should be tormented every day for the rest of his life for what he did! He should've gotten the death penalty. We reep what we sow. Good Honestly what is wrong with that Reall? Killing your kids didn’t bring you any joy? Wtf is wrong with people.

This guy shouldn’t even be here! Who cares!

Stop showing us how much more pathetic and horrifying these 'people' have been and continue to be. People always tell you to remember the good things about lost loved ones... So show us what THEY are remembered for. Not this gross attention you are permitting to a shitbag. Let me introduce you to Jeffrey Epstein. ⚰

Good. He deserves it and worse. The filth deserves every ounce of torment!! Good. That’s a shame 😏 I think that’s the point They should pour honey on him and place him outside in the sun and hang by his testicles. Surrounded by bees and ants. Not sorry you despicable excuse for a human being.... Good.

Good, I hope he feels tortured every day. That’s called Karma🙏 Tormented bc he murdered his wife, unborn child and his two daughters I bet their loved ones are far more tormented Good. Suicide watch Let him rot in hell. That’s what he gets I hope he’s tormented 😫 the rest of his life there’s no excuse for what he did just absolutely ridiculous he needs more than that because guess what watts your children they wanted to live and your wife and not be murdered they had a right to live

Please stop giving this “man” publicly.....he deserves to rot and to be forgotten about. He needs to be tormented with every breath he takes. Disgusting human. & so he should be! It was awful what he did And his point is?

Good. He should be He deserves worse - personification of evil PLEASE stop giving this scum attention. Find something else to report on. I hope so. He deserves hell. Good They should put him in solitary confinement then... Killer Husband and Killer dad. He hasn't seen torment.. Wicked human.

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