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Liam Hemsworth Breaks Silence on His Split with Miley Cyrus: 'I Wish Her Nothing but Happiness'


Liam Hemsworth Breaks Silence on His Split with Miley Cyrus: 'I Wish Her Nothing but Happiness'

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So gentlemanly and also professional.👍 Y The real question is, can wedding guests get the gifts back and get a refund? 🙄 He is such an amazing man! She is making a huge mistake! I’m sad 😭😭 I thought they were very cute together.. Thanks god he was way to good for her 😁 How much if that time was she holding out for...what was the cause? I don’t remember -is she still hiking out? I’m 🤷‍♀️

Liam’s original announcement, which he scrapped, had been in the form of a poem: “I married my Miley, And she made me smiley, But then my sweet Cyrus, Turned into a virus.” Hoe into a house wife was he crazy Lol don’t worry they will get back together one day mark my word 😜😜 Whenever an ex wishes you the best and happiness that means they’re done done.

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😭😭😭 No Liam, I wish you the BEST! Casual, chic and pretty down to earth. Kinda saw that coming. Liam, you'll be just fine. You are better off. Wishing you all the best!!! 💓 Miley’s only hope is a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ!! 😮😮😮 Sorry to hear about the split but sometimes you need a separation to grow.

It's a story about I can't deal with it anymore. And I have to party cause I have no life. Yepper! that sums it up. Lol damn she’s got a good back up plan lol hopefully Liam stops being a sucker and moves on... I love celebrity drama! I think so many people can relate to Liam and Mileys break up. They both live very busy lives and a lot of people break up because of busy work or school schedules or because their not ready to settle down and have a family. Praying God sends them true love 3 3 3

Everytime I hear that from someone in a separation...divorce looms around the corner.😥 LiamHemsworth MileyCyrus

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He is better off without her. Aww. Send her my way Who cares? MileyCyrus Its called being faithful to your spouse. You don't have that and you have no business being married. You have no business in any relationship. Dogs have better morals than you. you've known her past, she's a Recking Ball !!! Your life has a second chance you move on make a movie, and truly find the love of your life, whom will compliment who you are !!

I thought they made a great couple. Hopefully, they can stay friends. ❤ This is such a heartbreak for fans but marriage is difficult. At least their both still very young I wish them both their happy ending 💗💗💗 And I care because........ She's trash Got tired of her hairy ass armpits

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on Wait? Didnt they not work out the first time before she went over board with her life style? I wonder what madness drove him to her in the first place. He deserves better.

When he found out she was WITCH, no shit he split I knew it would not last. He is too good for her.. Billy Ray needs to take Miley and teach her alot. She is a disgrace.. not even a year.. and she acting like has no care n the world. Liam, u deserve Soo much better.. keep your chin up.. About time he woke up...but alas, says alot about him he was with her at all...

That was quick. He’s well rid of her. Given a few years, she’ll be in rehab or walking the streets asking for change. Liam got what he wanted out of the deal and knew when to bail 😂 Really sad My dear Liam's you deserve much better, there are many fun loving sincere women out there. Find yourself a loving person not a person with less values than yourself.

who? who cares he's better off clearly neither has any talent. how is this news. no ones life is better off wasting time knowing this

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He was too good for her!! Hope everyone just moved on and be happy. Sometimes it’s better to have loved and lost than you never loved at all ❤️ best wishes for you two ❤️ Another less than a year relationship. She breaks with her icky, bricky heart!! Good poor liam needed to lose that little demon. She is as raunchy as raunchy gets

Liam Is a very handsome young man with a good head on his shoulders. I hope you find someone his equal Liam Hemsworth is finally woke Smart man 👍 Find woman who knows what she really wants and a straight one hopefully 😂 Why you trannya be all noice again mileyandliam She mine anyway

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on Happy birthday! Happy birthday Hemmy❤️💓 His wife is controlling.

Yes because they need her single for the next political agenda push What was he thinking in the first place? She is always sticking he tongue out and grinding on objects or people. Not a lady. Damn I am sad .you would have had beautiful children So happy they aren’t together. Liam is too good for her. He doesn’t even look happy in this photo.

This is the worst thing that has ever happened to District 12! 😲...didn't even know they were married 😄 I was hoping these two could hold it together avoid being a Hollywood statistic Marriage is meant to last a lifetime. It means working through the good and the bad with the person you promised to love till death. People do not take marriage seriously anymore. They want everything to be easy & if it's not they run!

Big oof Oh good! Pls... you can do better than miley

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on Sweet 🍫🍬🍭🚘 I’m pretty sure he can’t wait to see her! I’d love to be him for a day! GD!

Poor Hemsworth. Crazy how their lives are headlines when they’re people like you and I hopeeerenee WTF My shocked face! LiamHemsworth better off Wish them love and happiness going forward t Geeze. She can’t even take marriage seriously.

The trash finally took herself loss Liam 😜 Not sure why they bother. sunshine I wondered why these 2 got married. She’s a liberal nut and he didn’t seem to fit into that picture. Has beens both of them. No one really cares. This is awful. Sounds that he is done with her eh This is how everyone should act with breakups, he’s a delight for saying it.

why put anyone in the position of bad guy everyone is trying to figure out something & workout things in their life LiamHemsworth MileyCyrus 💕 What?!!!!?!!

Who fricken cares? We have bigger things to do an worry about!! This is why I cancelled my subscription with magazine!! Losers 😆 I could give a flying shit bout Miley an Liam!! Get s life BOZO or a new therapist 😝🤑🤠 At the end of the day, who cares. Hong Kong is in turmoil and this shit is trending?

He deserves someone better in the sense that they will have a monogamous relationship I support these 2. No one should hate miley. It's completely their decision and they must've a reason. So he used marriage to a US celeb to boost his US career, and now dumps her. So hope she is not carrying his vile spawn. AustralianBogan GoldDigger

Love the Hemsworth brothers!! He deserves better👊🏻 I’ll let that speak for itself. Do you think that she will be ever happy after hurried separation ? In his sonnet Shakespeare says that true love never changes . Shakespeare says that the course of true love never runs smooth. Separation is a disastrous tragedy.

One day she will regret losing him. Liam you failed to see how much Miley loves you...i think she doesn't have another wrecking ball left. Thank God he left that train wreck! He deserves a real woman.. How you gonna marry some chick swinging naked on a wrecking ball and twerking at the drop of a hat? Good looking young man, maybe he'll think with his other head next time.

Finally saw that wrecking ball coming! Miley, HMU 🤪 No surprise here. Why he ever married her? Wait, what? Liam Hemsworth was married to Miley Cyrus? Crazy doesn’t change. That girl is so bat shit insane. Nice to see him move on. Thank goodness you woke up

Not hard to do better than her! Brah, what were you thinking anyways¿?¿?¿?¿ Can I just say, and correct me if I'm wrong, all the reports say 'separated' and not divorced so maybe it's just that and could end well for them as a couple. Who's to say? it was a publicity stunt. are we really surprised She got a lot of mental issues. He was a saint while being with her

He is lucky she is crazy good they didn’t have children Don’t f with her freedom. MileyCyrus ❤️ Dang they just got married this morning Let me see... Calm composed level headed Aussie married crazy nut job American singer=Aussie leaves American singer... The end Don’t tell me, he finally figured out... that she is nasty. 🙄

He was always too good for her. ❤️ Who’s getting the check? I bet he feels sorry for her. What in the world? A real wife don’t twerk on social media and don’t show his ass to other people, a real wife take care of his husband, the meaning of “wife” is = exclusively for his husband. LiamHemsworth I’m single

BIG DEAL They’ll end up together again! And who didn’t see this coming? Liam is way out of her league, you just take the high road and move on, and next time don’t marry someone with the delusion that they will grow out of their immaturity and double-mindedness. Marry someone mature next time, come on man!

Liam seems like a traditional guy. After her hookups with women, I was shocked when they got married. It is impossible to change someone and even if you are in love and they promise to change, it won’t work. Accept them as they are or leave the relationship. Good for him. She is disgusting. And code for what was I thinking and hope my prenup is good.

Miley is too busy trying to stay relevant. Whether it's being a culture vulture or showing her ass and tits. Not wifey materiel Get back together!!! 😩😪. MileyCyrus Liam = Class Act. I wondered what he was thinking when he sealed the deal! Ngeship banget tapi kalian ngecewain acuuuu Does she ride a broom? Next to Hillary...

Miley needs some help she seems confused

I don’t normally comment on the “celebrity” alternate universe, but you sir have seriously dodged a bullet! Run and keep running! He deserves better and I hope he finds it! Who frkn cares ?! - really ? Umm.. Honestly was bound to happen sooner or later, she shouldnt marry if she couldnt commit, and he wanted kids and she doesnt, obviously a deal breaker there too if they couldnt be on the same page.

What was he going to say you suck? Guess he didn’t like her abortion cakes He should have kept freaking her and kept his ring for a woman who is settle on him and only him. Oh gosh what a surprise Well Gee. We tried our hardest to stay married. We gave it a whole 7 months!! It just didn’t work! What a joke! These celebs just don’t take marriage seriously.

He should be wishing that for himself after he gets his VD tests back. Why do celebs even bother getting married. 😂 great effort guys 8 months is a long time ! This is bullshit I officially hate them both 🙄 LOL already? It's a shame, you gave her 10 years of your life. All you can do is move forward, learn from your mistakes, and never go backwards...

odd the break up happened after the release of Avengers Endgame. She must saw him in the movie and thought it might happen for real. Miley gotta realize she can’t keep a 10 her whole life. Good grief that was a short marriage. Ridiculous! Hollywood at its norm. Damn girl. I’m sorry but a hunk Ike that. Whew I’ll take him.

Sad af tho 💔😢😭 I bet the Hemsworth family are secretly ecstatic that this relationship has ended. Don’t know much about the guy, but always thought he was way too classy for Miley Cyrus. Every action she takes is for maximum publicity. Like that is a surprise. He is a nice, descent man with morals and values. She doesn’t have any of those things. He deserves so much better

True. GENTLEMAN!🌹 with .. a HUGE!😇 HEART!💗 💗 This sounds like her issues how sad for him.....wanted some babies I prayed hoped she would change her ways heart and mind... very sad What else was he ever gonna say? If Miley needs a 🤗 I'm here and if Liam needs a beer 🍻 I'm there 👍 Miley going to go black next. 💪🏿

classy dude 🤣🤣🤣

He was way too good for her. He needs a LADY! A classy lady! And well Miley is..... anything but. It's CLASS, NOT ASS! Good to see he's being the bigger better person while she's already on a yacht, already sharing that ass. Miley suck Oh....Miley and Liam split up?....WHO CARES !! he was too good for her. I bet he married her to see if he could 'change' her. Theres no saving Miley. Shes her own person.

hamzaao__ 😨 He is such a gentleman. He will find his happiness too. 😂😂😂 Hashtag things we do for social media She had a good one! But now she'll most likely never find one as good as he was! Jesus saves President Trump 2020

She's a nutball..please celebrity people stay away!!!!! I'm no celebrity I wouldn't touch that... Anyone else tired of fake public breakups? I want to know the real harsh words that were said. No breakup is this amicable. Who Cares !!!! D Celebrities, Anything for Publicity!!!!!!!! His fans are wishing him the best and hoping he will find the right woman to be his life partner and mother of his children. All the best for you Liam!

Liam is the Fredo of the Hemsworth family Thoughts and prayers Guess what, NO one gives a crap WHO dumped who? Run mate don't look back 😂😂😂😂😂😂 These celebs so ridiculous.

She sucks. He is an awesome person man and husband. Sad when this happens. He waited so long for her to grow up. He jumped the gun. Sorry for Brody too. Double whammy for him. Amen She’s too wild right now for any one person! So who didn't see this coming? But boy, that was fast. Miley needs God !!!! I’ll take care of her 😭😭

I hope it was he who cane to his senses. He was way too good for her. She is trash! 🙏 He definitely looks like the better person. Her affiliation with Epstein probably sunk that ship. Good for him to get away from that sicko! He can do so much better than that nut case!

Alot better off without that mess. Looks like he saw the light,finally. Um yeah.. who's surprised about this.. Liam is just way hotter and the attractiveness of “crazy girl” has worn off. He is a good guy!! Handling it like a BOSS!! Good on him. He will find the right one when he is ready❤😊 Wimpy dopes. She's to young and immature. Needs a lot of time to grow and see what really is important in life. She is probably not the marrying kind. She's really has lived a different lifestyle. Just let her be what she wants, a rebel at heart. It will make her happy. They need to be happy

Wow! That was one fast end to a 'fairytale' marriage! This is sad. Wish them well. A? When your work is being other people or playing a side of you on the musical stage, does it not get hard to know which you is you? Or what emotion is manufacturd vs authentic? Wish we could wager on these marriages in Vegas I could be retired by know.

Wow Hollywood marriages are a joke! Sending you both lots of love! mileyandliam here’s my take on the whole break up. Tabloids have said Miley and Liam have an open relationship.. maybe Miley and Liam where swinging it with Brody and Kaitlynn Carter and perhaps Miley and Kaitlynn enjoyed the session a lot more then the guys anticipated...

I hope they get back together work out . In life sad things happen. It maybe a difficult time now or at some time in the future but cherish the good memories together because the time spent together has played a role in shaping each of you. Try to remain friends when you can and avoid blame or finger pointing.We Love U!

'Nothing but happiness'❓Really now. She is a nut case. Miley is a product of Hollywood . It damages kids lives . She probably has addiction issues . Not the first child star to implode In time, he will find the the right woman, (lucky her), remarry, have children and live happily after ever. Miley will embarrass herself 100 times over, like she’s done in the past. This is what happens to some child stars who haven’t lived a normal life. Sad.

I was bawling my eyes out last night... I felt like my parents got a divorce 😢

Liam Hemsworth is from a traditional Australian family they don't like Miley his mom and dad are okay with the split. This man is gorgeous and he seems to have a good heart. Liam will meet a nice lady soon. God bless you Liam. I know these days are dark but you will have much better days ahead. No man wants what every man has seen.

Meet the new Liz and Dick of Hollywood. Well that's not so surprising. Celebrities marriage doesn't last Bruh nobodies cares We live in a throw away world now Great, now she's free to whore around as she pleases. mileygloryhole getdemcocks fillherupairtight I honestly was rooting for them, but deep down Miley had a completely different lifestyle than the one Liam wanted. She is too wild, and I guess for a while it’s a “fun” lifestyle but she is going to have to grow up some day.

Doesn’t want to be married to someone acting skanky 👏🏻 Bit they love each other😥😥this is just terrible 💔 I knew something was up once she started twerking again. Soon she will be hanging out with black people again.😂 Everyone knows “I wish him/her nothing but happiness” post-breakup really means “I hope you die alone”

Don't get me wrong...But he Needs to Move on!!.. Hope they Got each other Out of their system!!.. They Broke up While they were dating..& got married & That DIDNT WORK!!.. My opinion-- I think shes Too Wild for Him!!.. He Can Doo Better!!!!.. Good Luck!! I knew this is coming. Liam always deserves better.

Who could have seen this coming...? How can you live life with a volcano, that erupts every five minutes and completely changes the landscape? Volatile might be too mild a word for Miley Cyrus. Skank would be my word of choice, but I realize that reflects my age and the fact that I've been married for 38 years.

Good men always try to help a broken girl but their own lives kinda become hell but still coz they love them they are willing to sacrifice themselves and still this happens , very sad but I pray for them both . Everyone needs to remember that once in life. Just heartbroken Your a good guy. Thank you for being so kind. I know why she loved you

I wish I was young again,I would make you happy I think the 'he's too good for him' is less about him and more about how trashy she is. LiamHemsworth MileyCyrus he'd be lucky to come out of this without some sort of STD that only unicorns can get. TuesdayMorning TuesdayMotivation skank LiamHemsworth MileyCyrus

They'll probably get back together in a few months. It's a 'thing' with them really. Like how Selena cried about Justin every week lol He’s classy She crazy 😜 What else is he gonna say, “I wish she and her GF all the misery in the world”? Good LiamHemsworth move on from that fake trash. MileyCyrus

Just goes to show literally no relationship lasts in Hollywood. Even one everyone thought was ‘perfect’ She has handled this terribly. You don’t go and have a kiss with another woman right after the split and let the world know about it! He had been humble and is keeping a lower profile. Of course the majority will side with him! But she is not the marrying kind,she wants to party.

Seriously though. Who gave them more than a year? annulment mediastuntformiley life is crazy I'm so happy he got away from that nasty girl!! They was together 10 years on and off. Maybe they thought marriage would work. But it’s there lives. We don’t know what went on for the to call it a day. Only they do. And that’s there business

I think monogamy is important. I don’t know if the whole thing with Kaitlynn was a publicity stunt but if Miley’s head was somewhere else she shouldn’t have gotten married. I guess he finally came to his senses. She is trailer trash Form a queue ladies 😍 I hope she falls down the stairs but I guess that’s just me

He had to see this coming, right? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Stars today are a joke. They cannot keep marriages however they can keep their money and use it anytime whenever they want I KNEW THAT WASN'T GOING TO WORK! WHY DID THEY EVEN BOTHER? Not surprised and who cares about Miley Cyrus anyway?! Yeah Miley is too much of a nut for Liam.

Classy! I am not sure why he was attracted to the weirdo in the first place Well that lasted about a minute I like Miley, but she’s got maturing to do. A shared trauma like losing your house can create bonds that feel like forever, but in reality the emotions fade fast. She’s still a wild child, and he seems more sensible and down to earth. Opposites attract, but don’t always last.

Class act it’s her lost. Let’s just hope she doesn’t do a Taylor Swift She is far too Bogan for Liam. It would never have worked long term Who cares! She will get over it! Quick 😉🤣😂 He's too good for her hope he get someone who value and love him forever LiamHemsworth am sure you are hurting, but once the dust settles, you will see you are much better off! MileyCyrus you're a mess. You have so much potential. YNTCD

How could you have married her in the first place? She is way beneath you. BUH-BOY! 😂😂😂😂 Who else knew he couldnt deal with Her crap 🙋 Q SENT ME Who CARES...u both need to go find GOD Why did I see this not working out from the time they started dating?

Oh Liam, Boo Hoo, you make Marriage look like a Joke. Do u have an Achey Breaky Heart ? I give up on love now. Now for the love of God young man get on with your life, and find someone with your own fundamental beliefs, hopes, and dreams. You deserve a happy and fulfilling life...not all this drama. Your one smart individual...

He seems like a nice guy, very humble. People should respect that and leave him alone. This is a private matter. If I were a journalist and had to interview him I'd never ask about that. Imagine going through that and people ask about it...bless him. No surprise considering She’s more into Females than Males. PublicityStuntMarriage!

They don’t seen like they go. Like he’s too good for her honestly Liam I’m available please call me. He can do a lot better. She is disgusting, have you seen all the pictures of her on the internet?

Wow And aids He deserves better. He is first class! he wishes she’d keep her clothes on is more like it why stay if you are no longer happy and if you are physically, emotionally and verbally abused by your spouse.. If she can be happy without him, it is better to release her from the burden of being married to him

It’s unfortunate when two people who love each other with such passion, can sometimes be the very reason they can’t be together. Good for him. She's definitely crazy. He’s to classy for her anyway, she has issues and no class

I can make him happy...😍 She was probably sucking someone’s dick while he was writing this. 😂 I'm sad Boring ! New KatyPerry Small Talk reaction OUT NOW!!! KatyCats SmallTalk reactionvideo I'm CRYING Now that’s sad. I feel sorry for them. Maybe he realized she was transgendered as an infant Marriage is a joke these days!!! Many do it for so many wrong reasons besides commitment and love. Just date folks! It’s an honor to be married, the problem is people are self centered and forget there’s another person in the mix. Marriage is work, and it doesn’t have to be hard

She came in like a wrecking ball and I wish her nothing but destruction and home wrecking in the future Liam you might need a really tight thick shirt. 😭😭😭 I'm happy for him, he deserves better than what he received. Good luck to them both tho. Liam should realize that some people can’t be helped. No matter how hard you try, some relationships cannot work because of the defects of the person you are with. He should go find a good woman like his brother did.

Seems to me that they should have went to couple's therapy prior to getting married. They've dated off & on for 10 years! Broken up & gotten back together numerous times. You need a solid foundation prior to getting married. They didn't have it. Marriage will not make your issues Who cares! How sad You made the right call brother.

Good. I think they are both talented and nice people.....they never made sense to me🤷

Did anyone *not* see this coming? The girl needs help. She is to nasty and he is perty much quite . I bet he was so embarrassed I know I would have been ! Liam, you can do soooooo much better. Let your 💔heal and then go find real love! He should have known better! That’s very adult of him to say.💔💔 I’m surprise he put up with her as long as he did... she is still a kid that hasn’t grown up....

And he hopes the cold sore goes away ... Sore Town Road remix? I'd like to know how he really feels? For the public stars always say I wish you well and all that crap. If their like REAL people they'd say F U. I'm glad we're divorcing let's have a party... Really? I just can’t deal with this rn

I had a feeling they wouldn't last again. She's to wild and he is not. He is just a chill guy. Miley is still in that young fazze of not conforming to adult hood of a boring old married couple. The second time around was to fast!. So now we see who the classier person in the marriage is. They’re both better off apart

Didn’t even notice her behavior before he married her no surprise here! You got a lucky escape buddy So sad I mean dude LiamHemsworth really? How in the hell did you ever begin to fool yourself into believing that this would be a happily ever after... you’re too much of a nice guy for this spoilt fire crotch MileyCyrus

You sure? Liam, I’m a available! And Health... good mental health is what he's referring to. I'm shocked. I expected the marriage to last 18 months.

I saw this coming.....miss the old Miley 😞 Even Liam knows she needs help🤦🏽‍♀️ Good she is a nut Ok How he was ever with her to begin with, I'll never know. 🙄 Perhaps he can now find someone with some class & intelligence! MileyCyrus LiamHemsworth 😢 ..... looks like MileyCyrus is multiplexing !!!!

Sad to hear the News , 😢 marry me instead LiamHemsworth They’re two completely different people, definitely not surprised tbh

He’s better off. She’s totally nuts. I bet his family is relieved! She is nuts! He shouldn’t have married her to begin with. She seemed to be a person with issues. Liam Hemsworth Breaks Silence on His Split with Miley Cyrus: 'I Wish Her Nothing But Happiness. Respect Liams' wishes to be private. It must be devastating to read all the c**p in the media, from paparazzi and fans who are being derrogotatorry. Let him heal.💙

No surprises here! Hellywood! This does not shock me at all. Based on what he and his family have always said about family, she never appeared to really fit in. You can't fit a square peg in a round hole. Some people are not meant to be together. I am glad they are not together. They need to find happiness.

You’re a g. Don’t forget that. You quote him but that's not what he said. Journalism Pro-tip: When you quote someone... it has to be exact. When did they break up? The last news I read about them was the wedding!

Sounds like she’s had a relapse of some kind and so that was that. He’s sweet to take the high road. I hope this ends it and media doesn’t make this a Jen and Brad situation. Surprised it lasted this long 🙄 :( 😣 What a gentleman! However i hope both of you could be happy.... This is why Robert Downey Jr. is best he and his wife are good example of who always stick with each other whether in good times or bad times

Bet he's relieved to get away from that I wish her nothing but an extended stay in the nut house!!! He realized crazy pussy is crazy huh? I'm heartbroken 💔 but I guess Miley is Miley. Maybe another wrecking ball but this time don't blame Liam.

Awwwww 🥺 That's a real man cuz he really tried waiting on Miley all along but I won't blame him but they both are better off apart cuz Miley doesn't even knw wat she needs or even wants wish my parents settled their divorce like that LMAOOO Noooooo He can do so much better He probably wants to vote for Trump in 2020.

AKerkhi She’s all over the place..... I just don’t think they’re a type for eachother ..they’re just so different,liam is that type of guy who wants to get married,have children..miley just isn’t,i hope he finds happiness

I knew they shouldn't have done that. The first time was one time too many. What a class act of a gentleman, relationships take alot of work as well as communication period . I never understood why she wanted an open marriage with him. Hell marriage is between two people not everyone else to be invited to join in just saying .🤔

Such a gentleman. You’ll find your princess LiamHemsworth ❤️ be patient. One day she’ll come Translation: that woman is CRAY-CRAY ‘I wish her nothing but happiness’ Miley got a whole girlfriend now I’m thrilled that he is moving on as he can do so much better than Miley who would want a party animal,terrible singer and actress who is a terrible role model as a wife now Miley’s z class family can train Miley with her antics

I couldn't give two shiney shites tbh...🙄 Miley is one bad b that's hot He wants kids, she doesn’t. She likes girls, so much for that idea! 🤷‍♀️

I couldn’t live with her 30 seconds! Liam seems like a very nice guy 😳😳.. my baby deserves better Cyrus is a head case. She’s evil in every sense of the word. Run for the hills and don’t look back. Anyways she’s too cray cray cray .. Good for Liam What's with these famous people always splitting up She messed up his life. And what his family? Don't feel sorry for her. She broke your heart

Gee, nobody could have seen THIS outcome coming. 🙄 Crazy is fun and intense for a while, but NEVER creates lasting relationships. Sorry but she likes girls Wish I could give him a cuddle

Damn, my g MileyCyrus your like a pot of gold and it didn't work out?!? Fck that guy And Liam gave her a gun and a few bags so she can steal from African American culture again for her next album... I cant believe anyone would want to marry her after what she did on that stage If you look at her Instagram it looks like she was never married or in a relationship. He cares for her you can tell but her smh. Oh well Miley knows best right? She will learn but it will be too late.

What a b!tch. Oh well, he deserves much better! Yeah! Exactly the opposite of what I said to my ex Man suppose to be for better or worse..Till Death do u part .somebody didn't understand their vows..Wats the point of getting married at all..Next to all who get married..know wat ur signing.and understand the meaning..

Liam, don’t cave please! Peace! LOL Bless Him, he is being so gracious. I think the way this went down is terrible

teamliam Even Stevie Wonder saw this coming. eilisohara_ :( At least he got to ride her every night for a year I don't know them but Liam seems like a nice guy and I hope he moves on and is happy too 👏🏽👏🏽 I know how you feel as ive just split up with my hubby to. Totally didn’t see this coming.🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

She needs to get a psychiatrist She is sooo stupid what a silly farce 🤔

I'm sure pegging is what concluded this marriage That is the way divorce/separation is supposed to be done, people. Sad news but good thing of understanding. To live with a wife or partner is very sensitive issue most intellectuals fail to resolve personal matters. No worry. Is he wishing this while partying it up somewhere?

Must’ve fallen off the wagon. Maybe he wasn’t prepared to go through it again. Damn love really isn’t true Ashamed to such people who make marriage first and later after sometime split the marriage.They have done agreat Sin by hurting the heart of women .It is never good .Later or sooner God will be punished.

Give it your all, or give it away, You are a gentleman Liam. Again🥺🥺🥺 He left her for a man?.. 😂🤔

Liam’s momma right now... “thank you Jesus they didn’t have no kids” mybabyboyisFREE 😂 Thought as much. Noticed she started acting like a lunatic again. Sad😢 nikki9235 why is this affecting me so much A girl like u should never be married. But if u do, make it for a lifetime. Just Be Good Friends. Damn, 10 years. Didn't they just get married too? & MileyCyrus, does this mean I have a chance?.. Lol, I imagine you response being:

America, don’t take any relationship lightly. From crush to compromise, it’s about giving all of yourself. Which team are you? Did he finally come to his senses

hey big head lol LiamHemsworth They didn't even look happy when they got back together... it was just familiar thing. Going through the motions Yet within days she’s out kissing another woman, really... They were married? I didn't even know that happen Go Liam They’ll be back together. Probably by Christmas.

😢i really thought they’d make it this time Seee People seeeee.... This is Exactly Why You Don't Wish Lady Gaga Aka Stefani & Bradley Cooper to Get Married ... Let it Gooooooo Save a Marriage im on my 3rd marriage and i hate all of my exs .

allTEE_noAYY Get Liam!! Do I hear Jared Lowenstein singing 'Pray for you' in the background? Or is that just me. As a fan of Miley - I'm only disappointed in what she has done and said in public that is not what I expected from her. As for their relationship - it's private, their business. As an Australian - Super proud as always of Liam, ever the gentleman, wishing him only the best!!

Class Act right there. i knj This is truly a personal matter and his privacy should be respected if he decides on speaking forward I'm sure he will .take it one day at a time you'll be ok !!! News papers in India Liam Hemsworth is a gentleman She's messy, he's vapid. Congratulations! No one cares.... People wonder why I scream 'Fuck love! ' 💔

I couldn't stay with someone like that. It would feel like I'm babysitting someone all the time. Good luck to both of them.

itsrahull_ Read this in Thor😅 It's sad that noone (especially celebs) values the sanctity of marriage anymore & takes the easy way out. 'For better-worse, richer-pooer, sickness-health, death do us part, I PROMISE before God & my family, etc.' ... If you don't want to commit & work hard, DON'T SAY 'I DO'!!!

It’s just weird. That date for 10 years, just got married and then decide to separate. I don’t get it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Awww wow ill be sure to have a fucking mai tai for them. Marriage is a big decision one should think 100 times and take right choice for partner He deserves so much better she’s nothing but trash

I’m beyond sorry to hear that you’ve both separated! I’ve been married almost 49 yrs and would not trade one day of what we have today! I wish you kids were not so quick to kick relationships to the curb! Quitting is easy! Sticking it out thru the tough times is so worth it! 💔😘 And to never hear of her again lol

Shoutout to Liam for handling this situation so well. Maybe Miley can make a decent song out of this shit. Doubt it, but it’s more productive than acting like a whore which she’ll more likely than not end up doing

noonecares 😭😭 I thought it was an odd Instagram post 🤔 y’all... just... FUCKING GOT MARRIED He's a gentleman 😁 I’m so sorry to hear that, all the best to you both x JulesTomo 😭 Wow that’s really big of him, he’s too good for her anyway, I wish him all the best😊 i don’t understand why people are hating on miley. like it’s both their fault because liam knew miley’s a wild person who doesn’t like to be tamed, and miley knows liam is a civil person. i love them both and wish them the best🧡

Darn. Too bad.

Hollywood celebrities just being Hollywood celebrities. Who gives a fuck so maybe we should leave them be now and give them their privacy? What a wonderful man. She does not deserve you 😟 Who cares. Let them live dawg Too much abortion. Why am I being woken up at 6:25 because of this? LiamHemsworth MileyCyrus I’m available. For either one of y’all.

Liam is a total class act...Miley not so much. 😳 Man has patience lol

What he really meant was ' I kicked that bitch to the curb' Did well.. get out while you can Liam. This is not true! Gentleman 💖 She should live in the jungle with the wild life. Try evolving that way. Hopefully she doesn’t go insane 🤪 They need space speaking of which stream NASA by Ariana grande People being people. Life goes on. 😎

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